Arrow: New Villain Prometheus Is Revealed

Jamie Udinson Fanny Pack
September 15th, 2016

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Arrow remains one of the hottest shows on the CW network.  ComiConverse Contributor Fanny Pack is here to break down all the news concerning Arrow's new villain - Prometheus!

It's been a long summer for Team Arrow, which let's face it, is not much of a team anymore. Diggle has re-enlisted, Laurel is departed, and Thea has been looking for a more permanent break from the bloodlust. The premiere episode of Season 5, titled Can't Be Stopped, is going to catch us up on the last five months in Star City. Where do we go from here? Who is going to fracture the peace now that Damien Darhk is gone?

Well, who better than to shed some light on the subject than showrunner Marc Guggenheim, whose interview in Entertainment Weekly shed some light on the origin of our new masked menace: Prometheus.

According to Guggenheim, Season 5 is going to be all about "legacy." Essentially, the character of Prometheus is not going to be just your run-of-the-mill random Big Bad story. Prometheus is someone from Oliver's past, and someone who "Oliver bears a measure of responsibility for [creating]"  For a long time, Arrow has been a show about dealing with the past, coming to terms with your inner demons. Facilitated mostly through flashbacks, season after season has shown us the events that led to Oliver becoming the Green Arrow. It's only fitting that the trend continue to follow this trajectory.

Prometheus: What We Do Know And What We Don't


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Well, thanks to Marc Guggenheim, we know that this version of Prometheus that will be causing all sorts of trouble for Oliver Queen will not resemble the DC Comics character of the same name. This Prometheus is also going to be a masked archer, another reoccurring plot in Arrow. And not surprisingly, this villain has a bone to pick with Oliver that traces all the way back to Season 1. Further, while there are plenty of folks out there in Star City and beyond who credit Oliver with thwarting their evil plans, this particular one seems to be the direct result of something Oliver did (or didn't) do.

Season 1 Episode 6, titled Legacies, may be the best place to start looking for clues, so that is exactly what I did. Episode 6 (to jog your memory) featured the Reston Family- a family of armed robbers whose activities turned from bad to worse when they shot a police officer during a heist. The father, Derrick Reston, was an employee of Oliver's father who had been laid-off without severance; and the family began its string of robberies in order to make ends meet. Naturally, things escalated for the Restons. In the end, Oliver shot the father, but left the son Kyle Reston (portrayed by actor Kyle Schmid) unconscious. Before his death, Derrick Reston told Oliver that he had made Kyle into what he had become and was worried that he would continue down the wrong path. Seems like the legacy theme is strong in this episode, and puts Kyle Reston at the top of my short list for Prometheus candidates. Knowing that the Arrow killed your father is a fairly strong motivator, and so it would not be surprising to see a vengeful Kyle Reston train to become an archer adversary and one day come back to make Oliver pay.

So we will see if my theory is correct this season, but I am feeling pretty good about it. In the meantime, we will have some new team members to watch. Curtis and Felicity will each be playing a much larger role out in the field, and fledgling vigilantes Artemis, Mr. Terrific, and Wild Dog will be joining the crew. It's going to be an action-packed season with lots of new faces, but then again, when is it not?

What do you think about my theory?

Do you have any theories about our new masked villain?

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Check out the Season 5 premiere of Arrow on October 5 on the CW Network.


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