Thoughts On Director James Wan

Arjun Sarai Arjun Sarai
June 9th, 2015

Thoughts On Director James Wan

Aquaman is making his way to the big screen and we have all the analysis you need right here on ComiConverse.

When Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment announced their full slate of movies leading up to the year 2020, there was nothing but sheer excitement. DC fanboys and fangirls around the world came to the realization they would finally see some of their favourite characters on the big screen in the modern era of film making.

Is there really anyone who hasn't been frustrated for years that there's been no live action Justice League adaptation?

We don't think so.

Both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad are planned for major releases next year, while all the other movies in the slate have yet to make more casting and crew decisions for their respective films.

This brings us to Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa as the titular character; for which Warner Brothers is revealed to have hired James Wan as the director. This hire came after a swarm of rumors over the last month that Wan would indeed helm the sea-centric film. Aquaman is a step ahead of several films in the DC slate, and we're hoping to hear more about Aquaman-related hires soon.



What Are Our Thoughts?

The hiring of James Wan is a great choice for Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment. Most of his previous work has involved horror films such as the Saw franchise, Dead Silence, and his popular Insidious series. He was also directed The Conjuring, and is currently working on the sequel with Warner Brothers.

Wan proved to the world that he was more than capable of moving beyond the horror genre to achieve success when Furious 7 hit theatres and smashed the box office. The mega franchise film was by far the largest budget he's had to date and gifted him a heavily star studded cast to work with. His ability to create dynamic visual effects, stunts and having to adapt to new surroundings away from the horror genre shows he's definitely come a long way in his career.

The cast is always important to the success of a big feature film, but not everyone can get the most out of their cast in a style compared to James Wan. He frequently works individually with the actors and has a unique skill in explaining exactly how he wants something to be done, whether it's the physical stance in a scene or the tone and appearance brought along with the dialogue. Jason Momoa is a star gradually on the rise, so this duo could definitely add up for big time success.

On a side note, Wan's horror background could very well come into play for this film, as DC Entertainment will try to remove all the jokes and cliches surrounding Aquaman as a character. Warner Brothers has stated that these movies will be very dark and gritty, and while some may not be a fan of that concept, I'm all in. The deep blue sea is nothing short of dark and full of chills, very similar to the first official look at Jason Momoa as the lead character, released by Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder via Twitter.

Who wouldn't want to see that badass character fight a super creepy villain or even some deadly sea creatures?

There's also the constant dilemma throughout various Aquaman comics about Arthur Curry's struggle between "the people of the land against the people of the sea" - a dynamic that Wan could develop well while still keeping it grounded in realism. This could lead to the creation of a very scary villain, or set of villains, that would definitely be a force to reckon with.

Overall, James Wan's ability to adapt and innovate beyond his genre to create a unique story was showcased in his instalment of The Fast and Furious franchise, with the remarkable Furious 7. For these reasons, he will to continue to grow as a director and is on a path towards great success, and is a great fit for the fist live action portrayal of this character on the big screen.

Aquaman is scheduled to release on July 27, 2018.


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