Why Aquaman Is My Favourite Character

Paul Hewitt Paul Hewitt
October 2nd, 2015

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Why Aquaman Is My Favourite Character
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No. 1: He's Had A Genuinely Rough Life


Credit: DC Comics

This is a pretty big part of the comics, yet most people, including fans, don’t fully understand. Aquaman has had so many tragic events happen in his life that it is almost confusing why he is a hero instead of a villain. He had to deal with his nemesis Black Manta kidnapping his son, Aqualad and putting him into a chamber of poison, which in turn put Curry Jr. into a coma. When Mera went on a crusade to save him and returned only to find it was too late, she went insane and blamed Aquaman for the death of their son. In addition to this, there was a run where he lost his hand to a piranha-infested river, leading everyone to think that he is mentally unstable throughout the rest of the series.

Do you like to make jokes about how Aquaman is a lame hero who only talks to fish?


So do the people in the actual comics; this has become especially relevant in DC’s New 52, where he is constantly told that his powers are dumb and that he is useless. How about you continue to save the Earth when everybody is constantly telling you that you are worthless.

And you thought cyber-bullying was bad.

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