Ant-Man Post Credits Scenes Explained

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July 24th, 2015

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Ant-Man Post Credits Scenes Explained

Ant-Man hit theatres this past Friday and we here at ComiConverse are here to break-down and explain the two post-credit scenes that accompanied the movie.

So far, every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie has featured some sort of post credit scene

You can find a list of them all here.

But there hasn't been a Marvel movie with more than one extra scene since Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Of course, there will be spoilers ahead.

If you haven't seen the movie (see our Ant-Man Movie Review) and don't want to know about these post credits scenes, then its best to not continue reading.

Of course, no official images of either of the scenes have been released, meaning we cannot show you what they actually look like in the movie. The first post-credit scene, sometimes referred too as the mid-credit scene, features the characters of Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne. We follow them as they wander down to the basement in which the Ant-Man suit was previously stored. Hank is talking to Hope about power and how trying to hide it away will never work. After this, he opens a secret door previously hidden. The room that is now opened contains a prototype suit that Hank says he and his wife, Janet Van Dyne, were developing.

Hank now realizes that they were developing this suit for Hope, who kept insisting she would be the best person to use the Ant-Man suit throughout the entire movie. The suit is, of course, a variation of her mother's Ant-Man style suit, only fitted with the traditional colour scheme of comic book superhero - The Wasp.

The suit isn't entirely comic accurate, while it does sport the wings her mother's suit had and gloves that look to be fitted with Stingers, the main difference from the comics is the inclusion of the Ant-Man style helmet. We learn, of course, from the movie that the Pym Particles can alter the brain chemistry of a person, as we saw happen to Darren Cross, and cause radical changes in their behaviour.

The helmet is used to prevent this from happening and stop the particles effecting the brain. Hope's reaction to the revealing of her own suit is a memorable one:  "It's about damn time".

Fitting, considering that she was longing to use the Ant-Man suit throughout the movie. Hank Pym finally giving his daughter the suit that they developed for her is most likely because of the fact that they know how to return from the Quantum Realm, thanks to Scott, so he no longer fears loosing her the same way he lost his wife. In fact, him giving her the suit could indicate that he to use it to try and find his wife, who he believes is still alive in the Quantum Realm somewhere. It's a bit of a long shot, but it is clear from Hanks persistent questioning of Scott at the end of the movie that he has not let go of the possibility that his wife is still alive somewhere. But, of course, the toll he has taken for using the Ant-Man suit so much means he cannot search for her himself, which could be another reason that he gave the suit to Hope. As for the Wasp herself, it is unclear when we will see her in action. The first guess would be next years Civil War, yet she has not been announced as a cast member for the movie as of yet. Whenever we see her again, Marvel have stated that they have "big plans" for The Wasp in the future, which is something we can all look forward to.

The Wasp
The second post credit scene features a teaser for the previously mentioned Captain America: Civil War. In fact, watching the scene it felt as if the footage we were witnessing was taken straight out of the movie itself and was not purposely filmed for Ant-Man.

The scene features The Falcon and Captain America in some sort of old warehouse looking environment. In front of them, a figure is slumped over and looks to be somewhat injured. The figure is then revealed to be Bucky Barnes, whom Cap and Falcon have been on the hunt for since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Bucky's metal arm seems to be trapped in some sort of vice, suggesting that he was being held hostage at this location. The background is also quite messy and damaged, suggesting that there was a large fight, either with Falcon and Cap fighting whoever held Bucky hostage or a fight from when Bucky was presumably captured. Both Falcon and Captain America are out of costume and merely in civilian clothes, however, suggesting the fight was more likely from when Bucky was captured.

When Falcon approached Cap to ask what they should do, they have a quick conversation that reveals some interesting information. The most interesting thing said is the mention of "The Accords". We do not know for certain who or what The Accords are; no one does at this point in time. One might speculate that this is a reference to some new superhero-based legislation that may have been put in place - aping the story arc form the Civil War comics. The phrase comes into the conversation when Falcon suggests they ask Tony for help with Bucky's situation. Cap then rejects that idea and goes on to say that The Accords probably wouldn't let him help anyway.

The overall general consensus is that these Accords have something to do with the Superhero Registration Act (or the adapted version that will be used in the MCU). The Avengers are most likely part of the team who enforce these acts and monitor Superhero activity, which could also explain why Cap and Falcon are in their civilian clothes as this is an "off the books" mission. The fact that Cap quickly rejects the idea of getting Tony to help them is interesting and perhaps suggests that the conflict between the two is already present, although it doesn't seem to have taken shape completely yet.

Falcon then says that he "knows a guy" who could help them out, indicating that this "guy" in in fact Scott Lang - due to the scene that was shown after the Ant-Man movie. While the premise for this scene does look like it was taken from the Civil War comics, the likelihood is that we will either see this scene expanded upon in the Civil War film or presented with a few differences.

There you have it, the two Ant-man post credits scenes explained in all the detail we could possibly provide.

Which was your favourite post credit scene?

Are you pumped for Civil War and the inclusion of The Wasp in future MCU movies?

Also, what is your favourite post credit scene out of every Marvel movie?

There's a lot to choose from and we would be greatly interested in hearing your responses! We love to ComiConverse!


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