ABC Cancelling Marvel’s Inhumans? What It Means

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
January 22nd, 2018

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ABC Cancels Marvel's Inhumans? What It Means


ABC has not announced the cancellation, but it seems like the network quietly cut ties with Marvel's Inhumans after one season. The series released to critical panning with the adaptation of Marvel’s prize comic series, failing into gutter of disastrous TV releases. After years of development, the response from audiences was embarrassing for Marvel Cinematic Universe lovers. In our review of the show at ComiConverse, we called it a severe waste of potential, as talented actors get thrown into the abyss. But, fans have wondered what was next for the show? It seems like Marvel is going to call it a horse, and kill the potential of future seasons. Rumors on the cancellation, have been in the air for the last several months but got more intense with the reveal of Disney acquiring the on-screen rights for X-Men in the record-breaking Fox deal.

According to SpoilerTV, ABC has removed any mentions to Inhumans from the official press site. Not even appearing in drop-down menus and search bar, which almost confirms the networks push to kill Marvel's Inhumans entirely. Things are not looking good for the show, especially with lackluster ratings and reviews, it would be insane for any network to renew these expensive adventures. In fairness, Marvel did give Iron First another chance after similar situations on Netflix, perhaps these heroes deserve another chance? I would not mind the idea, but these studios will act differently to fans of the source material.

Marvel's Inhumans were meant to be the replacement X-Men for the MCU, with Kevin Feige having faith in bringing the family to Big Screens across the world. These ideas backfired in the end and resulted in the company pushing for a TV show in the bubbling cinematic universe without reason. Forever tainting any plans, with a poorly marketed IMAX release, allowing audiences to see the pilot before hitting ABC television. If this is the end for humans, it will not surprise us at the ComiConverse offices, due to a disastrous season and critical mauling. It's a no-brainer to put the failed show, into Marvel's graveyard - and possibly make it work down the line. ABC has not confirmed the cancellation, but expect it within the next couple weeks or months.

They are later captured by the customers, only for Gorgon to arrive and rescue them. Escaping, Gorgon and Karnak are reunited with Black Bolt and Medusa. A dying Locus tells Medusa of Crystal's presence on Oahu and asks Black Bolt to reconsider his policies. Maximus decides to send more Inhumans to help Auran.

Marvel's Inhuman's, might not be back for a second season, but did you enjoy the series? Are you disappointed with the reveal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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