5 Reasons Why Deadpool Will Rock

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
July 31st, 2015

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5 Reasons Why Deadpool Will Rock

If you caught the leaked trailer for the upcoming Deadpool movie, you'll surely agree that the film looked amazing. After seeing Ryan Reynolds in action we can say that this guy is Deadpool; with his awesome humorous take on the "Merc with the Mouth".

Let's countdown why this film - even with all of this hype - could be the biggest surprise of 2016.


Rated R Superhero 

We have grown up with so many kid friendly movies from the Marvel franchises that it has changed the landscape for this genre of film. I'm probably not the only one who wants some more crazy over-the-top adult-focused comic book films and Deadpool fits that bill.

The trailer showcases that this version of Wade Wilson is going to be straight from the comics, with his crazy wall-breaking sayings, I think we can all agree that Deadpool will keep us hardcore fans really happy.

Deadpool and Friends

Comic readers can agree that what makes Deadpool so awesome are his friends who actually follow him on those crazy missions, because they make you realize that Wade Wilson is only human.

This is something that will stand out in the upcoming movie, which is scheduled for 2016.  This will be the first time Deadpool has been taken seriously in film after the terrible version of his origin story that was depicts in the X-Men cinematic universe. Deadpool deserves his moment in the sun.

Along with Wade Wilson himself, we should get first looks into his friends including Copycat and Weasel, who have never been on the big screen before. If anything, the Deadpool comics showcase how crazy the people around Deadpool are, which should be fun for audiences.

Crazy Action

I think we can all agree that the leaked footage from Comic-Con showcased some mental action sequences; especially the moments when Deadpool shows off his marksmanship skills.

We all really hope that the new movie will bring some more mind-blowing action onto our screens, which badly needed in the comic movie world. Deadpool is the right character at the right time.

It would be beautiful to see the movie featuring amazing set pieces and fight sequences.


Now another interesting reason why the Deadpool film is going to be so much fun is the fact it won't actually take itself seriously, just like the character in the comics. I really think that the Deadpool character will bring some sort diversity in the comic book movie arena.  He's nothing like the characters that have been done in live-action so far and that gives the film some edge.

The upcoming movie will have a much more laid back approach than the X-Men universe. The "Merc with the Mouth" always goes on his own crazy story-lines, with comedy being omni-present, which will allow us to have fun alongside the character.

We all know that Deadpool loves to the talk with his audience and, if done right, it could be the best part of this film. Just imagine what could be done with the end credits.  Hopefully FOX won't mess that up.

Universe Building

Now it's obvious that this film will somehow link us to the rumoured X-Force movie, with Deadpool starring in that film as well. Prepare for some interesting references to the future of these franchises, which could allow this movie to set up something awesome for 20th Century FOX.

That's the last reason why Deadpool will be awesome. With hilarious comedy and a brilliant cast, this film should be something else!

What are your opinions?

If you think Deadpool will be awesome then let us know below and follow ComiConverse for the scheduled trailer release.


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