Forgettable Comics Movies

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May 31st, 2015

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Comics movies have had some great successes in recent years, but its worth remembering the big screen tragedies; if only to remind us how lucky we've been lately. I want to warn readers who love these characters that you might cry reading this article. You were warned, so let's go ahead. This list took me forever to get jotted down for you guys, as I had to binge watch most of the films again to remember how awful they were.

Forgettable Comics Movies

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No. 5: Blade: Trinity

Everyone should remember the Blade movies because they started the early boom in comic-based films, with this obscure character taking down vampires in the Marvel universe.


Credit: Marvel

This movie killed the franchise that got me into comics and comic movies back in the early 2000's. Many people loved the original movie because it introduced comic book movies to a new generation.

The plot was boring and confusing and tried too hard to be different from the previous outings. Blade: Trinity was criticized for introducing some really interesting characters like Ryan Reynolds' Hannibal King and Parker Posey and then just killing them off for no reason. To cap it off, the DVD release contained one of the worst interviews of all time with screenwriter David S. Goyer via split-screen.

For all of these reasons, Blade: Trinity begins of lists of massive comics movie meltdowns.

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