5 Events That Changed The Marvel Universe

Mitch Nissen

January 27th, 2016

Grew up reading comic books in the 90's. Marvel fan at heart. Hulk, the Midnight Sons, and Marvel's cosmic universe are my favorites.

5 Events That Changed The Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics have had some of the biggest events in comics history. Nothing gets fantoms excited like a truly influential moment for their favourite characters. Here, our Mitch Nissen looks at five events that truly changed the Marvel Comics universe.

Civil War, Age of Ultron, Secret Invasion, Avengers Vs X-Men, Secret Wars. These are only a fraction of the epic crossover events to have graced the pages of Marvel Comics. The mega event, Secret Wars, just wrapped up and already Marvel Comics is promoting their next event, Civil War II, saying it will be earth-shattering.

We've all heard that before.


Every event that Marvel ushers our way promises to change the universe and the characters within it, but how many of these stories actually effect real change?

There is a status quo that has to be maintained to sustain readership and keep the universe functioning.

Did Civil War change the Marvel Universe?

For a year or two it did with fallout events such as The Initiative and Bucky stepping in as Captain America,

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  1. Kyle Harris says:

    What about Onslaught? Having to have Franklin Richards reset everything was surely bigger than at least two of these.

  2. Mitch Nissen says:

    You’re right. Onslaught was a mega event that effected nearly every book in the Marvel Universe. It’s a classic and legendary event and had all the heroes stayed dead or the event had some kind of lasting effect it would definitely be worth including. The Heroes Return event that you mentioned where Franklin Richards reset everything effectively returned the Marvel universe to normal though, as if Onslaught never happened. That’s why it wasn’t included.

  3. RJW202 says:

    The Secret Wars fiasco was the beginning of the end of classic, imaginative, intelligent, and FUN comic books. Writers used to be intelligent and imaginative enough to fit a logical, dramatic, entertaining story into 1 or 2 comics. The Secret Wars began the age of ridiculous, run on stories with no point – and comic creators that were trying to wring every last penny out of comic book fans by forcing them to buy multiple books each month just to get a complete story. Everything else listed up here was crap, as was just about everything that came out of Marvel after the 80’s. Especially their Ultimates versions – which was a rape of the original characters – which unfortunately is the sh*t that all of the movies are based on – instead of the epic stories that preceded the garbage they have now. The age of drastic change came about. The caliber of comic writers went WAY DOWN, and they could no longer entertain by creating fresh and imaginative story lines. They resorted to every story being a drastic change of killing off characters or resurrecting characters or doing all kinds of drastic, illogical, and just plain STUPID story arcs like CIVIL WAR and all kinds of crap – bad stories which took multiple, multiple comics to tell. I can pull out many old comics from my collection that have more than one good, logical, entertaining stories in a single book – you NEVER see that anymore. Maybe the crap they have been putting out the last 30 years is just a reflection of the lower intelligence of the audience and the population in general.

  4. Mitch Nissen says:

    Wow, you hit just about everybody with that remark. I started reading comic books in the late 80’s early 1990’s and therefore established an attachment to comic books from that era. I’ve continued to read comic books until this day and every year it seems I grow increasingly dissatisfied with the new comic books being written. Whether it’s the fault of the writers or the company that tells the writers what to write or the people buying and supporting these new books I cannot say. I believe it is a combination of all three factors and shifting trends. I have been finding myself retreating to the comic books of yesterday from the 90’s, 80’s, and 70’s on back. I’m finding the Marvel comic books from the 1970’s to be quite enjoyable. A storyline in a single comic book from back then is now explored over the course of a half dozen comic books today. The era of the single issue self-contained story is past it seems. While I don’t necessarily “like” all the stories listed above, they did however mark significant points of change for the characters within. Quality of the story is relative and in the respective opinions of the readers. Quality of story was never on trial here nor were those who read or write the stories. In every era of comic books there are gems and there are dirt clods. Sometimes the garbage outnumbers the diamonds, that has been the case since the beginning of comic books. Finding the “good ones” has always been the challenge and sometimes they don’t reveal themselves until years after publication. Not everyone telling stories is cut out to be a storyteller and that has always been the case since the dawn of storytelling. But just as important, no one style of storytelling reaches everybody. Everybody responds differently. One storyteller’s approach may not necessarily work for some and that’s perfectly fine. The kinds of stories and approaches to storytelling are as varied as the different people who read them. Such is the wonder of stories.

  5. Randy says:

    onslaught is the worse event ever by IGN…

  6. Randy says:

    Secret Wars was great! a Beautiful ending… it is totally based in The Prince by Machiavelli… Power corrupts. True heroes are fighting to remain incorruptible… they are not fighting to gain even more power… It is the first event ever… and the best of them… Including its copy Crisis on Infinite Earths…

  7. Erik Williams says:

    When the x-menfought Adversary. The brood. Storm went with a Mohawk. Lost her powers. Wolverine did a live TV interview. All the x-men died.