2016: The Year Of The Batman

Abel Loza Abel Loza
December 27th, 2016

If you give me the chance, ill talk your ear off about comic books. As the legend states, "Abel's first words were 'Batman.'" #TeamBatman

Although it seems as though every year is a good year for the Dark Knight, 2016 seemed to be a particularly BIG year for Batman.

2016: The Year Of The Batman

The Caped Crusader was anywhere and everywhere in 2016 and truly was on the forefront of popular culture. That's saying a lot. This is a character who has had some big-time battles in the past.


Courtesy of: ComiConverse

Batman appeared in many forms this year, from comic books to movies and video games and TV, Batman was everywhere. This abundance of Batman created allot of good (and bad depending on who you ask) moments for Batman in 2016 and since I am such a big Batman enthusiast, I am here to choose some of my favorite Batman moments and events

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