10 Anime for Beginners

Grant Billings Grant Billings

September 22nd, 2017

10 Anime for Beginners

So you wanna start watching anime? You want to delve into a huge culture that may or may not put you into an awkward situation when someone finds out you are apart of it? Well not to worry, I've thought anime and the kind of people that watch it was the weirdest things. Then just a handful of months ago I started to get so heavily into it that I've now watched over two dozen different anime. That inkling of info may make you think I'm a shut in and never leave but one thing I want to specify early on is most anime are short and sweet. Not like your typical hour long episode ten season shows developed for American audiences. With that said there are a few (mostly shounen's) shows that do span over 500 episodes.

In this list I'll be giving you some anime that you as someone just getting into anime should get your feet wet with. Here is a list of other anime that I've watched as well.

Gurren Lagann


Also known as Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannGurren Lagann follows two brothers related only by friendship on their journey to rid the world of the Anti-Spiral's on Earth's surface. Full of giant robots with scary faces, passionate screaming of manly spirit, love, loss, classic anime tropes and tons of heart. Gurren Lagann will have you pulling for Kamina and Simon (the two brothers) on their journey and won't hold back when it pulls at your heart strings. If you are new to Anime this is a great one to start with as it will show you how anime's can create wonderful stories with amazing animation. What's even more crazy is that it wasn't based off of a Manga which almost all anime are, so you won't have to feel to weird when you watch it if you are still iffy about anime's culture.

Rating 8.7/10 Recommend Dub not Sub.

Cowboy Bebop

Set in 2071, where earth is now a desolate wasteland and humans live on planets in our solar system, Cowboy Bebop follows a group of bounty hunters named Jett, Spike, Faye and Edward, on board their ship 'Bebop'. Much like the popular Joss Whedon show Firefly (if you liked that you'll love this), we get to see these four interact on their ship and go out on jobs to fix up their ship that they usually destroy somehow. With only 26 episodes and almost all of them a one-and-done format, meaning each episode is a different story or job, the feel of the show is much longer than it actually is. You get to know these four and the people they run into so well that even though you'll wish for more, you'll still feel satisfied.

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Cowboy Bebop is one of the most well known and popular anime's of the past 15 years and to me I sometimes forgot it even was an anime. Pay attention though and the anime vibe will hit.

Rating: 8.6/10 Dub is most popular

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Set in a world where alchemy is practiced and supernatural beings exist, Brotherhood follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, as they try and find a way to get Alphonse (the metal man above) his body back. After a horrible event during their childhood the brothers were changed forever, both in separate ways and none good. One of the most popular anime's over the past decade and one that even has become mainstream in America for many teens and adults alike to watch. With how great this show is, anyone looking for a story that deals with so many real world topics I'd have to go look them all up, this is for you.

Brotherhood is the most recent version of this show, but a less manga accurate and less popular version of the show (same name without Brotherhood in the title), was created just a few years before this. I've watched both, brotherhood is better, better ending and better animation. But it's up to you if you'd like to watch both (watch Brotherhood if you decide only one of course).

Rating: 8.5/10 I watched Dub and loved it, but its up to you

Naruto & Naruto Shippuden

One of the longest shows on this list considering that its been on the air since 1999 and has over 700 episodes (both shows combined) Naruto is perhaps the most recognizable on this list even if you aren't in to anime. At first it was just Naruto, a story of an orphaned boy with unrealized power who just wanted a family and to become Hokage (a form of president). Then it was Naruto Shippuden, set two years after the previous show, it was Naruto still doing the same thing as before only this time he's older, stronger and there is a lot more at stake. You might think that this is typical to have on a list for anime beginners and you're not wrong but it should be on here. When I started to watch anime, I held off until I had a few under my belt and then I just thought I can't run from it forever. Boy was I glad that I finally watched it. Sure it took me a while to get over Naruto's voice at the beginning of Naruto since it was really high pitched (his voice actor is a woman in both sub and dub) and it felt like he said the same thing over and over again. But once you realize that there is a point to it all and that each character is amazing in it's own right you can't stop watching. And then when you finish all 700 or so episodes you realize you're into anime 100%.

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Rating: 8.9/10 I recommend that you watch as much of it as you can in Dub, the last bits of Shippuden are only in Sub for now. Naruto is on Netflix.

Hunter X Hunter

This is not only one of my favorite anime of all time but one of my favorite shows period. Hunter X Hunter follows 12 year old Gon, who plans on becoming a hunter just like his father who abandoned him when he was just a baby. In a world where someone's power is literally inside of them, this is the ultimate show about strength and ability. Unlike Naruto, Gon is not an OP main character. Sure he's smart on his feet, a fast learner and knows how to take a hit but he is still human. He makes mistakes and usually pays for them dearly. Throughout this show Gon develops a friendship with another 12 year old named Killua who is a badass and someone you soon learn to love maybe even more than Gon. The two become inseparable and travel throughout the show together facing everything together but never helping each other out to much so that the other can learn from mistakes or just get stronger. Honestly though it took me a while to get through this show in the beginning so my best advice is to power through the first handful of episodes and you won't regret it. Gon and Killua's journey is an unforgettable one going through a few or more story arcs along the way.

Rating: 9/10 Sub is Recommended

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic & Kingdom of Magic

Famously known as just Magi, this story follows a young boy named Aladdin who from the very beginning grabs your attention with his cute yet powerful personality. Befriended by a guy who just wants to be rich, Alibaba, the two set off on a journey soon joined by the pink haired girl above, Morgiana, to capture Labyrinth's where immense magical power and wealth is stored. That is if you can survive the way in. Soon met by king Sinbad (who has his own show The Adventures of Sinbad also on Netflix), Aladdin's journey really begins after that. Filled with heart, grief, friendship, humor, amazing animation and wonderful characters Magi will rope you in for a great ride. And with a setting much like Arabian Nights, if you're a fan of the Disney movie Aladdin, this may just be up your alley.

While you may be confused on why there is two names on the title that is only because anime's sometimes name their second season with a different name from the first. Make sure you watch both!

Rating: 8.2/10 Recommend Dub

Fairy Tail

In one of the only shows I can watch without being really bored since I just watched it on this list, Fairy Tail  follows a guild of wizards called Fairy Tail. We follow this show mostly through the lives of a cast of characters, there is in my opinion, not just one main character. The picture above can give you an idea of what I mean. Characters that the show really focus on like Lucy, Natsu and Happy, Grey, Erza, Wendy and Carla and a few others definitely get most of shows attention but episodes with little cast are few and far between. This show really delves into the family that Fairy Tail tries so hard to protect throughout the show. This anime has everything you could want, classic tropes, naked ladies, awesome fights, heroes, villians, magic, love, humor and even a blue talking cat that can fly. There is never a dull moment. So for new anime fans this show would be a great place to start and get a feel of it.

Rating: 8.8/10 Recommend Dub

Seven Deadly Sins

Set in Middle Age Europe Seven Deadly Sins follows a group with the title of the same name. Led by Meliodas the seven sins were banished by the kingdom they would've given there lives for after being wrongly accused of treason many years ago. Full of Holy Knights (magically enhanced warriors), the seven have the fight of their lives ahead of them if they want to be free of their exile. With the help of a princess from the kingdom he was exiled from, Meliodas sets out to find the other six of his comrades in hopes of defeating whoever it was that set him and his friends up. Clad full of amazing fights with all to cool abilities, hilarious comedy, a boob groping captain, a talking pig and a great story Seven Deadly Sins will give you a great glimpse into anime. It was for me since it was the first anime I watched on a whim in February before I got into it...I have now watched over two dozen different anime.

Rating 8/10 Dub is Recommended

The Devil is A Part Timer?

Unlike the rest on this list there are only 13 episodes and is classified as a comedy/romance. The Devil is A Part Timer?, is about the King of Hell from an alternate world where he has four generals that rule over that world with a iron fist. Of course with that comes a hero, a woman who has magical armor and sword so that she can defeat her arch nemesis. In flurry of battle both hero and villain plus a general are swept away into our world. Unable to use magic anymore the Devil works at a Japanese McDonalds to pay for his small apartment with his roommate (his general). With tons of comedy, forbidden friendship, romance and pretty cool battles this show brings a lot of great things in such a short amount of episodes. It's favored by a lot of anime fans because of how funny it really is to think of the Devil to work part-time at a fast food restaurant.

Rating: 7.9/10 Sub or Dub 

Akame Ga Kill

One thing I haven't told you yet about anime is something about the people who make them. Unlike our American show runners like FOX or TNT production companies that make anime like Funimation or Bones don't really care about leaving the shows up in the air. In America if a show gets canceled or ends poorly fans are livid that it didn't get all wrapped up or end the way they wanted it. In anime when a show ends its more often than not its ends open. What I mean by that is its not wrapped up or its ends with characters leaving to go somewhere with no way to find out what happens next (Kuromukuro) unless you read the manga. The only exception would be most shouens which have manga's usually done ahead of when the show airs like Naruto. The reason I bring this up is I think it's something every anime fan should know since I found out he hard way a couple of times with shows ending without a conclusion (The Devil is a Part Timer? does it as well).

Akame Ga Kill follows a group of rebels called Night Raid as they fight to save the oppressed from a ruthless and evil Prime Minister that rules with his giant army. Throughout this show you meet this group and fall in love with them instantly. Everyone is rich and has such great personality that there is no way you'll hate them. And then the villains. Such great villains come from this show, they all have some sort of great backstory or maybe even a tie to one of the Night Raiders or they could even be in love with one of the rebels. Besides all that the fights are to die for. Sure they aren't over the top like in Seven Deadly Sins or Naruto but they use these weapons called Imperial Arms that pick the user like a wand in Harry Potter. They then use these amazing weapons in their fight against their enemy and take some names along the way. My only suggestion is get ready for some gut wrenching surprises and some humor right along side with it.

Rating: 8.5/10 Dub is preferred

Well I hoped you liked my list of Anime for any new fan of anime or someone who wants to get one under their belt. Let me know what you think of my list below. I should another list about anime soon.


Grant Billings is a contributor for Comiconverse.com, Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @FictionFeed_HQ

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