What’s Next For Doctor Strange?

Scott Place Scott Place
November 11th, 2016

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No. 1: Doctor Strange 2

doctor strange

Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange. Image Credit - Marvel.

Though a sequel to Doctor Strange has yet to be announced, the film's strong openings mean that a sequel is highly likely. Strange director Scott Derrickson and Benedict Cumberbatch have been hinting at the character's future in interviews and it appears that there are some pretty strong possibilities for what this will include. For example, Derrickson has expressed an interest in using classic Marvel villain Nightmare in the sequel. This could be a great decision for Marvel, as the ruler of the Dream Dimension would further tap into Derrickson's clear strengths in creating incredible visual sequences and origins as a horror movie director to create a villain unseen before in the MCU.

Not only has Derrickson discussed Nightmare but also the end-credits scene of Doctor Strange hinted at the development of a villainous Mordo in the sequel. Considering the huge strength of Chiwetel Ejiofor as an actor it would be foolish to not go down this route - especially as these could help to remedy Marvel's famed 'villain problems'. One can only imagine the dual threats of Mordo and Nightmare and its becoming increasingly clear that Doctor Strange 2 could be one of the most exciting superhero films to date now that magic is firmly established in the Marvel Universe.

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