Superheroes Who Needed A Reboot

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July 15th, 2015

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Superheroes Who Needed A Reboot
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No. 1: Batman
I wasn’t sure if Batman should end up on this list, but after watching the The Dark Knight Rises (2012) it had to be done. After the success of The Dark Knight it was inevitable that a sequel would be in the works, and after a talented rising star Tom Hardy was cast in the role of Bane, fans were very excited to see Batman meet his match in a fight to the finish.

There are several problems with this movie, the first being a giant plot-hole in which Bruce Wayne has given up being Batman for 8 years because of the manner in which Rachel Dawes was killed. This is not true to Batman’s legacy. Bruce Wayne became Batman as his parents were brutally murdered and he wanted to clean up crime in Gotham. Surely, the death of Rachel Dawes would only encourage him to keep the cowl thus further clean up crime.

Secondly, The Dark Knight Rises has an awful storyline that features Batman versus Bane thrown in with some Catwoman story. The main problem with the whole story is Bruce Wayne is only Batman for about 20 minutes in a 152 minutes film. The majority of the film we are following Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character who just seems to be in the wrong place at the right time. Bane turns out to be the henchmen of Talia Al Ghul which has to be the biggest disappointment in the series.

Did Chris Nolan not see Batman & Robin (1997)?

I don’t think this film did justice to Batman fans.  Therefore when Ben Affleck was announced I was one of a few that were very excited.

After seeing his previous films, such as Gone Baby Gone (2008) and The Town (2010), I had forgotten about that horrendous Daredevil movie because Affleck has matured and he knows how to make films with more consistency.

After seeing a recent image of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sets photos I have to say Ben Affleck really suits the costume and looks like the Batman from the Arkham Video Game series who is more of a detective than a brute. With Zack Snyder at the helm, this film promises great action, stylish visuals as well as a great story.

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