Comic Book Games

This is by no means a complete listing of every game based on a comicbook franchise.  The following does list games from 2000 to 2017 for properties of DC and Marvel.  There are some spoilers so if you haven't quite gotten around to playing some of these, be warned.

DC Comics Games


Justice League: Injustice for All

Justice League: Injustice for All is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance based video game developed by Saffire Corporation and published by Midway Games, Inc. The game is somewhat vintage, having been released in late 2002.

This video game falls within the action genre and is primarily based on the popular and renowned animated television series Justice League. Similar to its television series counterpart, Justice League: Injustice for All, it features the same character portrayals and nearly an identical animated graphics style. The game contains numerous different levels, with each level getting more and more difficult as the player advances. The game also features a large number of different playable characters, making it quite fun for anyone who is a huge fan of the Justice League series.

The featured playable characters are Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Hawkgirl. This Justice League group must come together and use their strengths and special powers to defeat their evil adversaries known as the Injustice League.

The Injustice League are a group of evil villains that attempt to wreak havoc in the world. The group features The Joker, Solomon Grundy, Lex Luthor, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Felix Faust, and The Shade. None of these villain characters are playable within the game, rather they represent the characters that the game's players must defeat at the end of each level.

With regard to the gameplay itself, throughout each level, you are required to alternate between two different Justice League players. Your key objectives are to use your two playable characters in order to defeat all of the level's enemies. In addition to battling it out with villains, you must also find numerous hidden key cards scattered throughout each level. Once you reach the end of a level, you will be faced with one of the Injustice League villains waiting to battle it out with you. In order to defeat the supervillain at the level's end, you will be required to use your player's unique superpowers such as flight, speed, or strength. If you do not use your superpower in each level, you will not be able to move on to the next level.

Each level within the game is timed. If the allotted time limit expires before you complete a level, then you will fail and be forced to start over again from the beginning of that particular level. Many players enjoy attempting to break their previous time records, adding a lot of replay value to Justice League: Injustice for All.

The difficulty of the gameplay is widely considered to be moderate, making the game very suitable for players of any age group. While the higher and more advanced levels are extremely challenging, they won't leave you frustrated by being impossible to master. Within days the game's players will feel comfortable controlling Justice League characters and fighting supervillains with ease.

Overall, the game has received extremely high ratings and reviews. One of the game's most celebrated aspect is the fact that you are not locked into one playable character, similar to how so many other games within this genre are built. The option to choose different playable characters gives the game a lot of replay value, as it's really fun to try and advance levels using different character pairs.

While critics and gaming reviews for this release have been largely favorable due to the outstanding and exciting gameplay, the graphic quality of the game has not gone unnoticed either. True to the television series, the animated styled graphics within the game are outstanding and highly detailed. This gives the player lots of visual satisfaction as they control their Justice League characters through level after level.

Justice League: Heroes United (2009 video game)

Justice League: Heroes United is a beat ‘em up arcade game developed by Global VR based on DC Comics’ Justice League. The game includes a story mode in which up to two players assume the role of one of the Justice League heroes as they battle various antagonists from the Justice League series. It utilizes a coin-operated machine while the game itself featured 3D cell-shaded graphics in High Definition (HD) at 60 frames per second.


The player controls one of several playable characters through a linear series of 3D levels typically characterized by minion waves progressively increasing in difficulty leading up to a boss battle. The player wins by engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy or using their abilities to knock out all the villains in the level.

The levels are Gotham and Metropolis, popular locations featured in the DC Universe. Each level contains a boss who is a main villain in the series associated with that level with minions characterized by his theme, such as Joker in Gotham City with clown minions.

All playable characters are able to punch, kick and feature other special abilities different for each player but appropriate to their characters based on the comic series. Superman has laser eye beams, Batman has gadgets, and Wonder Woman can use her Lasso of Truth to ensnare enemies and damage them.


The game features characters from DC Comics’ Justice League such as Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. The series’ antagonists appear as the level bosses of the game such as Joker, Harley Quinn and Lex Luthor among others.


The game was previewed in the Amusement Trades Exhibition International (ATEI) 2009, a major UK trade show for arcade games.


In 2009, the game was released as a coin operated arcade game.


The game generally received negative criticism due to the genre having been perceived as perfected during the 90’s while the game coming out almost 10 years later was mediocre with an overall dislike for the graphics, gameplay, controls, and sound.

Justice League: Heroes United is most notably criticized for its visually unappealing graphics featured in the screenshots, although some players who played the game at the 2009 Amusement Trades Exhibition International have comment that the game on the HD screen looks more appealing than screenshots of the game found online.

Other complaints include gameplay as the hitboxes are not accurate and hero abilities are uncontrollable and ineffectively aimed even against nearby enemies. The soundtrack is repetitive and the characters too often repeat rote lines of dialogue such as Jokers’ clown minions repeatedly saying, “Looky what we have here.”

The Young Justice League

Young Justice Legacy is a video game developed around the storyline for the television series, Young Justice. The story takes place in between season one and season two and it is packed with lots of action, making it an enjoyable action-adventure video game choice. The game was originally developed by Freedom Factory Studios and was later put on the market in November 2013. It was published by Little Orbit and made available for a number of video game consoles, some including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems.

There was also a PC version of the game released for Windows. During the five-year time period between the first and second season of the TV show, the Young Justice league finds itself getting into a number of exciting adventures that compile the various, semi-challenging level of the video game. While the developers had previously spoken on releasing the game for a variety of Nintendo systems, it ended up only being made available for Nintendo 3DS for a variety of marketing and production issues. The video game is designed in a role-playing fashion with lots of action and adventure elements. Gameplay consists of the player creating a group of diverse heroes while being given the chance to Play a number of characters throughout the game. The game comes with multiplayer modes as well as the option to play as an individual player. This made the game a popular choice for gamers who wanted something relaxing and engaging to kick back with and play with their friends or family.

As they begin the game, players will be required to choose between three separate characters, who are all taken from the Young Justice TV show. These characters can be rotated during gameplay, giving you a unique collection of abilities. The overall game consists of 15 separate levels and each separate character you select has specific special capabilities that are unique to them. This gives you a wide range of pros and cons for each character you select. As characters experience progression through the game and complete missions, they are given the ability to level up their powers and strengths.

The aesthetics of the game are also quite pleasing and colorful, as each character is given the option of three separate costumes to wear during gameplay. The costumes are not just unique and pleasing to the eyes, but also have a direct effect on the characters’ functionality while they are actively completing missions. Specific levels of the game will allow you to partner up with and receive help from certain members of the Justice League. Some of these guest appearances will include Batman, Superman, and Aquaman.

After being delayed a number of times, the game was finally released in November 2013. One of the things that gamers truly enjoyed about this video game, was the diverse range of characters that were available to play with. Out of these, there are 12 playable characters, including favorites like Robin, Superboy, and Nightwing. There are also a number of colorful and creative villains from the TV series, including Lex Luther, Killer Frost, and Blockbuster. Other guest appearances in the game include Red Tornado, Black Cannery, and Aquagirl. These characters come in on specific levels to assist you and fight on your team. The game had a distinct following for quite a while and many comic book lovers truly enjoyed this action and adventure packed video game. Young justice legacy is known for its enjoyable gameplay, extensive pool of characters, and colorful, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Justice League Chronicles

Unfortunately, Justice League Chronicles was not near as well-received by the gaming world as its producers would have hoped. Many say the game does not do true "justice" (no pun intended) to video games centered around comic books and is a poor replication of other superhero-based games.

Many critics accuse the game of not only being cheap in nature but also having overall low quality mixed with a variety of unchallenging gameplay. The game is divided into three separate chronicles, which many have speculated to be mildly based off of episodes that actually took place on the popular TV cartoon. In each one of these chronicles or episodes, the player has the ability to choose between two separate Justice league characters. During gameplay, you are often able to switch characters as it allows you to play as both, in most situations. While Wonder Woman and Superman are one Justice league team available, another episode allows you to play as Hawkgirl and Batman.

The final episode gives you the two characters Flash and Green Lantern, as the grand finale chronicle of this game. Each chronicle has been separated into different three separate levels which can be saved upon completion. Each level has been criticized to look mildly similar in nature while the villains and bad guys pose little threat and also look the same throughout.

Generally, there are only two or three separate villains that attack you throughout a level and they continue to return, giving these episodes little excitement value. Besides the generic scuffle with a bad guy and a little walking around, most levels have a little element of adventure to offer. However, occasionally during a level, you may get the opportunity to fight the boss. As you play through chronicles you will find that there are usually about 1 to 2 bosses per segment. Although you are given the option to play as a variety of different characters as you progress from Chronicle to Chronicle, overall, each character is similar in nature. They all have about the exact same, basic controls for each individual character.

These controls include: jump, attack, and throw. The only unique thing about the characters is their special attack capability that can be utilized whenever they successfully fill their entire power meter. The environment has been criticized to be repetitive and unexciting, while the lack of character individuality disappointed many who decided to play this video game. The battling and fighting in the game also seemed to be largely similar throughout each level, with little or poor contact from the villains.

When you do get the opportunity to battle, you continuously use the same moves while fighting off guys who are easily killed your repetitive moves. On a more positive note, the game does offer a couple of creative stages to go through. Batman and Flash both have a level in the game where they are in a high-speed race towards completing their goal while avoiding a variety of obstacles along the way. Another notable Mission in the Game allows you to play as Superman while having you fly around destroying planes.

Overall, critics and game players slammed the game for its bland apparel and shabby aesthetic as well. Many criticize the game's graphics, saying they were not only poorly produced, but it was apparent that many corners were cut in the making. All in all, the game has been deemed as far too monotone and repetitive in nature to be considered enjoyable by many, although some dedicated individuals still enjoy the games comic book spinoff gameplay.

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

The battle for Atlantis is an existing console video game for Nintendo GameCube and Xbox systems centered on DC Comics’ character Aquaman. The game was created by Lucky Chicken Studios and produced by TDK. The game is centered on Peter David’s contentious interpretation of a character in a comic book.

The battle for Atlantis goes after DC comics water world superheroes as he prepares his mission to save his Atlantis kingdom from the coming doom. After being absent for a long time and thought to be dead, Aquaman’s human adversary Black Manta has come back. He brings with him scores of devoted soldiers; Manta plans to terrorize and completely destroy the kingdom of Atlantis. For Aquaman to protect his people and the seven seas attached to Manta’s evil machinations, he must go out into the city and deliver his people and conquer Black Manta. However, he is not aware that a greater army than Black Manta is waiting for him who also wants to take his kingdom away.

Using an onscreen customized radar, players guide Aquaman in the waters across Atlantis searching for little and isolated groups of bad guys. After locating and fighting the bad guys, players then begin to look for another group of small isolated bad guys are supposed to receive corporal punishment for their bad actions in Atlantis. This is all throughout the game. In other circumstances, players will be required to locate a specific item as in some incidences the number of little bad guys in the group may vary, but the environment and action needed in the game remain the same throughout. Aquaman has a really nice fighting system that makes this repetition in the game very exciting. Upon locating each group of bad guys, Aquaman immediately locks on one enemy and eliminates them one by one. Sometime the player may miss to shoot down an enemy, but players can apply other tactics. Aquaman is equipped with kicks, punches, and grab attacks combined with several other combo attacks and special moves that players can use to bring down an enemy.

Aquaman can also call for help from the nearby sea life. Players can do this by pushing button A on the game console. One of the interesting features about Battle for Atlantis is that the city of Atlantis and other several locations where players move Aquaman are dark and murky as it is on the bottom of the sea. There are also fewer people living in the futuristic and towering sea scrapers that make up the sunken city. Therefore, as players continue to search and put down enemies, civilian casualties are few. Most of the time, Aquaman and his enemies are the only people present. Sometimes players might see fish, and in other X-BOX versions, sleek-looking SeaWorld vessels that cruise in the sea floor are visible.

The battle for Atlantis has good graphics that makes the game exciting. For example, the draw distance is well lighted with underwater effects especially when playing the game on Game Cube version. The surrounding environments are well lit with fascinating textures, good complexity and an Xbox version give players a magnificent clear texture of images. Aquaman himself has the most elements that players use when playing. The game is a well-conceived graphical element that moves and looks reasonably realistic. The enemies are also well graphically constituted, making it easier for players to locate them and bring them down. The game also moves at a reasonable rate offering players the chance to move Aquaman as fast as possible. The battle for Atlantis also has an exciting sound that makes the game thrilling when playing on Xbox.

Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was a game released by Ubisoft for play on the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and PlayStation gaming systems based on the original television series and in conjunction with the movie of the same name. The game itself received mostly mixed and negative reviews on its individual platforms.

This game is mostly a simple side-scrolling adventure, but has some depth to it which allows for some three-dimensional movement. Playing as Batman in what is fairly simple beat 'em up-style game, the player (playing as Batman of course) adventures throughout each level.

The versions for PlayStation and Nintendo 64 actually give the player the ability to choose and swap out between four different suits which have their own unique capabilities, talents, and skills. This gives the player different options for game-play based on which suit they choose, which gives a variety of outcomes depending on how the player in question chooses to play.

  • The Standard Suit
    The Standard Suit comes with three different weapons that offer a paralleled amount of shielding and offensive strength. The first is the Dark Knight Staff, which is best for circular area attacks. The second weapon is the Dark Knight Discus which is an ammunition-requiring projectile weapon and is slung toward enemies with great force. Magnetic Nunchaku are the final weapon available for use in the Standard suit; Magnetic Nunchaku are best for attacks in which the player wishes to strike in short, straight lines and can be charged for an ultimate boost of power behind each attack.
  • The Defense Suit
    This suit better at safeguarding the player from damage but is actually a lot weaker than any other suit when it comes to the attacks it makes. Defense Suit has two different shields which can fend off nearly every assault that enemies can inflict, and the player can use a specific game-play technique called the Shield Punch, which enhances damage dealt to enemies.
  • The Offense Suit
    The Offense Suit packs in much stronger attacks, however it is the weakest suit in the game. One of the best things this suit has to offer is the ability to punch and open the gray crates that contain bonus items available for collection, as well as allowing access to other areas which without the super punch couldn't be accessed.
  • The Nimble Suit
    Finally, the Nimble suit gives the player the ability to glide, perform jumping kicks, and the double-jump. The double-jump actually gives the player the option to collect extra items not obtainable in other modes of game-play.

Batman: Vengeance - Gotham Alive Again

Ubisoft released Batman: Vengeance back in 2001 to the glowing fanfare of so many who were looking for another release after the successful superhero games of the past. It was available on all of the platform of the sixth-generation era, and this included PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance and Microsoft Windows. The animated television series titled The New Batman Adventures is what it is based on, and that is where most of the plot is derived. The Joker must be stopped from destroying Gotham City, but this is no easy task since a web of villains each contributes their own scheme to take out the protagonist.

Vengeance followed in the footsteps of its predecessors by being a single-player game in the action genre. The character designs and also the main voice cast was also the same as found in TNBA as well. Kevin Conroy is an actor who is most well-known for his work as Batman in The Animated Series, and he contributed to the game as well. 670,000 copies were sold by March 2002 with a great deal of acclamation going towards the aforementioned voice cast and their integration with the story and various cut scenes throughout the play of the game. However, in general, fans and reviewers tended to give the game average ratings and approval.

3.5 stars was the score that was given by many publications such as GamePro and AllGame. The Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions were seen as better performers and the other platforms were naturally not up to the same level as these then cutting-edge consoles. Some people found the first-person mode limiting in various aspects, and the PC version had controls which were confusing to many who tried it. However, it holds its place as a game that should be played and conquered by anyone who wants to ensure that they have experienced everything Batman.

Vengeance had some of the best 3-D Batman versatility to date when it was released in 2001. There were over 500 animated movements and special fighting moves which brought new detail to the action. Also, Batman was equipped with a multifunctional cape which had its own artificial intelligence so that the Caped Crusader could live up to his name during the gameplay. It would swing realistically while he ran and outstretch to support his weight during gliding movements. There is a realistic and dark cartoon-type ambiance which keeps everything looking great and feeling like the city of Gotham should feel. Things like raindrops and distant lightning flashes all contribute to the excellent visual appearance as he looks to foil the Joker, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and more.

Overall, this is a step above some of the other releases, and the variety of different available modes keeps things interesting for quite some time. There is the standard mode where the objective is to work through a total of 19 environments. Make it from point A to point B in order to finish one of the levels while taking out enemies along the way. Also, there are occasional puzzles which can sometimes call for quite a bit of ingenuity so that the play does not become too formulaic in nature. Combat mode is a slightly different type of experience where the foes must battle tough opponents, and there are also some more specialized areas where the player must do things like fly his ship over Gotham or race around in the Batmobile.

This is a game which kept the interest in Batman alive when it was released so many years ago, and many current gamers might want to take it old-school by giving Batman: Vengeance a turn now.

Batman: Chaos in Gotham

Dive on into the turbulent scene of Gotham City with Batman: Chaos in Gotham. The video game is single player only, and it was originally released in 2001 by Ubisoft as an exclusive for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. This action-adventure game is based off of the animated The New Batman Adventures series.

The storyline of Batman: Chaos in Gotham follows that of a recent breakout of high-profile, dangerous criminals from Arkham Asylum, the likes of which has been orchestrated by an unknown leader. Villains are now running rampant throughout Gotham City with no care in the world, terrorizing civilians and police forces as they commit massive crime waves. Nothing, not even the police, seem capable of reeling them back in.

Batman quickly arrives on the scene and, along with the help of his friends and allies, will return each criminal back to their cells in Arkham Asylum one by one. The game shifts its protagonist at times as players can take over Batgirl like they do with Batman. Other individuals in Batman's life come into the picture such as Nightwing, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon. They remain as supporting characters though.

Throughout the game, there are many levels to play through as well as there are a handful of ways to get through these levels. The characters can scale buildings, find things in their environment that will help them climb somewhere, and even drive around in the Batmobile to get to their destination, avoiding oncoming cars along the way. At one point, Batman can even glide through the air, avoiding obstacles and bomb-dropping villains.

Batman has his hands full with many different random, violent criminals that pop up throughout the game. They utilize guns, so they must be taken out quickly. Once they are dealt with, the heroes will eventually face off with some of the main Batman rogues. Batman and friends will take down the likes of Mr. Freeze, The Joker and Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, and even Bane.

Push and fight past over 18 levels, all the while peeling away layer after layer to discover the secret behind this extreme crime wave that swept up the city. It all leads to a stand-off with the main mastermind: Two-Face. In Batman: Chaos in Gotham, the Dark Knight plans to put an end to the turmoil and restore some much-needed peace to Gotham City.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Tactical Aspects of Dark Tomorrow

Batman: Dark Tomorrow is an action game that's linear and stealth-based, in which the players control Batman as he's fighting crime. Batman is armed with some of his tools, like grappling hooks, smoke bombs, and Batarangs. In each level, there are certain objectives that the players must achieve to proceed to the next level, while enemies and criminals will attempt stopping the player's progress.

While enemies could be knocked unconscious, they can't be killed (due to the “no killing" code of Batman); that needs the player to catch and handcuff the criminal to stop them from attacking. The levels have several parts that the game saves, then if the player the player dies, it'll reload the game to the last save.

The Plot

While Carl Reiner (Batman) tries to end a gang war between Black Mask and the Ventriloquist and Scarface being waged on the streets of Gotham, James Gordon, the Commissioner has been abducted and held hostage at the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Racing through the sewers of the city to enter the Arkham Asylum without being detected, Batman has to fight his way through armored glove enemies ranging from Mr. Freeze to Poison Ivy before ultimately meeting the Joker, who is the one holding Gordon.

Batman soon realizes that Ra's al Ghul orchestrated Gordon’s kidnapping as a diversion from his latest plan of taking over the whole world. Batman goes to the stronghold of the villain in the Himalayas to stop him. The ending of the game highlights a branching storyline.

To get a complete ending, Batman must deactivate a signal device before a confrontation with Ghul. However, the player isn't given any sign that the device exists, which makes the small mission to be easily missed. Failing to deactivate the device results in Ghul destroying Batman and he succeeds to take over the world.

Dark Tomorrow Development

The game was presented at the E3 2001 as an independent game to the Nintendo home video game console called GameCube. It was originally formulated as an open world focused on the comic book adaptation iteration of Batman.

Comparably to Spider-Man 2 that was published by Activision, where players could control Batman as he was traveling throughout the Gotham City, with the capability of patrolling Gotham in the Batboat, Batplane, and Batmobile.

Character artificial intelligence and combat was ambitious to allow a comprehensive and thorough open world Batman experience. But, the game was later reported to be in both the works for PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles and was upgraded into a more stealth-based and linear game.

Scott Peterson, former writer of Batman: Gotham Adventures and the previous year's video game Superman: The Man of Steel, together with Final Fantasy's Kenji Terada, and Veteran DC Comics created the Dark Tomorrow story, while the game's orchestrated score was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The game had a four-year-development span before finally being released on the Xbox and GameCube early 2003. The version of the PlayStation 2 was eventually canceled.

Reception of the Batman: Dark Tomorrow

According to Metacritic, who is a video game review aggregator, the game gained notoriety for getting negative reviews on the two platforms. Initial criticism of the Batman: Dark Tomorrow was aimed at its camera, repetitive missions, and control scheme, which was described as disappointing. Game Informer (GI) rated the version of the GameCube 0.75 out of ten for gameplay that's littered with bugs and incomprehensible.

IGN was seriously frustrated with a similar console version, and it said that the wing of the Dark Knight would be clipped in his newest adventure. Even though the gameplay was criticized, the in-game cinematics, as well as Terada and Peterson story, were praised.

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu

Batman has to fight enemies who are in groups. This game is in a story mode. It can be played alone or with other players.

The game has to be played in levels. Once a level is completed, a person has to move on to the next one. This way the story continues too. Completing each level leads to upgrades also. The players can buy new moves for their character. Besides, there are several other game bonuses too.

This game includes a challenge mode too. It applies to players playing with each other or playing competitively with each other. They have to take on various groups of thugs. There is no storyline here.

This game has to be played within time limits. It has 4 difficulty levels. These are 'Easy,' 'Medium,' 'Hard,' as well as 'Dark Knight.'

The story line of this game is that Batman has to face a new enemy. This is someone whom he has never faced before. It is a mysterious foe. This enemy is going to put Gotham City into a state of chaos. This will be done on the anniversary night of the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents. There are many Batman villains in this game. The most prominent are Sin Tzu. The other Batman villains being featured in this game include the Scarecrow, and Clayface, along with Bane. Here, Batman is helped as he is saving Gotham by his aides. These include Robin and Batgirl, along with Nightwing.

This game is highly popular due to many reasons. One of them is that it introduced a new character that became a part of the Batman universe. This was Sin Tzu. It has been created by Jim Lee, who is a comic artist.

In this game, the action is beefed up. It is all about beating them up, but it has really strong production values. There is a strong combat system making it a highly gratifying experience.

Sin Tzu has been created for this game specifically. But there are the other Arkham Asylum regulars too such as Scarecrow, Clayface, as well as Bane.

This game has Sin Tzu, who is a master strategist. The principles of Sun Tzu's The Art of War are used for taking over Gotham City. Before Batman can get to any of the big bad guys, there would be waves of lesser thugs to be dealt with first. The game involves moving from one end of a level, completing it, and moving to the next. This would include beating up the bad guys, rescuing civilians as well as defusing bombs.
The game is fascinating as Batman has a diverse combat system which is flashy too. The first level has limited moves. But the player gets points as each level is cleared. These positions are used for buying new moves.

There is a combo system also in the game. Combos can be used to charge up a special meter which can be activated to get access to some brutal attacks. These will last only for a short period.

Another feature of the game is that a person can play as either a Batgirl, Robin, or as Nightwing. Each of these has different speed and power ratio as compared to Batman. Functionally, all of these are identical.

The aim is to target enemies all the time. But the combat in this game is fast and fun. There is a regular introduction of new moves in the gameplay. This helps to keep it fresh. There is the occasional boss fight which takes away the monotony.

Batman Begins Video Game

Batman Begins is a video that released in 2005 for Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox and it was based on the movie of the same name. The video game follows the exploits of playboy and billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne as he embarks on his career of becoming Batman.

Batman Begins is a video game that is unique in many respects. First of all, the primary focus of this game was to provide intimidation for all of Batman's enemies. This was done through a multi-sensory approach which utilized the environment and a variety of other effects to achieve the main goal. Of course, the icing on the cake would have to be that the game provided various gadgets for fighting crime, including flash grenades, smoke grenades, and a device that actually summoned real-life bats to terrify an opponent into submission. Moreover, this was one of the games to feature stealth games reminiscent of the "Splinter Cell" series.

The storyline of the video game is quite similar to the movie. Indeed, throughout the video game, there are over 20 clips that refer directly to the movie. Moreover, the game actually goes deeper into the movie and gives the buffs something to look forward to. For example, the dock scene actually describes how Falcone ended up being hoisted by the crane. Finally, the video also vividly describes how Batman was able to infiltrate the Arkham Asylum so effectively. If all of this weren't enough, the video game also presents some alternate endings different from the plot of the movie.

In the video game ending, Batman has no choice but to blow up the Batmobile to stop the enemy from attacking Wayne Tower on the rail tracks. In the film, it is actually Sergeant Gordon who uses the missiles from the Batmobile to stop the enemy from approaching on the tracks.

Interestingly enough, a couple of crew members from the film actually make cameo appearances in the video game. This would include director of photography Wally Pfister, who appears as a mob informant. Emma Thomas was a producer of the original film and appears as a psychologist from Arkham Asylum.

Indeed, there is only one scene in the video game that is not taken from the movie. This would be where there was another car chase in which Batman fails to stop the enemy from stealing a weapon that would directly threaten the existence of Gotham City. All in all, a very entertaining video game that was based on a timelessly fun movie!

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a game from 2009 that has a plot full of characters that make the game well worth playing. Based on the DC Comics’ all-time favorite vigilante and his enemy, Batman and Joker, this game hosts a wide range of villains combined with interesting missions that are just challenging enough to keep you wanting more.

The main plot for the game is the standard Batman plot of Joker trying to stick it to Batman by duping him into thinking that Joker would be staying at Gotham’s fictional insane asylum, appropriately titled Arkham Asylum. Of course, the plot twist is that Joker’s plan all along was to have Batman permanently held within the walls Arkham Asylum, with no hope of escape.

With each mission’s progression, the game play becomes increasingly exciting and challenging as new puzzles are created by the Riddler. Adding to the game’s pleasure, new villains are introduced throughout, and more riddles are tossed in for the player to solve. Some bigger names like Joker, Poison Ivy, and Killer Crock are in the game, but lesser known villains like Scarecrow make appearances as well.

There are not only larger missions in particular areas of Gotham and Arkham Asylum that need surpassing, but other map areas to open, various side missions to beat, and numerous puzzles to solve that are all unlocked progressively. The unlockable content alone will give you so much game for your buck that it may seem you will never beat every challenge.

Additionally, the gadgets in Batman’s weapons arsenal may be upgraded to match seamlessly with the increased game challenges along with Batman’s trademark fighting moves. These include the use of his grapple gun and Batarang while also crouching and climbing in a typical Batman style. As you climb through Gotham and the asylum, you will navigate rooms and corridors that were specifically designed to create a sullen mood for the player that one can imagine they would feel if sane but permanently trapped within the walls of an insane asylum themselves.

Despite being an open-map game made in 2009, the graphics for this game are phenomenal and reasonably glitch-free; a rarity for open-map games no matter the year of creation. The game’s designers were careful to ensure the layout and dark color scheme were perfectly matched to create imagery that harmonized well with the asylum’s atmosphere and the game’s musical score. It helps that the architecture is seemingly Victorian and gothic-era as that definitely adds to the intended mood.

The game was so well-received and popular that it won many game awards such as Game of the Year, Best Action Adventure game, and Best Game and was re-released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The Videogame is available for both the Nintendo Wii gaming system and the Nintendo DS gaming system. Options differ slightly across the two gaming systems. The game is a side-scrolling action-adventure "beat 'em up" genre. Each level of the game represents an "episode" of the cartoon series from which the game was developed from.

The player may choose to play as Batman, Blue Beetle, Robin, Plastic Man, or a wide array of others. Just as with the episodic cartoon series, each level teams Batman up with a different hero. In the Nintendo Wii version of the game, there is a two-player option where each player controls a different character. There is also a one-player option where the player teams-up with the computer to battle the villains. While playing on the Nintendo Wii version, players are also able to use a choice of nifty gadgets including Nth metal knuckles, laser swords, and Batarangs or even mount a special attack by summoning an extra character to aid in the battle.

The Nintendo DS version of the game is for one-player only, but it does allow for the player to switch between both characters to take advantage of their unique powers. For the diehards who own the game on both systems, there is a bonus character of Bat-Mite. By syncing the Nintendo DS to the Nintendo Wii, a third player can play as Bat-Mite throughout the entire game.

In addition to each level representing a different episode, battles between the good guys and the bad guys take place in an assortment of locations, including Gotham City, the planet OA, and even Science Island.

The players will need the Nunchakus which come with the Nintendo Wii to be able to play this game on the Wii system. While it was originally designed for the Nintendo Wii, it can also be played on the Nintendo Wii U system. This is a great game for kids or for those who are kids at heart. There is a wide selection of relatively obscure heroes to choose from and villains to do battle with. There is no "level restart" in the game, so if a player loses all of their character's power, they immediately start right where they left off. The game utilizes a wide array of known actors for the voices including Paul Reubens, William Katt, and Greg Ellis.

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment presents Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. Even though it is a part of the Batman: Arkham series as it takes place prior to Batman: Arkham City, it has been considered non-canon. It was released back in 2011 for iOS and in 2013 for Android.

In Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, the Joker, Two-Face, and others have escaped from Arkham Asylum. It is an act that further drives Mayor Quincy Sharp to push for his development of Arkham City. Batman is forced to venture throughout Gotham to hunt down these escapes and drag them back to Arkham.

Throughout the video game, players will visit the streets and sewers of Gotham in addition to the steel mill, rooftops, and even the Industrial and Business Districts of the city. In each location, Batman faces off against a new set of criminals. Players will see familiar faces beyond the Joker and Two-Face. They will also clash with Deathstroke and his thugs, the Penguin's gang, and unfortunate police officers who have been contaminated with Poison Ivy's pheromones.

Unlike the other Batman: Arkham series video games, this one has players utilizing a touchscreen as it is only playable on the iOS and Android devices. It is still an action-adventure game that has a similar combat idea. However, it is all carried out remarkably different.

Players will only face one bad guy at a time rather than becoming surrounded as is usual with the "freeflow" system found in other games. Also, Batman is still capable of deflecting, countering, and directly dodging away from attacks. The major difference is that players have to swipe or tap their fingers to do these moves. Also, both Batman and the enemy have obvious health bars at the top of the screen.

Similar to the other games, some unique enemies can only be dealt with a certain way. Depending on the enemy, Batman may only be able to dodge incoming attacks rather than counterattack. As the player progresses through the game, they are still able to gain skill points to level up Batman and his gear.

The Batman: Arkham City Lockdown game is very straightforward. It is combat-driven and heavy, and the sole playable character throughout is Batman himself. There are some cosmetic changes players can make to the game. They can change Batman's suit from the standard one seen in his Arkham City appearance or to the 1970s batsuit.

Batman: Arkham City

Developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Batman: Arkham City is an action-adventure single-player game. It was released in 2011 for PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and it serves as a sequel to the 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. Later in 2012, the game was released for Wii U and OS X. By 2016, a remastered version of the game was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Set within Arkham City, the plot revolves around Bruce Wayne's imprisonment within the open prison and his fight against the inmates he has now been stuck by. Once his gear is airdropped in thanks to Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne quickly becomes Batman and begins to handle the criminal populace.

The game is shown via the third-person perspective, allowing the player full sight of Batman and the ability to freely move the camera around the character. It's designed as an open-world game where the player can explore multiple areas of Arkham City. Because it's a prison, movement can be tricky without becoming exposed to the various criminal fractions.

Batman: Arkham City utilizes stealth and predator-like tactics. Like Batman, the player can avoid confrontation entirely, relying on stealth and gadgets to weave through inmates and get to the objectives. There's use of puzzle elements and "Detective Mode" as well. However, a time comes when combat cannot be avoided. The game uses an improved "freeflow" fighting system carried over from the previous game. Players can smoothly transition from offense to defense in the middle of a fight, blocking and countering to neutralize enemies.

The strength of enemies varies as well; some are armored and require a lot more fighting to take down. Others are more brute-like in size and cannot be dealt with via normal combat means. Batman can use gadgets, aerial attacks, and rapid strikes to cause harm to special enemies.

Likewise, with other similar games, the player gains skill points to upgrade not only Batman's combat and stealth skills but also his batsuit and gadgets. The more the upgrades, the more Batman can use specific gadgets in different ways during combat.

The main mission of Batman: Arkham City is estimated to take around 25 hours or so to complete. With the addition of optional side missions, players can add about 15 hours or so. Depending on the player, that number can easily increase or decrease. Also, there is the "Riddler Challenge," 436 to be precise, that add several different side missions to the game.

Players will meet a large number of Batman characters throughout the video game. The Joker, Two-Face, Hugo Strange, Bane, Poison Ivy, Oracle, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Tim Drake/Robin are just some of the characters that make an appearance. Some characters appear in DLC-specific missions. Also, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin are the three other characters the player can control at some point.

Gotham City Impostors

Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer only game that takes place in the vast world of Gotham City, featuring DC Comic smash hit Batman. The game is a first-person shooter and was initially designed by the team at Monolith Productions. The video game then went on to be published through Warner Bros before it was released into the market. The game has been developed as a download and has been created in a two-team gameplay style. The first team is dressed in batman attire while the second team is dressed as the Joker, Batman’s sworn opponent.

Previously, Batman video games were released to the public via cd or hard copy. Unlike previous games, Gotham City Imposters was never released as physical copy but has rather been made available for purchase as a download, for a variety of gaming systems. Some of the systems the game is available for include: Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. In the video game, teams of six combat each other in first person shooter style. Each character can be customized and is apart of a six-man army composed of either “the bats” or the “joker”. While the bats pose as beginner vigilantes looking to fight evil, the jokers are sworn criminals fighting against their opposing forces of good. With the aspect of the first-person shooter, also comes a wide range of gun and weapon options, some you may recognize and some that will be completely new to you.

While the game allows a max volume of twelve separate players to play at once, gamers also have a variety of customization and personalization options they can perform on their excellent character. Everything from weapons, costumes, and other apparels can be tweaked with a personalized touch, giving the game a colorful, enjoyable aesthetic. Weaponry is not limited to traditional knives and recognizable guns, but preferably allows for a diverse number of objects to be used to your advantage, some including TNT based explosives and specially crafted grenades. It also includes unexpected items for use, such as the roller skates you can utilize to your playing advantage.

Gotham City Imposters was created with four separate modes of gameplay. These modes include Bounty Hunter, Psych Warfare, Fumigation, and Team Deathmatch. Each mode has different goals and characteristics, giving players a variety of gameplay options to choose from. For instance, Fumigation is a scenario in which game players fortify three separate “gas blasters” and are required to keep them guarded throughout the game against their opposing team. While playing in Psych Warfare, the two different organizations are attempting to capture and steal a battery pack. Once it has been stolen, the battery pack is then to be returned to their base camp and protected during the game. Bounty Hunter, on the other hand, is a game designed around abducting coins that spawn when your enemy soldiers die. The goal is to capture the most medals to be the match champion. Team Death Match is reasonably self-explanatory, and always an enjoyable go-to option.

Whatever mode you choose to play, Gotham City Impostors is a fast-paced, first-person shooter that you and all your friends can sit down and enjoy. Its considerable team capabilities and colorful aesthetic make it an excellent choice for a good Saturday afternoon gaming session.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Published by Telltale Games, this game is a sequel to the game called Batman: The Telltale Series, that was released in 2016. The story of this game can and will be affected by the actions the player chooses and which dialogue they choose to have. There will be instances where the player can decide to react as Bruce Wayne or Batman. Whichever character is chosen, will help shape the player's play through.

The first episode takes place around one year after the Children of Arkham are defeated. Bruce Wayne is starting to rebuild his reputation in Gotham City after his parents were revealed to be criminals. He decides to go after Rumi Moore, who is one of Gotham's biggest gun sellers.

The player will see Rumi gambling in a casino when, all of a sudden, a hooded man takes him and the people inside the casino hostage. At this point, Bruce puts on his suit and slips into his Batman persona. Once Batman comes back into the casino, Alfred lets him know that the man is the Riddler. The Riddler hasn't been seen or heard about in Gotham for a long time. Batman springs into action and saves everyone. At this point, the Riddler tosses a puzzle box at Batman and tells him if the riddle inside isn't solved then everyone will be hurt. At this point, the commissioner and police arrest Riddler's henchmen and his second in command.

Once Bruce gets back to the Batcave, he takes a look at the puzzle box. He figures out that it's a record and, once he plays it, it sends out an unknown sound. At this point, he goes to Wayne Enterprises to ask Lucious Fox to decode the record. Fox hints that he would like his daughter to be a part of the company and, at this point, Bruce is taken into questioning about recent crimes. While there, Lucious calls to tell him that the box is very dangerous then he dies in an explosion. At the funeral, Bruce meets an old friend from the Asylum. John Doe asks him for a favor and wants to introduce Bruce to his friends and bring him into the group.

Batman and the commissioner get a tip about the Riddler's whereabouts. They head down to an abandoned building in the East End of Gotham and end up getting stuck by all the booby-traps. They have to solve a riddle to get out alive. While investigating, Batman finds a homing missile and realizes the sound from the record is what triggered the attack on Lucious. At this point, the player must choose to either go after Mori, who sold the missile to Riddler, or Eli Knable.

No matter which is chosen, the player finds out that the Riddler is on a ship and has Waller's agents held hostage. Once on the ship, Batman is captured. Riddler gives him a choice: either solve three riddles and have Agent Avesta go deaf from the signal or have his associates killed one by one if he answers wrong. On the last question, Batman uses his Bat-Com and uses it to hit the cage he and Avesta is trapped in. Riddler launches his missiles into the city and Batman can redirect them. At this point, Riddler is captured and handcuffed and says he was betrayed by the leader of a group that goes by The Pact. After saying this, an unknown person shoots and kills him with a poisoned dart. Waller tells him she knows his secret identity.

In episode 2, Waller gives Batman 2 choices. Either help her or get his identity revealed. Not too long after that, there are three big explosions around Gotham, and it's learned that they were three heists. Batman goes to the one that is the most serious and encounters Bane. He tried his best to defeat him, but Bane can beat him.

Back at the Batcave, Batman and Alfred start looking into the other heists. At one of the heists, the employees were frozen while the other heist was led by Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Bruce decides to get into The Pact as himself and decides to say yes to the offer from John Doe. Bruce meets Doe at a bar and then is introduced to the Dr., who goes by Harley Quinn.

He is called on by Gordon and Waller and learns the Quinn is insane because of her father's suicide. The Pact contacts Bruce and takes them to their headquarters. The Pact members are made up of Harley Quinn, John Doe, Bane, Mr. Freeze, and various henchman. Bane doesn't trust Bruce and is told that, to join, he has to be voted in. He wins the vote. Bruce is a part of the next heist, and he can secretly keep anyone from being killed. They steal a metal container, which contains the frozen body of the Riddler. They get ready for the next phase, which will begin when the next part is brought to them by Catwoman. She is very surprised to see Bruce with The Pact.

Batman: Arkham Video Games the Collection

Batman: Arkham is a popular line of video games. These games are part of the action and adventure genres. They, as their name indicates, are centered around Batman's life and challenges. Some different games make up this acclaimed series. The first one was released all the way back in 2009 and is called "Batman: Arkman Asylum." This game concentrates on Batman and his approach to stopping the Joker from ruining Gotham City. Batman's mission was to keep the Joker in check after he took over Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was followed by 2011's Arkham City. Batman is imprisoned during this game. Batman's main goal in Arkham City is to figure out exactly what the key to Professor Hugo Strange's odd agenda is. Arkham Origins is the name of the third Batman: Arkham video game. This one came out in 2013. It's a prequel, interestingly enough, that delves into a period that's five years before Arkham Asylum. Batman is naturally a lot younger in Arkham Origins. He, as a result, is also a lot more naïve. He has to battle it out with murderous assassins who are trying to do away with him. Black Mask is responsible for all of this. This game takes place on Christmas Eve. Batman meets the Joker during Arkham Origins as well. He had never encountered him before.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the name of the fourth video game in the line. This game came out in 2015. It essentially serves as Rocksteady's series summary. Batman: Arkham Knight takes place about 12 months after all of the excitement of Arkham City. Batman has to fight Scarecrow and Arkham Knight in this specific game. Arkham Knight is a total enigma to the superhero. The members of his team are just as puzzling. Arkham Knight and his crew members are all at the helm of Gotham. They're ready to do away with Batman, too. They even want to ruin the entire city.

There are quite a few attractive portable game options available to fans of Batman: Arkham. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown came out in 2011. 2013 saw the release of both Batman: Arkham Origins' mobile version and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Batman: Arkham Underworld came out three years later in 2016. These mobile games can come in handy for people who want to be able to enjoy Batman: Arkham on the go and while they're away from home.

There are many diverse characters that have roles in Batman: Arkham. Some examples of these notable characters are Barbara Gordon (or Batgirl), James Gordon, Pamela Isley, Waylon Jones, Floyd Lawton, Thomas Wayne, Jack Ryder, Selina Kyle and Nora Fries. These characters all have their roles and functions.

People who are big fans of Virtual Reality (VR) can also get a lot out of Batman: Arkham enjoyment. "Batman: Arkman VR" came out in the fall of 2016. Players who take part in Batman: Arkman VR can employ Batman's cutting-edge devices to figure out plans that put their dearest allies in jeopardy."

There are numerous Batman: Arkham collections accessible to enthusiastic and dedicated players out there. In 2013, both "Batman: Arkham Bundle" and "Batman: Arkham Collection" came out. In 2016, "Batman: Return to Arkham was released to the public. These collections can be a great thing for players who appreciate the conveniences of remastering. There are some clear visual differences as well. People who took part in Batman: Return to Arkham observed significant shading and texture enhancements. Some people even picked up on frame rate matters.

Lego Batman: The Videogame

Developed by Traveller's Tales and then Published by Warner Bros, Lego Batman: The Videogame core gameplay is same to that of the past Lego video games, like Lego Star Wars series. In the game, the player controls either of a wide variety of characters from a third-party perspective, principally fighting enemies, solving puzzles, as well as collecting Lego studs, which is the form of currency of the game. Using attack combinations in battle will multiply the number of studs earned.

Lego Batman: The Videogame is set in Gotham, with mainly with mainly realistic environments. Interactive objects are the only ones made of Lego bricks. Occasionally, the players must collect Lego objects to proceed to the next level, unlock new suits, or cross obstacles. Players can fight on land, in the air, and on the sea, using several character-controlled vehicles, including the Batwing, Batboat, and the Batmobile.

New capabilities introduced in Lego Batman: The Videogame includes picking up, and then carrying enemies, and also walking on tightropes over buildings. Two players can play the game in co-operative mode. The game has 30 levels (15 for the villains and 15 for the heroes) plus some secret levels, including Arkham Asylum and Wayne Manor.

There are various environments in the game, based upon the crime styles of the villain, including a garden center, Gotham's seedy underbelly, and an ice cream factory. Lego Batman: The Videogame is divided into chapters, all containing five levels. The chapters are distributed evenly between villains and heroes.

Completing a hero chapter unlocks the chapter that is corresponding for the villains. As in past Lego video games, the levels are opened for the mode called Free Play once they're completed in Story Mode. With the Free Play mode the player can replay any level that they have finished, but only with the characters, the player has unlocked so far.

That permits access to areas that are special containing additional collectibles, where the player was not able to get to before. That's unlike Story mode, where the player can only change between the two characters that are involved in that scene.

The heroes level hub, same to Mos Eisley Cantina in the Lego Star Wars as well as Barnett College in the Lego Indiana Jones, is the Bat Cave, where the player could buy additional characters and also view the unlockables. Arkham Asylum is the same hub for the villains, where players are capable of creating their character using the parts from characters that are already unlocked, plus a limited collection of weapons.

Individual characters can use lots of unique capabilities related to their comic book talents and powers. For instance, the Penguin is capable of gliding with his umbrella, and Joker can attack enemies as well as activates machines using a hand buzzer.

Players can swap the costumes of every main hero (Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, Batman) with lots of differing ones, all containing unique capabilities plus different color schemes.

Batman is introduced in a suit that is grey, while he and Batgirl could wear the Glide suit, which lets Batgirl/Batman fly for a short period, the Demolition suit, which lets Batgirl/Batman set down bombs detonating them, the Sonic suit that could break a glass. Also, the Heat Protection suit, which lets Batgirl/Batman survive in hot temperatures.

Nightwing and Robin can put on the Technology suit that is capable of activating Tech panels, the Magnet suit, which lets Nightwing/Robin climb up the magnetic wall, the Water suit which lets Nightwing/Robin go underwater. Also, the Attract suit which can vacuum up the loose Lego pieces, turning them into for bonuses.

The devices that provide these suits must be created using Lego bricks at the time of the Story Mode. However, when the player finds the suits, they'll be connected to their characters that are corresponding in Free Play mode.

After finding all the 25 hostages in the hero and the villain levels (excluding the Vehicle Levels), the player can unlock the Hush character. Once the game reaches 100 percent, the character called Ra's al Ghul can be bought, and the player can use him as a playable character. The player can create the Spoiler, Black Mask, Huntress, and the Azrael in the character creator.

Xbox 360, Windows, and PlayStation 3 versions offer 1080p and 720p displays.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

This game was made by Traveller's Tales and is available on PS 3, Vita, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, DS, Xbox360, MS Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS. It were game following Lego Batman: The Videogame and was released in 2012. It offers an open-world style of gaming, and it features many Batman characters.

There is an award show that is being held in Gotham City and the award of "Man of the Year" is given to Bruce Wayne with a runner-up of Lex Luthor. At this point, a group of Batman's rival shows up. The group consists of Penguin, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Two-Face, and Joker. Joker then steals the award because he believes he deserves it more than Bruce does. Bruce steps out for a moment and changes into Batman and, along with Robin, he challenges the goons and defeats all of them except Joker, who escapes on a motorboat that is powered by a rocket. After doing a long chase, they end up at a carnival and Batman can catch the Joker, who is then thrown in Arkham Asylum. At this point, Superman lands and greets Batman and Robin.

Batman and Robin look for anything that will tell them what Joker is plotting after a break in that happened at Ace Chemicals. An explosion happens and starts destroying the building, and they are saved by Superman, who helps them extinguish the fire. Batman finds out that the chemicals that Joker stole can make a man-made Kryptonite when combined. Batman and Robin then get into the Batmobile and chase after Luthor's group.

Once they catch up, they join the group and are thrown out of the convoy a short time later. Batman gets back into the Batmobile which is then blown up by the Joker. Batman goes back to the Batcave and tries to figure out what Luthor's next step is. He figures out that the fake Kryptonite is harmless, but it is used as a device to track him, which leads the Joker and Luthor right to the Batcave. At the Batcave, Batman has a vault that is full of Kryptonite that is only to be used if Superman goes evil. Joker knows about this vault, so he and Luthor destroy it and end up escaping with a whole bunch of Kryptonite. Robin calls Superman for help, and he and Batman barely make it out as the entire cave collapses.

Batman and Superman decide to become a team to defeat Luthor's huge airship. Once Batman confronts Luthor, he gets thrown off the airship and subsequently saved by Superman. Next, they try to break into the LexCorp headquarters in Metropolis. This does not go well because they are caught by one of the robots and then forced to try and fight their way through an army of LexBots. Once they fight their way deep into the building, Luthor surprises them with a giant Joker like a robot then he can get out and head towards Gotham. Superman and Batman try to intercept the robot but are knocked away after doing some damage to the robot that results in the metal over the source of power being knocked off. It just happens that the robot is being powered by Kryptonite, and that results in Superman becoming weaker. This makes Superman and Batman fall off the robot. They realize that Luthor is planning on using Joker's gases and influence the citizens and the Presidency. Knowing this, they decide to attack the robot again which makes it completely shut down.

They destroy the robot even more, and Batman can remove the majority of the Kryptonite from the robot, which makes a giant Joker face that is visible from the Watchtower. Seeing this, the Martian Manhunter calls the Justice League into action. At this point, Luthor realizes he has lost and begins trying to completely take down Wayne Tower. The Justice League arrives and they, along with Batman and Superman, can save the tower and destroy the robot. Once the Joker, Luthor, and the other goons are in jail, the Justice League, Batman, and Superman decide to go and repair the Batcave. Green Lantern sends a beam of green light into the air, which calls on other Lanterns to come and help with the repairs.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, is widely loved and appreciated by gamers for its unique ability to intertwine straightforward, easy gameplay with a wide range of well known and loved DC comic storylines. Although some reviews say that it is mildly restricted compared to previous Lego Batman’s, others find it to be both just as enjoyable and an equally impressive of a game as its previous versions. Much of the plotline and story is carried by the wide range of villains fighting against the Justice League and Batman. Everybody from the Joker to Lex Luther is present, providing the story with plenty of action-packed battles and adventures.

The gameplay style is similar to other Lego video games previously made. If somebody is familiar with these games, they may find some similarities between it and other ones. Just like in other Lego Games, you are given the ability to choose between a diverse range of characters. These characters can switched out between checkpoints as your player continues through missions. You can switch out both of your on-screen characters for other members of the Justice League. Although the gameplay is overall simple in nature, it is more than entertaining, with plenty of levels full of colorful battles and unique Lego aesthetic. Like other Lego video games, Lego Batman 3 also has a large and prominent free play mode available. On this free play mode, you can battle other characters and also attain Lego coins called 'studs.'

Not only are you able to unlock a vast sea of characters, but each character comes with a specific set of capabilities which can only be performed with that particular character. There are also variations of each character's costume available, which will give you unique powers and functions that vary from costume to costume.

Another great part about this game is that it does not end with the campaign. Once you have completed all your missions, there are still tons of interesting things to explore and do in the game, including some hidden secrets. Playing through the campaign is just one of the many fun and exciting things to accomplish on this Lego video game. Many gamers favorite part of the game is each character’s special capabilities and Powers.

Overall, the game consists of a wide range of exciting battles to be fought, plenty of challenging puzzles to solve, and a bountiful sum of Lego currency to be collected. While it may not pose the highest challenge in comparison to some video games, Lego Batman 3 is a well-designed and exceptionally produced game, great for leisure play. It poses just enough difficulty to keep you on your toes while giving a wide range of character selections and unique costumes.

The game has a cast of voice actors well worth mentioning. While some of these voices were recognizable celebrities, others were voices of individuals previously related to past DC productions. Adam West and Kevin Smith both surprisingly appear as characters available for play in the game, while Conan O’Brien voices the guide of the game. The game is known for its comical relief and humous moments throughout, as it takes on the mildly goofy nature many Lego video games attempt to present. J. B Blanc is the director responsible for the wide range of funny, unique, and recognizable voices heard throughout the game.

All in all, Lego Batman 3 makes for a great action-adventure third-person video game, to be enjoyed by yourself or in the company of other game enthusiasts.


Keanu Reeves has played a lot of roles ever since hitting stardom through the Matrix franchise of films, but there are probably not many as dark as his place as an occult detective in Constantine. That movie was released in 2005 with the action-adventure video game being put out at the same time across the range of systems which made up the 128-bit era. This included the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and even mobile phones. The Gamecube and GBA versions were canceled. Both the film and the game leveraged the success of the Hellblazer comic book, and the plot follows John Constantine as he works to return unholy animals and demons to the realm where they came from.

THQ published the game with the developers being Bits Studios in collaboration with SCi Games. The gameplay is most like other RPGs where John can roam around and collect ammo and items before casting spells to battle the enemies and using the elements once they have been found. A unique sequence of keys has to be pressed in a limited amount of time for the various spells to be cast. This includes things like demon expulsion, the creation of lightning storms, and invoking swarms of flies. Overall, the critics and fans gave this game somewhat average reviews with 3 or 3.5 stars out of 5 being the norm. However, it is something of a nostalgic game now which can be sought out just for that effect.

A used version of the title Constantine can be had on Amazon for something like $7 which makes it an easy grab for those interested in a compelling character which makes up for what might be seen as slightly unambitious gameplay. The plot does seem to stray a bit from the actual movie version, but the cut scenes are great and add some depth which will keep a person playing through all 14 levels. It is a continuous warp between earth and hell where John Constantine has been condemned to for committing suicide. He has terminal lung cancer from smoking obsessively which is a nod to abstaining from the addiction for all players.

There is a good deal of ratiocination required as the game requires the protagonist to consider the unique role of each weapon and how it can be used to down the enemy. One of the drawbacks according to many of the players who enjoyed the game is that it only lasts for about 5 hours, and as a 3rd-person shooter it could have gone on quite a bit longer to match up with other similar games in the genre. The character model does look incredibly like Keanu Reeves himself which keeps it true enough to the film that all of those who saw it or own the DVD will likely want to have at least played this video game once. However, as an average rated game, there are other alternatives if the movie was not exactly a favorite.

The sound effects are up to par with everything from that year and timeframe. William Hope is the voice actor for the Constantine character, and he does a decent job along with the rest of the voice actors who round out the cast. It may be a little lacking in that area because Keanu does not lend his vocals to his character, but it is nothing to shun the game for. There is a myriad of cheat codes can do everything from adding various special effects to making everything easier via one-hit kills and similar options. Take out the demons before it’s too late!

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is a massive multiplayer, action-combat video game that is free-to-play. It is set in the tremendous fictional DC universe, and it's co-published by WB Games and Daybreak Game Company. Released back in 2011, the video game is designed for use on PC (Windows), PlayStation 3 and 4, and Xbox One.

In the DC Universe Online story, the player embarks on epic journeys to fight alongside DC's legendary heroes and villains from Batman to Lex Luthor. Explore the entire DC universe such as Gotham City, the Watchtower, Arkham Asylum, and even Metropolis. Battle Brainiac forces, heroes, villains, and time itself in this epic MMO.

After the cinematic introduction to the game, the player is sent directly to the character creation. Players are given the option of choosing either the villain side or the hero side. Once a side is chosen, a player must elect a mentor. The heroes can choose from Wonder Woman, Superman, or Batman, while the villains can choose Lex Luthor, the Joker, or Circe.

The character creation is a large part of the game as it determines how a player will interact with others throughout the DC Universe Online world. Dive in to fully customize a character. Select a male or female villain/hero and work on from there. Players can select appearances such as body type, hair, skin, and even costume. If someone doesn't wish to design everything, there is also the option to select a pre-existing template by choosing which character to be inspired by (i.e., Catwoman, Green Lantern, The Flash, etc.).

Additional essential roles of the character creation include choosing how a character is going to fight. Players will choose what type of power their style will have such as fire, ice, earth, etc. Their primary weapon is also selected from from dual-wield to one-handed and even martial arts. This is a vital choice as it determines not only specific combat abilities, but also a character's speed, range, and style. Choice of movement is also important. A character can have flight, super-speed, skimming, or acrobatics. No matter which option, all allow a player to move rather fast in the world.

Once a player gets past the character creation, the DC Universe Online game truly begins. Players are thrown right in the heat of battle, the act covering up a tutorial so players can get their feet wet a little and prepare for the remainder of the massive, open-world game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us takes place in a separate DC Comics universe, and it is a single-player and multiplayer fighting game. With Warner Bros. publishing and NetherRealm Studios developing, the video game was originally released in 2013 for PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and the Wii U. A free mobile app was also designed based off the game that's available to be played on iOS and Android devices.

In the video game, the storyline picks up after the events of the corresponding comic. Superman kills the Joker in revenge after he causes the deaths of Lois Lane along with the unborn child, and destroys Metropolis. If a player elects to go the single-player story mode route, they will learn about these events and how other DC characters responded and chose either Batman's side with the Insurgency or Superman's side with the One Earth Regime.

Regardless of whether the game is played in single-player story mode or one-on-one multiplayer combat mode, the purpose is the same: deplete the other fighter's life bar to win. Unlike some fighting games, however, Injustice: Gods Among Us utilizes a stacking health bar system. Meaning, the characters have a total of two bars that have to be drained.

Injustice: Gods Among Us provides players with a healthy roster of 24 main playable characters and an additional 6 DLC characters. Many of them are the iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Other characters are the bit less known in the mainstream like Sinestro and Solomon Grundy. There is one DLC character not in the DC universe, and that is Scorpion, a resurrected ninja from the Mortal Kombat fighting video game series.

Cycling through them all is ideal as each character is capable of bringing something new to a fight. All of them have their unique fighting abilities, and special super moves meant to showcase their strengths. There are also additional skins players can unlock for a slightly new experience.

Beyond the playable characters, there are a large number of non-playable characters that will surface throughout the game that fans of DC will readily recognize. Players will run into the likes of The Riddler, Two-Face, Gorilla Grodd, Deadshot, Red Arrow, and more.

All in all, there are 15 total stages to fight through in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The players will get to visit legendary sites like Atlantis, the Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, Wayne Manor, Themyscira, and others. These stages also feature destructible environments. With this design, players can utilize things around them to turn the tide of the fight.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is a fighting game which was developed by NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros published. Interactive Entertainment. It is a sequel to the 2013 fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Much like the previous installment in the series, Injustice 2 has a free to play companion mobile app which includes a version of the game.

The gameplay remains much the same from the previous installment. It is a straightforward fighting game with a trait system based off the player's character and playstyle. The player also has a super meter which allows the player to use enhanced special moves and when filled, allows the player to use a character specific super move. The environment, much like the original, is extremely interactive; however, the player is now able to block most environmental attacks. The new incarnation also introduced a new loot-dropping system was introduced to reward players with costume pieces and equipment to upgrade their characters. The Gear System, as it is called, uses RPG-like mechanics to reward the player based on their performance. In addition to the loot that is dropped after winning a match, the player can also buy loot crates using in-game currency. The game has a campaign mode, online, mode, arcade mode, and a new Multiverse mode.

The campaign is Batman-centric and deals with his team's attempts to reestablish society after they overthrew Superman's forces in the previous game. The conflict comes from a new villain faction called the Society. The Society is headed by Gorilla Grodd and wants to conquer the world while it is still recovering. Brainiac takes over Batman's communication hub and forces Batman to find new allies. Batman then forms a new team and sends them on missions which are represented in the game through cutscenes and 1v1 battles. The game ends with another fight between Superman and Batman. There are two alternate endings depending on which side the player chooses.

Injustice 2 includes 28 playable characters and a couple of other characters which are available as DLC. The characters are as follows, those marked with an asterisk are DLC: Aquaman, Bane, Swamp Thing, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, Brainiac, Green Lantern, Firestorm, Scarecrow, Cheetah, Cyborg, Darkseid*, Flash, Robin, Sub-Zero*, Deadshot, Doctor Fate, Hellboy*, Gorilla Grodd,Red Hood*, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Batman, Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Atrocitus, Joker, Black Manta*, Poison Ivy, Atom* ,Raiden*, Starfire*, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

The arcade mode allows the player to play as any of the playable characters and fight any other character serving as equal parts wish-fulfillment and training mechanic. The Multiverse mode furthers this by allowing the player to battle various versions of each of the characters each with different handicaps, stipulations, and goals.

Teen Titans Video Game

Teen Titans is a video game for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. The PlayStation and GameCube versions were released in May of 2006, while the Xbox version was released in November of the same year.

The game begins when the Teen Titans receive a video game in the mail. They see that the video game is about them, so Cyborg and Beast Boy attempt to play it. While playing, they are sucked into the game's universe. They go through all of the missions trying to figure out how to escape the game.

In this game are five of the iconic Titans from the Teen Titans TV show.

  1. Raven - The gargantua with the power of telekinesis. She is a well-balanced character.
  2. Starfire - Starfire has the most long ranged abilities. She can shoot missiles called Starbolts which deal a lot of damage at a distance.
  3. Robin - He is the quickest titan. Robin can double jump and has a ranged attack called Birdarang.
  4. Cyborg - Cyborg is the melee titan. He mainly focuses on punches and kicks, but also has a ranged attack called Sonic Cannon.
  5. Beast Boy - a unique titan. Beast Boy can transform into different animals. His ranged attack is different depending on which transformation he's in.

While playing, the player can switch between any of the five characters; this allows him to take advantage of the character's unique abilities. Also, the game allows co-op with up to 4 players.

While playing, the Titans meet many of the various enemies they have seen before. Eventually, after beating most of these enemies, the Titans find one of the worst enemies, Slade. Slade is one of the main antagonists in the show. The Teen Titans assume that Slade is behind their situation. However, they find out that Slade did not put them in the game. After meeting Slade, another villain named The Master of Games appears.

Once again, the Teen Titans assume that the Master of Games is behind everything. Once they defeat him, however, they find that he is not the culprit after all. Eventually, the Teen Titans break the fourth wall and realize that the player is holding them in the game.

In addition to the story mode, players can compete against each other in a one versus one battle mode called Master of Games. The player versus player mode contains 31 unlockable characters, most of which are from the show. Additionally, all but one of these characters are voiced by their original actors in the show.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Gameplay

5th Cell developed the Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, which is a puzzle video game. It's the fifth video game in the game series of the Scribblenauts as well as the first one that is licensed property. Following previous video games in the Scribblenauts series, players control Maxwell, who is a boy that has the capability of manifesting any person or object with his magical notepad.

The objects can be used in solving the objective of each mission in various ways. The feature of this game which is notable is the supervillains, locations from the (DCU) DC Universe, and appearance of the heroes. According to 5th Cell, the developer of the game, it features nearly every character in the DCU, which is about 2000 characters ranging from popular characters like Wonder Woman and Superman to a more obscure character like Matter-Eater Lad and Bloodwynd.

Also, a variation of several characters is included, like multiple Batman interpretations as well as numerous different Green Lanterns. Players are capable of using the help of these characters in solving puzzles, like using heat vision of Superman in freeing a key that is trapped in an ice block.

Also, the characters can be modified using adjectives, which allows creations like Super Doomsday or Zombie Batman. Players can visit several locations from the DCU including the Batcave acting the main hub of the player, as well as the Green Lantern Corps base located on planet Oa, Central City, the Fortress of Solitude, Metropolis, Atlantis, Gotham City, and more. Players who find enough Starites can gain access to levels that are inspired by the Justice Leaguers origins.

New additions

The game includes a lot of new additions, such as the DCU plot as well as the new reputation addition, which can purchase certain costumes and places from the Batcomputer. Also, certain teams can be searched, but with different rosters; for example, the Justice League roster is similar to that in the New 52, that has Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.

Many features of the game return from Scribblenauts Unlimited, like adding adjectives to the existing objects without using potions, even though the only way of getting the Starites is by participating in battles against Doppelganger and DC supervillains.

In the Wii U version, different from the previous video game versions, Scribblenauts Unmasked game features co-op multiplayer, also called Sidekick mode. When the game is in Sidekick mode, another player is capable of using their Wii Remote in highlighting an object or character.

After non-stop highlighting for several seconds, the player is capable of playing as that character in cooperation with Maxwell and use the abilities of that character (for instance, playing as Starfire is going to enable the player to fly shooting star bolts at the enemies).

If the player happens to highlight a motionless object for long enough, she or he can make that object come to life and play like it. Doing so is going to cause the object to start floating in mid-air for the player of the game to move.
Also, the player who is playing as Maxwell can buy costumes that give powers to Maxwell or weapons of that particular character.

Another new feature of this Scribblenauts Unmasked game is the utility belt of Maxwell, which can be used in summoning certain characters as well as objects without using the notebook of Maxwell; examples include the Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, the Batmobile a Jetpack, Oracle, as well as a grappling hook.

Reception of the Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Gameplay

The PC version was given a rating of 8 out of 10 by GameZone's Mike Splechta, stating that the game had much to offer, given its many challenges as well as the equally impressive ways of solving them.

Cat Woman-The Video Game

Cat woman is an action based video game based on the 2004 movie by the same name. Players use Cat woman's superhero strengths of climbing walls and extreme agility to conquer levels in different environments. The heroine's catlike abilities are used to fight various enemies and to advance through progress.

As in the Tomb Raider video games, there is a sensing feature that allows players to explore all aspects of the levels. Puzzles are introduced throughout the game for special abilities and to move forward. An engaging combat system to fight enemies is in play that leads to simple combo strings for extra challenges.

Cat woman, the video game, follows the plot of the movie. Patience Phillips is the shy office assistant who stumbles onto a forbidden secret. Patience is murdered but then granted new life that from a mysterious Egyptian cat. She discovers her supernatural abilities and vows to avenge her murder from those who betrayed her. The video game uses this premise to introduce places and enemies for Cat woman to battle.

Cat woman is fond of jewelry, and she has expensive taste as she allows herself the luxury of collecting gold along the way. She seeks to learn the secrets of her enemies before she destroys them and her ultimate goal is to discover who she was in her former life. Her acrobatic talents enable her to swing from light poles as she blithely travels across the screen. Her phenomenal cat sense allows her to see hidden hints that point the way forward.

Graphics are clean and well set up. Cat woman can use her whip as well as strength to fight her enemies. Players will thrill with her nimble ability to move around and keep things fresh without static gaps. Each new level introduces a room that poses new challenges, but if a player looks carefully, he will see the paw print of her favorite feline to guide them through.

Cat woman's character is sexy and sleek, and this video game provides the graphics and sound to match. Great lighting makes for precise play and easy movements. Music from the movie sets a tense and engaging mood. Each bit of progress gives her new abilities that keep players coming back for more.

The Cat woman video character closely resembles Halle Berry in the 2004 movie, and the voice of the character is done by actress Jennifer Hale. It was released in the United States in July 2004 to a warm reception among movie buffs and Cat woman fans worldwide. Platforms available include Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It serves as a single or multiplayer game which provides flexibility.

The Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

For anyone that enjoys DC Comics films, the same is probably true of games that are related to those films. Such is the case with “The Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.” It is important to know that there has never been a video game that centered around The Green Lantern before, making this one the first of its kind. Also, it effectively works as a continuation of the film itself. Even though the movie came out in 2011, it has taken this long to develop a game that experts believed gamers would truly like. As a direct result, many fans of the movie are very excited about this game because they have been waiting for something similar relating to The Green Lantern to come out for quite some time now. Of course, the game incorporates plenty of 3D graphics and to make it even more interesting, Ryan Reynolds, who starred in the film, also lent his voice to the game.

The Basics

The plot continues immediately after the movie ends. As is normally the case with these types of games, this plot is further developed on until it arcs into something it is somewhat unique. However, anyone that enjoys watching the movie can pick the game up and understand what is going on right away. This is because as the movie wraps up, the game essentially continues the plot line, thereby allowing gamers to pick up right where it leaves off. This is important for a lot of gamers because many individuals that are highly dedicated to the movies don’t especially enjoy it when the game completely changes the plot line. In this particular case, the developers of the game stayed true to the plot, thereby making a lot of Green Lantern fans happy.

Modes of the Game

There are essentially three different modes that you can play as in this particular game. This not only makes the game itself more interesting, but it also gives you some options so you can do a few different things while playing. That way, you aren’t always stuck in the same rut every time you play. The first mode of the game is called “Stand Together.” In this mode, you can play as the Green Lantern or as Sinestro. The idea is to battle the Manhunters. It is important to note that you don't have to battle them alone. You can team up with a friend, and the two of you can battle them together. Another mode is known as “Mastering the Ring.” In this mode, use the Green Lantern's ring to create special weapons and make unique combinations of weapons that allow you to fight more effectively. Finally, the last mode is known as “Take Flight.” In this mode, you can fight enemies on an intergalactic scale, taking the entire game to an entirely new level.


Obviously, a lot of work has gone into producing this game, not to mention its overall development. That is one reason that it took so long for the game to come out after the movie was released. By all accounts, gamers should be happy with the result. The graphics and the sound are virtually second to none and thanks to the three different modes that you can play in; things stay fresh for much longer than if you were relegated to playing in just one mode all the time. All in all, this is a very good effort, and for fans of The Green Lantern, it is one more way to continue to relive the events of the movie and integrate yourself into them so that you are a part of those events.

Watchmen: The End Is Night Game Details

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is the name of a widely known series of high-quality video games. The games that make up this series function as a prequel to the renowned graphic novel that's called "Watchmen." This novel was written by the team of Dave Moore and Alan Gibbons.

People who participate in Watchmen: The End Is Nigh can opt to play as Nite Owl or Rorschach. They can choose to play in multiplayer or single player styles. Nite Owl and Rorschach are the sole characters people can play for the series' initial episode. The initial episode consists of a total of six different chapters. This game is a combination of puzzle and "beat-em-up" approaches. The two available characters are equipped with their specific talents and powers. Participants can select the players they want to portray based on their individual preferences and goals. Rorschach tends to be a lot speedier than Nite Owl. His attack styles tend to be a lot less traditional than those of Nite Owl as well. He relies on seemingly random weapons such as baseball bats and crowbars. Nite Owl, on the other hand, is nowhere near as swift in motion as Rorschach is. He makes up for his comparative slowness with his skillful and adept martial arts techniques, however. He also employs various impressive technological tools. Examples are his grappling gun and his screecher bombs. The pair works as a successful team to make it through puzzles of all types. They do so to beat their mutual enemies, too.

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh showcases the beginning of the seventies, specifically 1972. The Crimebusters era is a big part of the series' appeal. People who participate in Chapter One experience in-depth tutorials. Nite Owl and Rorschach, at the same time, gain access into a prison. Underboss is the name of a villain who is discussed in the famed comic. He also makes an appearance in the game. Various other villains show up as well. People can even see Archimedes, Nite Owl's beloved flying device. They're unable to maneuver it by themselves, though.

This series' plot revolves around the ins and outs of the fascinating Crimebusters era. People who watched Watchmen on the big screen know this era simply as "Watchmen." Nite Owl II and Rorschach worked as vigilantes during this period. They battled crime of all kinds on a regular basis as well. They ceased working as vigilantes after 1977's Keene Act went through. They took note of a police announcement and promptly visited Sing Sing prison. Their goal was to minimize any riots that were going on at the time.

After they got to the prison, they discovered that all of the action was necessarily a trick. The goal of the rioting was to conceal the Underboss' fleeing. The Underboss is the name of a notorious crime lord. The pair then headed to a nearby bar that's known as the Rumrunner. They asked the guests at the bar about the people who may have been behind the Underboss' fleeing. That's when they discovered that Jimmy the Gimmick was responsible for everything. They swiftly took action and ran after him. They went after him and eventually found themselves in a neglected old amusement park. They trapped him on a roller coaster, too.

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is an acclaimed series that's full of action, twists and turns that players cannot easily and quickly anticipate. People who are highly familiar with the novel appreciate it.

Superman Shadow of Apokolips

The game Superman Shadow of Apokolips is a game featuring Superman as the hero and Lex Luther as the main villain. This game can be found on Play Station 2 and Nintendo Game Cube Consoles. The Interbots that have been commanded by Lex Luther set out to destroy the city with the help of Darkseid. Superman learns about the Interbots and Lex Luther plot only after he While Superman sets out to destroy the Interbots he is met with many wanna be assassins who are ordered to kill him by their leader Lex Luther. Some of the assassins that set out to kill Superman are Parasite Metallo, and Livewire. Lex Luther's goal was to make sure the Interbots were able to roam free and destroy the city as he wishes. Before Metallo is able to be recruited by Lex Luther to assassinate Superman Lex has to bust him out of prison. The game time from start to finish is approximately 12 - 15 hours. During around 90% of the game the player will be fighting the enemies. This is a very action-packed game full of fighting and may be good for those who enjoy combat games.

The look and feel of the game will be familiar to those that familiar with Superman: The Animated Series. The animation and voice are substantially the same as in Superman: The Animated Series. Many of the people that provided voice over for The Animated Series returned for the Shadow of Apokolips including Tim Daly, Dana Delany, Lois Lane, Lori Petty, and Clancy Brown.

Overall the game didn't receive very positive reviews. Most companies that helped rate Superman Shadow of Apokolips gave the game a score in the mid 60 percentile. Critics of the game feel that the low popularity of the game may be due to the fact that the 1999 Superman game was not very well received. Those that reviewed the game at Entertainment weekly especially felt that the game was not up to par and gave it a C- rating. Though the Superman game did not get the traction that the makers intended it did overall get much better reviews than the Superman game that was released in 1999. The PlayStation 2 version of this game got slightly better reception than the game cuber version. Game Informer thought the most positively of the game giving the Play Station 2 Version just over 7/10. Game Spot thought very poorly of the game and gave the PlayStation 2 Version of the game a rating of 6.4 and the Gamecube version of the game a rating of 6.2.

The Man of Steel (Superman: 2002 video game)

The Man of Steel is a thrilling and action-filled adventurous game created for Xbox centered on Superman DC comics’ star character. It was designed by Circus Freak and produced by Infogrames. The game was released in collaboration with DC Comics, Warner Bros, and Interactive Entertainment. The game is centered on the famous comic book called mythos, unlike other Superman games that have used an adaptation of characters from other mediums instead of the source material.

Many parts of the game are outlined in a time limit which players must finish various objectives. One major theme in the entire game through different levels needs Superman to move through great distances throughout Metropolis so that series of fire can be put out with his freezing breath. Other scenes in the city call out Superman to deliver civilians through transporting them from dangerous areas to safe zones, go after and take the enemy escape vehicle and it over to authorities. Also, the player should battle hordes of robots attacking the city emerging from Brainiac 13. Numerous enemies, especially robots, have a coded color reticle by the targeting system that indicates a particular enemy weakness.

A yellow colored reticle indication the vulnerability to melee/physical attack. The blue color popup means the enemy is affected by Superman’s frozen breath

The game’s first boss is Bizarro, and the initial part of the game level him need the player to chase Bizarro throughout the city and to put out the fire he causes. The boss war follows a method of attacking Bizarro when he flexes. He is merely defeated by separating attacks from melee to offensive power attacks. The game from here progresses upon to Brainiac personally, needing Superman to utilize his x-ray power from vision and disconnect power on the Villain shield.

The power of x-ray vision is indicated on the map, allowing the player to see below the surface of the Metropolis and map out power sources so that Superman can disrupt them. Several levels happen outside the metropolis. Nevertheless, scenarios seem to be repetitive. For example, the Mongul’s Warworld, players may be needed to deliver captives from Mongul’s jail that is similar to gameplay method of providing citizens in the metropolis. Battling the guards emerging from prison above is the same technique as fighting Brainiac’s robots from the municipality. Though on Warworld game players are tasked with finding out and destroying many of Mongul’s vessels using heat vision, the WarWorld game ends with Superman turning huge runestones so that he can locate Mongul’s powerful device before moving to space.

While in space on top of Warworld, players are required to deliver escaping captives from the ship by putting out colossal laser turrets emanating from Mongul’s main ship. After this, players are expected to transfer the main ship’s power output to the captives’ ship while fighting off Mongul’s soldiers. This is fully achieved by fighting in high speed. After halting Mongul’s main ship from fleeing and causing havoc on earth, Superman comes back to Metropolis to fight Metallo, first being tasked with saving several citizens and extinguishing many fires before going to face Metallo. Superman’s many abilities are a player’s direct disposal, super strength and fight are inherent, fantastic hearing ability helps to work with the game radar system. On the other hand, x-ray vision helps to search for explosives and detonate them. The game also allows players to move in the right direct direction and detect where enemy weapons are hidden. The Radar system also helps to recognize enemies attacking from behind.

Superman: Countdown to Apokolips

For those who are fans of the Superman franchise, and who want to try out something from a somewhat vintage collection, the Superman: Countdown to Apokolips is a game that one should most definitely try out. A Gameboy Advanced game that was released in 2003, this is one that is sure to bring back a sense of nostalgia while keeping you engaged in the game and the franchise. The game was released by Infogrames and mainly follows the storyline of Superman: The Animated Series. However, the game does have its twists and turns that are not canonical to the series which gives it a uniquely fresh perspective. Since its release, the game has been receiving an incredible amount of critical acclaim from both RPG fans as well as fans of the Superman franchise. The game follows a somewhat intriguing art style that isn’t seen much in games nowadays and stays true to the genre that it is in. The game is hugely interactive, engaging, and sure to keep players hooked on the right till the very end.

One of the more striking features of the game is its direction. The game does not just revolve around the standard ‘fighting the bad guys’ tone but instead tries to give the player a deeper insight into the characters portrayed in the game. The game has seven levels in total, which players can unlock as they progress through the storyline of the fame. The game is, in fact, a sequel to the later released games in the franchise and is a direct prologue to the events of Superman: Shadow Of Apokolips. As players move along the storyline of the game, they uncover new things in the universe that they previously might not have known about. The game translates well into the battle scenes that are played out and has intricate systems in place to keep the person playing the game engaged in it always.

Even though the game may start off a bit slow, there is no doubt that it does pick up in the middle, and takes off brilliantly from there. The game is filled with a decent mix of boss battles and casual exploration and is not extremely challenging. The graphics of the game is one of the things that have received the most praise. The game has been designed beautifully and blends in well with the world that is built around it. The music that accompanies the graphic also works exceptionally well regarding world building.

Regarding the skill level, the game is not extremely hard, but may not be extremely easy either. The game follows an excellent medium skill level so that new players don’t get overwhelmed by the game and recurring ones can just sit back, relax, and let the game take them on a journey through the universe that is encapsulated in this game. Most of the skills that one has to use are unlocked upon starting the game. However, there are a few more aspects of the fighting style that get unlocked as you progress through the game. The game functions more like an action RPG and has powerful moments that one may have to fight through during the storyline, unlike traditional games that follow a more organized battle system.

One of the more glaring shortcomings of the game is that people might feel like it is concise as compared to traditional RPGs. People have often come forward to say that they would have liked the game to be of a longer duration, or at least close to the standard game time that RPG games on the Gameboy advance usually like to play.

Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude for the Gameboy Advance

Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude is a Gameboy advance game which combines action and puzzle solving. The player takes control of the man of steel himself as a variety of different challenges are placed in front of him.

Superman is presented with challenges that he can't merely punch his way through. Instead he, and the player who's stepped into the man of steel's shoes needs to outthink the various challenges. The framing device used by the game will usually center around the fortress of solitude. But anyone playing for the story alone might be disappointed. The title is cumbersome on gameplay and rather light on story elements.

The inclusion of Superman goes well beyond simple branding though. If one looks at most screens than it will usually be quite apparent that it's a Superman game. But one should also come in with an understanding that this is a superman game which is about experiencing the world through the character's eyes. And what Superman would find challenging has more to do with thinking his way through a puzzle than it would punching someone.

As such, a variety of puzzles stand before anyone who wants to complete the game successfully. The first is somewhat similar to sudoku. The game starts reasonably simple, and players will be able to ease their way into it. The challenge will ramp up rather quickly though. Eventually, the amount of icons will grow larger to increase the overall level of difficulty.

However, even with mental puzzles, it's clear that Superman has some advantages to bring to the table. During the problems, the player can trigger a few of Superman's unique skills. During these sequences, Superman can stop time, use his x-ray vision or provide help to players in a wide variety of other ways. This should by no means be thought of as cheating or lowering the difficulty though. This is a Superman game after all. And the gameplay has been tailored with an assumption that people playing a Superman game will be using his superpowers.

The second most common type of puzzle presented by the game is a little less demanding. It uses a similar theme and icon set. However, the way in which the player interacts with the board is entirely different. The player is given a same power set to that found in the first type of puzzle game. However, this time around the board is cleared through matching color and shape. Working out from the middle, the player will clear an area once a match is made. Clearing the space those tiles sat on will leave the underlying board a lighter color. The puzzle is won once the entire board has been lightened.

Sometimes completing a single puzzle will finish up a chapter in the game. But some episodes are more complex and will require winning multiple problems or even other types of events. After every success, one crystal slot in the fortress of solitude will be filled. This progresses as the player works through twenty chapters. At the completion of every episode, one will be rewarded by a snapshot from the cinematic version of Superman Returns. Once they've all been obtained the player will need to arrange the images in chronological order to fit with the events of the movie.

Now and then the puzzles will be interrupted by an emergency that only Superman can deal with. This will present players with a new type of gameplay somewhat reminiscent of a standard shooter. A real highlight of these sections is the art design. Some of the backgrounds are quite impressive for a Gameboy advance cartridge. And when Superman defeats a boss the player is rewarded with some beautiful artwork depicting the event.

The combination of action and puzzles might not appeal to some players. But those who enjoy both Superman and mysteries may well find that it offers something truly unique for the time it was made in.

Superman Returns

Superman Returns is a video game which was released in conjunction with the eponymous 2006 movie. The game was developed by EA Tiburon, the same EA subsidiary which produces the annual Madden NFL games, and was distributed by a collaboration between EA, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and DC comics. While the skeleton of the story is mostly based off of the movie, the game also takes some plot points from the comic books and allows the player to fight many villains who are not in the movie. All the main cast from the movie returned to voice their characters in the game.

The gameplay is pretty standard. The game takes place in an eighty-square mile map which allows the player to roam freely and continues into the stratosphere as part of the stamina recovery mechanic in the game. The player can use the full gambit of Superman's powers; however, the player is required to be judicious about how they use the powers as overusing their powers could lead to civilian deaths. In the game, Superman is only able to be killed during the tutorial while on War World. During the game, the player is required to be creative with Superman's powers when trying to solve problems; because there are many different ways the player can solve the problem, each with differing levels of efficacy. There is also a multitude of alternate costumes and modes the player can unlock through various means.

The main plot begins with a tutorial involving Superman saving Metropolis from a devastating meteor shower. This provides the player with their first exposure to Superman's move set. Scientists then find the remnants of Krypton which pulls Superman over to the ruins of his homeworld. However, he sees no signs of life and returns to Earth. On his way back to Earth, he is intercepted my Mongol and is taken to Warworld. While on War World, the player has to fight various opponents of increasing power until he has to fight Mongul himself. Once the player defeats Mongul, they are allowed to leave War World and return to Earth. Once they arrive home, the player is soon confronted by Metallo. The player is unable to touch Metallo due to his kryptonite laced body. The player must then throw the cars at Metallo to defeat him.

Once Metallo is defeated, it is revealed that Lex Luthor has broken into the Fortress of Solitude and stolen Superman's data crystals. Lex experiments with these crystals are causing a city-wide power outage which leads to the release of Bizarro. The player must then battle Bizzaro. After the battle is over, the player must fight Riot and his clones. In this fight, the player must use a combination of Superman's fists and his freezing breath. Once Riot is defeated, Mongol returns with two other superbeings. The player must fight the other two superbeings before battling Mongol again. This time, Mongol is a much more difficult opponent. Once the fight is over, the player confronts Luthor. Luthor has planted the crystals he stole, and a whole new landmass has begun to form off the coast of Metropolis. Superman then has to fight the tornadoes and fires which the new landmass has caused. This serves as the final boss, and the stories resolution is covered by the final cutscene involving Superman saving the day and throwing the landmass into space.

In addition to the main plot, the player can play through dozens of different mini-missions scattered around the city which the player can start at any time after the tutorial ends.

MARVEL Comics Games


Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth - 2012

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is based on the storyline in the Secret Invasion Marvel comic books. The Avengers are trying to save the Earth, and are battling a race called the Skrulls. The Skrulls are an extraterrestrial race with shape shifting capabilities. They have replaced many of the heroes on the planet with doppelgangers that are identical in every way, including having the same superpowers. The Marvel heroes have no choice but to engage in battle with the Skrull impersonators to prevent New York from being breached by an inter-dimensional portal being used by the alien race.

The storyline from the Secret Invaders is the inspiration for the game and the characters. Every character has three separate super powers, and they can be used for combos, frenzies, breakers, velocity boosts, and super attacks, released through motion gameplay. The game incorporates a Nunchuk, third-person perspective, collector cards, alternate costumes, the character combinations are extensive, the gameplay is competitive, and the moves are smooth, and motion control.

There are four distinctive modes of play in Avengers. Challenges, Arcade, Versus, and Campaign. Player is unable to access 100 percent of the game until they complete the campaign, challenges, and arcade. Four characters are featured in the combat, with two controllable, and easily swapped. The only exception is in certain stages located in the challenges section. These have been designed to limit the controls, and character movement. The XP is awarded during the game play and depends on the matches, and performance. Enough XP will raise the rank and can be seen by the player's name as an icon.

There are five levels in Campaign mode, and these are each broken into eight stages. There are forty stages, with the combatants in each pre-determined. The narrative is loose, and linear play is not required in Campaign Mode. The first four stages are the exception, and they must be completed before the last four stages of any level can be accessed. Co-op is available in Campaign Mode. Two-player combat is available in Versus Mode. A player begins by selecting their choice of five arena stages. Each team can have two characters, and once the player has made their decision, the costumes already unlocked can be selected.

Two unlocked characters can be selected by the players to form a team in the Arcade Mode. Any unlocked costume may be selected, and the progression encompasses ten battles. The Arcade Mode reaches completion after the ten stages have been completed. Co-op is available in Arcade Mode. There are three sections available in Challenges Mode, Trials, Characters, and Training. Training is designed to help players learn the controls, and the scenarios are limited. Characters help players learn the characters individual moves if they are already unlocked. These moves will be accessible in the normal gameplay. Trials offer handicaps, and specific parameters the player must conquer for success. Of the twenty scenarios, twelve are available initially. Uplay account rewards are used to unlock the other eight.

There are twenty characters, each has unlockable costumes, three Super Power moves, and in the Campaign Mode will appear as the counterpart to their Skrull.

Marvel Avenger Alliance – 2012

Marvel Avengers Alliance was originally made available on the popular social networking website we all know, Facebook. It is a turn-based social network game which was originally published by Playdom, while Offbeat creations were largely responsible for the game's development. The storyline of the game has been created by Alex Irvine and is largely based on of the variety of stories and popular characters which can be found in a majority of Marvel comic books. The game was launched on March 1, 2012, on Facebook and was made as an Adobe flash application which could be received off of the

The game had a large number of positive responses and reviews, including receiving the nomination for the best social game on’s widely recognized video game awards. After being nominated, the game went on to win the award in 2012 as it was popularly loved among many critics. There were versions of the game produced for both iOS and Android devices later on, but they were eventually closed down by Disney at the end of September in 2016.

At the beginning of the game, Nick Fury and Maria heal dispatch, a new SHIELD member played by the player. While the game continues, there will be a variety of characters and heroes available for play.

The gameplay is diverse and allows players to do some things while also attempting to increase their characters experience. Players are given the opportunity to customize their agent of Shield with a variety of costumes and weaponry options. Characters also can partner with two particular Marvel heroes, which they can choose from over 160 separate Hero options. Each hero you choose to team up with has a specific skill set along with a list of unique abilities, giving each hero its perks as well as cons. Some of the heroes available can only be used during specific situations, however, a majority of them are available for you throughout the game. Heroes are purchased with command points, a specific money currency that is utilized throughout gameplay.

While playing Marvel avengers alliance, you will participate in fights with a group of players and heroes who battle against waves of incoming bad guys. Each character and hero will be given original and specific attack options unique to that character. This provides for interesting and diverse gameplay with a vast pool of moves and attacks available for use.

Another gameplay option many gamers have appreciated and enjoyed is the player versus player tournament option. Although the option is available for a limited time, it has been played extensively by a large audience. In this version, you battle to get through five separate tiers which will determine your ranking. If a player completes the tournament with the highest tear placement, he or she will be rewarded a brand new hero to use during gameplay. The game also allows for you to play in player versus player mode when tournaments are not being held. The only downfall to this, Is that when tournaments are taking place, you can only verse another player in practice mode.

Marvel Titles Slot Machines

Both Marvel and DC have sold licenses for some of their most popular properties to slot machine developers.  When Disney purchased Marvel they recovered most of their rights for online titles such as Wolverine and Iron Man.

Marvel: Future Fight - 2015

Marvel: Future Fight came out on April 30, 2015, and is a video game themed after superheroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, the X-men, and the likes. Marvel: Future Fight was created by Netmarble Games in direct affiliation with Marvel Entertainment, Inc. under Disney Inc. Marvel: Future Fight is a role-player with the modes of single-player as well as a multilayer. The video game is available on the platforms of Andriod as well as on iOS.

The game is set shortly and dimension are starting t collapse. There forms an investigation party comprised of Thir, Black Panther, and Black Bolt. At some point, the investigating superheroes encounter Captain America as well as unknown versions of themselves which they need to fight and defeat. The characters stumble upon several other characters both friendly and malicious. They also find out that Nick Fury from the future, who is on his death bed, has sent Jocasta carrying a message for the player which provides them with an objective- gathering a team of heroes to restore the balance in the universe.

Over the course of their battles, the team sees things they have difficulties explaining. With Jocasta by their side, the heroes find some answers including the truth that Jemma Simmons has been kidnaped. They embark on a mission to rescue Jemma Simmons from AIM who had taken her because of her research on dimensions. Soon enough the team starts encountering more and more alternative versions of themselves as well as some other heroes and even villains. Later on, the group of heroes finds ut yet another truth. AIM has managed to create a device which could send people back and forth between the many different dimensions of the world.

After a huge struggle, the team of heroes manages to defeat MODOK and take it down for good. After that, however, the real problems are starting. The team of heroes has to stand against several opponents often with the help of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and defeat some enemies such as Lincoln Campbell and many other.

Along with their journey and many mission, the team of superheroes is forced to make difficult choices, fight people who they had never thought they would have to stand against and acquire aliases they had not expected. Marvel: Future Fight is a video game packed with action and lore as well as a vast number of characters, locations, and objects from the comic books and films. The game was described by many as a dungeon crawler. The player has the choice between playing with a joystick or by using the button controls. The player also can have no more than three characters in their team. Marvel: Future Fight has a vast number of both playable and non-playable character.

Marvel: Future Fight has received a high rating by its player base so far. It was a highly anticipated game and has become a welcome addition to the Marvel franchise.

The Punisher (Playstation 2) - 2005

A third-person shooter on PlayStation 2, "The Punisher" was hardly the first time we've seen the character in a video game. It was, however, the first time we saw the much-loved "Welcome Back Frank" storyline turned into a game.

The Plot

For folks who haven't read the particular comic, or seen the 2004 film with Tom Jane, the plot is fairly straightforward. Frank Castle, an ex-Marine whose family was killed in a mob hit, has declared a one-man war on crime in New York. The game opens with Frank being arrested after a massacre in a Yakuza-controlled building. While he's in lockup, being investigated by Detective Martin Soap and his partner, we get the rest of the game in flashbacks.

We start with a crack house as an intro level, move on to a chop shop, and then Frank's activities draw the attention of the Gnucci family. Ma Gnucci, the head of the family, kidnaps one of Frank's neighbors to draw him out and puts a hit on him. This brings in a super-powered enforcer known only as the Russian, and Frank has to deal with that threat, while also trying to track down a nuclear device that's been brought to New York. Along the way, he also tangles with the Kingpin (including a fight with Wilson Fisk's assassin Bullseye), fights alongside Nick Fury, and allows himself to be arrested so he can get deep into Ryker's Island to tie up one of the biggest loose ends... Jigsaw, whose been orchestrating things from the inside.


As a game, "The Punisher" plays most reminiscently of "Manhunt." There's less stealth involved, but there are plenty of instant-kill opportunities, and at least at early levels you tend to be fighting one-on-one versus whatever gang member or criminal enforcers you come across.

Unlike "Manhunt," though, you have the option to use enemies you grab as human shields, giving you a source of mobile cover from their allies' gunfire. The other big difference is that you need to get information out of your enemies, so you can't just clear the room and move on. You need to leave at least one alive enough to talk so you can get key information about where other targets are, and what threats lie ahead of you. There are even minigames where Frank has to use combinations of threats and pain to coerce information out of his captives.

A Mixed Reception

The other similarity to "Manhunt" is that "The Punisher" faced a lot of controversy over its content, and its rating. The character has always been grim, and the comics have always had a mature edge to them. Developers wanted to keep that appeal because the Punisher has a built-in audience as a character. However, the dismemberment and sheer gruesome nature of many of the deaths had to be toned down to get a mature rating, rather than an adults only one. Because while it's good to be edgy, it's bad to restrict the audience who can play your game.

The Punisher: No Mercy

Developed by Zen studios in association with Marvel Entertainment, The Punisher: No Mercy is a First Person Shooter based upon the comic company’s most famous and violent vigilante. The Game released on June 2nd, 2009, on the PSN store for PlayStation systems. No Mercy offers several different ways to play, a variety of unlockable playable characters, and an original Punisher storyline. No Mercy was removed from the PSN store as of 2011, due to an expiring license between the Zen and Marvel.

Single Player Story Mode

Based on The Punisher Max and War Zone comics, No Mercy’s single-player story mode is based around battle arena style first-person combat, intermixed with beautiful comic book style cut scenes, designed by Mike Deodato, that tell the story behind the carnage. The plot begins when The Punisher finds old enemies Bushwacker and Barracuda importing smuggled arms at the New York City docks. Opening fire on the two, The Punisher is assisted, unexpectedly, by the mercenary Silver Sable. With the bad guys out of commission, Sable flees, and Barracuda confesses to working for Jigsaw.

Following a clue left for him by the villain, Frank catches up with Finn Cooley who injects the vigilante with a drug that sends him into dark hallucinations. After snapping Cooley’s neck, The Punisher is attacked by an army of vagrants who have been drugged and employed by Jigsaw. In his drugged state, The Punisher kills the horde while envisioning them as enemies and allies alike.

In the final act of the single-player story mode, The Punisher lays siege to Jigsaws lair. Filled with doppelgängers of the villain, Frank fights a bloody path to the real Jigsaw, who subdues and captures him. While Jigsaw prepares to end Frank Castle, his lair is struck by an explosion, providing The Punisher the chance to break free and kill Jigsaw. From the smoke, it is revealed Silver Sable is the source of the blast. Ordering The Punisher to surrender, she is accompanied by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, including Nick Fury and Black Widow. The single player campaign ends with a ‘To Be Continued…’ screen.

Multiplayer and Gameplay

The Punisher: No Mercy offers single player story mode, along with both local and online multiplayer. Though only player provides an original Punisher tale and fantastic artwork by an industry veteran, No Mercy thrives on its multiplayer experience. Designed around the Unreal three engine, No Mercy’s multiplayer play is a fast-paced, bullet-ridden, shoot-em’-up. No Mercy offers three modes to play with up to eight friends in eight different locations, Deathmatch, One vs. Many, and Co-op. Upon completion of the single-player story mode, skirmish, a wave-based combat mode, is also unlocked for more solo action.

The games unlocks and upgrades are what set The Punisher: No Mercy apart from your average FPS. With eight different playable characters and a multitude of weaponry and gadgets unlockable through single player play, the game offers a variety of new content to keep you engaged. In-game power-ups can also provide you with more powerful and precise weapons, and permanent rewards can be gained by racking up kills online. More powerful weapons, motion sensors, health regeneration, and invisibility are all reward perks that can be increased by being the best one man army you can be.

Blade II - 2002

Blade II was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 by Mucky Foot Productions. Blade II is not an adaptation of the movie but a depiction of events between the two films Blade II and Blade: Trinity.

The game begins six months after the film's end after Blade has killed Nomak and the Reapers. Blade and Whistler have received news that a mafia gang and a vampire clan are partaking in a blood exchange in the parking lot of Karkov Towers. When Blade arrives, he witnesses the transaction and a vampire carrying a briefcase containing the vial of DNA. Fighting his way through the tower by passing through a car park and a nightclub, Blade tracks down the vampire who informs him that the vial is filled with the blood of the former Vampire Overlord, Damaskinos. The DNA is currently in a DNA sequencer machine to replicate it, so Blade destroys the computer and kills all the vampires in the building by placing a canister of poison in the building's ventilation system.

Whistler and Blade regroup at their base to find that Dr. Grant was abducted by the Byron vampire clan. Fortunately, there is a GPS signal that Blade can follow to a subway station filled with vampires. After fighting the monsters, Blade and Whistler go into the sewers below and follow it to the Gaunt Moor Asylum where Dr. Grant is being held. Once Blade succeeds in rescuing Grant, she informs them that vampires are torturing humans to cultivate and retrieve something known as "dark energy" for their devious plot known as Project: Vorpal. Upon further investigation Blade uncovers the motive for this which is to create a super vampire warrior that would surpass the strength and abilities of a reaper. Blade guides Grant to safety before returning and destroying the incubation chamber cultivating the new vampire warrior.

Once Blade returns to Grant, she informs him that it was the Arcan clan behind Project Vorpal and not the Byron as previously assumed. Blade tracks down the Arcan clan to infiltrate their facility and destroy the storage supply of dark energy. Grant and Blade then team up to destroy the mysterious energy receiver, but Grant is unable to take it offline and is tragically killed in an explosion. As she dies, she makes Blade promise her that he will destroy the core. Blade once more teams up with Whistler to plant explosives around the base. The group successfully flees the scene while the series of explosions destroy the heart and foil the plot of the Arcan clan. The fortress crumbles into rubble as Blade and Whistler live to fight another day.

Captain America: Super Soldier - 2011

Taking place during the same time frame as the events of the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, this single player, third person game puts players right into the action between Cap and both HYDRA and the Red Skull as he fights through enemies in an attempt to stop the creation of Super Soldiers, which could have huge implications on the future of the world and alter the course of World War 2 in favor of the Nazis.

Playing as The First Avenger, Captain America, the bulk of the game features players making their way through a giant castle, which acts as the home base for HYDRA, and requires players, as Captain America, to use shield attacks to beat various villains and get a stolen blood sample back. This must happen before anything nefarious can be done with it to help out HYDRA with their planned creation of super soldiers at the hands of Dr. Zola. As this is happening, Cap is also tasked with finding kidnapped friends, reporting back to Howard Stark, and ultimately putting an end to the development and success of the Red Skull and HYDRA’s experiments and plots, shifting the balance back toward the Allies.

Many of the attacks focus on the use of Captain America’s shield to disrupt enemy movements. It can be used by throwing it into crowds of enemies, blocking attacks and “bouncing” things like bullets back at the enemies, climb walls and even to solve in-game puzzles. Even though it seems complex, as players make their way through the passageways of the castle, they will learn to control their movements and select the options that work best for them in specific situations.

In addition to using the shield as a weapon and a tool, Cap’s strength can be increased by collecting Intel points, which are acquired when enemies are defeated, or individual items are found as players progress and manage them. The more of these that are found and used, the stronger and agiler Cap becomes, allowing players to gain an additional advantage over enemies.

Throughout the game, players are treated to excerpts highlighting Cap’s overall goodness, his willingness to help those that need it (specifically in the early stage of the game, where he can keep enemy forces from invading a village and taking over weapons and ammunition to sell to the Nazis, and later on when he chooses to save a friend rather than immediately chase the Red Skull and Dr. Zola, his evil and power-hungry accomplice.

Available in many different formats including the Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Wii, this game also features the voices of many of the same actors that appeared in the film, including Chris Evans as Captain America, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. While it may seem like a small detail, having these voice actors within the game helps to keep players firmly entwined in the Marvel Universe throughout each minute of game play.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty – 2011

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is an action game featuring the first Avenger. It boasts appearances by some of the most iconic characters from the rich comic book history of Captain America. Some of the Captain's most well-known enemies also make appearances. The Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and Crossbones act as bosses thru the levels. The adventure takes place in a crucial battle of World War II. This is one of the better original games in the Marvel library. The game was available in the app store for 2.99. And it was released on July 14, 2011.

The game has a cell-shaded animation visual style that complements the living comic book feel of the overall game. The pseudo 3d is very high quality and consistent throughout the game. The introduction features Peggy Carter going over the mission briefing with the Captain in an action comic book style, including bubble dialog and scenes separated by panels. There is some voice acting sound bites of the Captain during the missions, and the fighting moves are very familiar for someone who has read the comics or played the fighting games that feature the super soldier. The Captain also has his trusty shield that can be used in combat and to break obstacles. There are some acrobatic moves that are necessary to master to proceed through the levels and get all the collectibles available. The touch-based controls are pretty responsive, and the game is quite fun overall. The game features some fantastic acrobatics, as well as some solid platforming.

All in all the game is a must for hardcore Captain America and classic Marvel comics fans. It is not based on any particular movie or show, but it is a lot of fun. Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty fills in a void for those fans that feel neglected by the lack of proper quality games on the mobile platforms.

Daredevil for Game Boy Advance - 2013

If you loved Game Boy Advance, Daredevil probably sounds very familiar. It was released in 2003, and it tied in directly to the movie Daredevil.

The Daredevil Plot
Even though Daredevil was initially been a movie, the most significant role this character played was Daredevil on the Game Boy Advance. In this game, Stick appears as a powerful supporting character, and in turn, he kicks off the game.

You will want to get to know some of the characters in the game before jumping in.

At the beginning of the game, Stick informs Daredevil that Kingpin has placed a bounty on his head. He brings warnings to Daredevil throughout the game, like:

- After Daredevil beats Kirigi, Stick informs him that the Kingpin has a strong connection to the Sewer King.
- When Daredevil beats Echo, Stick informs him that Bullseye will be waiting for him at the construction site.

Kirigi is one of the bosses in the game. He only ends up as a loss due to a misunderstanding between characters. Kirigi is under the impression that Daredevil is working for Kingpin and that he was sent by Kingpin to kill Kirigi.

Echo, another boss in the game, is a villain. She doesn’t believe that Daredevil was ever working with the Kingpin. Daredevil has to defeat her after chasing her through the New York Subway maze, so be careful not to get lost!

Bullseye makes an appearance as a boss in the Daredevil game. He waits at a construction site where Daredevil tells him that the hit was a rumor and never really existed. Since Bullseye believes him, he fills Daredevil in on the fact that he was working with the Kingpin. Much to your surprise, you will find out that Bullseye uses a handgun as his chosen weapon in this game when you are forced to defeat him.

The last boss in the game is Kingpin. He has put a bounty out on Daredevil, and all of the criminals are after him. Daredevil reveals that the bounty was a fraud from the start and after Daredevil interrogates Kingpin, he reveals that while Kingpin was setting up his elaborate fraud, all of the competition has been eliminated. This is where Daredevil must defeat Kingpin, and even though Daredevil is aware of Kingpin’s true identity, he cannot tell police that his true identity is Wilson Fisk. In return, Wilson publicly claims that the arrest of Daredevil was a distortion of the truth from the media.

Deadpool - 2013

Deadpool is a non-stop, comedy, action game based on the iconic character that was created by Marvel Comics. The developers of the game, High Moon Studios and the American video game publishing company, Activision, released Deadpool to game players for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and X360. It was later re-released to also be accessible for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and also made available to buy on Steam.

Danial Way has successfully written many comic series for Marvel including some of the former work of Deadpool and was the writer behind creating all the plot for the game. Nolan North is the voice that brought the main character and hero of the game to life Deadpool.

The game was designed using the Unreal Engine 3 and had a budget of $100 million which makes this one of the most expensive games that have been developed.
Because of the nature of comedy character, the game was rated for mature audiences and often broke the barriers between the player and the role they played by keeping them engaged in conversations based on their skills and progression in the game.

Deadpool has his pick of weapons to defeat his enemies, mainly guns and swords but later receives giant hammers, plasma guns, and a variety of other alternatives, including a short range of teleportation moves.
Because his character is immortal, the more damage that is dished out to him, the more his body slowly falls apart, and players must avoid any additional hits if they want him to regenerate.

There are also some stealthy mechanics that are available in the game as there are some occasions where Deadpool may be forced to disable his enemies stealthily. He can do stealth attacks with either a melee weapon such as his sword or a gun, although that may attract other enemies.

The basic plot is humorous starting with Deadpool explosive proposal that the studio, which is the developers of the game, create a Deadpool video game starring himself.
Deadpool then sets off to do what he does best, assassinating a corrupted media tycoon and bring back an escapee by the name of Chance White. His style is not always stealthy as he parkours through the sewers and explosively busts in the penthouse headquarters to immediately massacres all of the guards within.
With dual guns, swords, and explosives, he slices through to the top where he finally meets with his contract, but after tackling him out of the window of his penthouse Chance gets rescued by the Marauders.

He chases the captures through the sewers where he encounters Arclight, and after a boss battle he stumbles upon White talking with Mr. Sinster, who orders Blockbuster to kill him and ruining Deadpool's bounty as a result.

Disappointed at losing his contract he takes out his anger on Blockbuster and Vertigo, but Mr. Sinster gets away, leaving him with a severed head.
He later awakens to see Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke, and Domino from the X-Men who follow suit after Mr. Sinister.

The Fantastic Four Video Game - 2005

The Fantastic Four is a video game created after the Fantastic Four Movie. Released in 2005, the game allows players to play as Marvel's Fantastic Four and battle various Marvel villains.

The Fantastic Four are a group of some of the world's greatest super-heroes. In the game, the player can play as all four.

  1. Mister Fantastic, whose name is Reed, can stretch parts of his body at long lengths. He can take all sorts of forms through this power.
  2. The Human Torch, named Johnny, can control fire. His body can resist any level of heat, so he usually sets himself on fire. Additionally, he can fly.
  3. Sue, the Invisible Woman, can become entirely invisible. Also, she has telekinetic powers.
  4. Ben Grimm, called The Thing, is ridiculously strong and rock hard. He can lift almost anything and is by far the largest of the four.

The game starts with a foreshadowing where Reed, Johnny, and Sue are knocked onto a rooftop by Dr. Doom, the game's villain. They call for Ben's help, and as he's assessing the situation, and thinking about his history, the game cuts to the beginning.

In the beginning, the group sign a pact and venture up into space to do research. While up in space collecting samples, their station is hit by a cosmic storm. They return to Earth and have their wounds treated, only to realize this storm had given them strange powers.

Ben realizes that the storm turned him into somewhat of a monster. Angry about this, he rampages around New York. Eventually, the rest of the group catches up to him, and they show the world they are fighting for good by catching a fire truck falling from a bridge.

The Fantastic Four slowly become the heroes of New York, always coming to save the day when evil appeared. However, something sinister was happening around them. They didn't realize at first, but anytime something bad happened, the Four was the only group to solve the problems. The army did not help in these issues.

Eventually, they are captured by Nick Fury and kept in the Vault prison. They are stuck there until the Dragon Man decided to break out in a frenzy. Nick Fury agrees to let them escape in exchange for a favor.

After doing this for Nick, the Fantastic Four return to the space station where they were all mutated. While they are in the station, Victor hacks into the station's security system and uses it against the Fantastic Four. Victor, who dislikes Reed, manages to steal power from Ben. Victor becomes Dr. Doom.

Everything that happened in the game thus far built up to this moment. The Fantastic Four was losing their fight with Dr. Doom. Ben, who didn't want to be The Thing, decided that helping his friends was more important than removing his mutation. He got back in the machine that Victor used to steal his power and became The Thing once more. Ben attacks Dr. Doom long enough to let his friends recover, and together they finally beat him.

Guardians of the Galaxy - 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is an adventure style based on the Marvel Comic’s comic book series of the same name. The storyline is set up with the Guardians (as the main characters are known as), attempting to stop a big, bad guy with malicious intent and dire desires from gaining control over a powerful artifact of ancient origins that gives the wielder monumental powers and abilities.

The style of gameplay is definitely a roleplay world where characters go and move the plot points along by interacting with other characters through conversations, missions, and those interactions alter the environments that the player will explore and change the objects that need to communicate with as well to complete the tasks and missions. In this way, the players choose the dialogue or interaction personalities that will ultimately create the story arc for future events and episodes. Usually the player is utilizing the leader of the Guardians, Star-Lord, but sometimes, they make take on other roles of major characters from the team during action sequences.

The game is broken down into five episodes (at this time, the first three have been released).
The first episode is known as “Tangled Up in Blue,” which has the Guardians responding to the distress call from the Nova Corp to help stop Thanos from stealing an ancient artifact in a Kree tomb which is known as the Eternity Forge, which gives the control the power to resurrect the dead. The Guardians kill Thanos, recover the Eternity Forge, and soon find out that the Eternity Forge is more than just a trinket. At that time, Hala the Accuser attacks and steal the Eternity Forge while damaging the Milano.
Star-Lord gets his teammate, and they get on Hala's spaceship and fight, where Star-Lord is mortally wounded, and only with the power of the Eternity Forge which he grabs, does he get brought back to life.

The second episode, "Under Pressure," starts with a trip to see Yondu with a funny Rocket Raccoon and Yondu standoff. The theme of this entire episode is "come find me, " and it is done in different languages in different places through different fights and little different missions. This is also an episode that Star-Lord can either be a sincere person or a jerk...either way, it turns out that there is an actual light at the end of this episode that Star-Lord must walk through.

The third episode and finally released to date is "More Than a Feeling," which amps up the soundtrack from the original movie. This one leads the Guardians all over the spectrum of emotions and past events that shape who they are now. It is fitting that Mantis is found in this one and revealed to be a guide for those that use the Eternity Forge, hoping it to work for good.

The fighting goes on, and this time there is a giant cliffhanger at the end, based upon Star-Lord's choice. Depending on the fate of the galaxy, does he destroy the Eternity Forge so it is not used and makes Rocket and Drax upset not to be able to resurrect their loved ones or does the power it on, and make Groot and Gamora bothered about the risk of Hala the Accuser using it to raise a Kree army?

This is what makes Guardians of the Galaxy: The Tell-Tale Series, so is the player's decisions that shape the direction and outcome of the story. It gives the player the ability to have Star-Lord due what Star-Lord would do, and the story changes for it.
Enjoyment and excitement is the feeling Mantis would feel while everyone is waiting for Episode 4: "Who Needs You."

Iron Man - 2008

An iron man begins during the demonstration of a new weapon of Stark Industries in Afghanistan. The terrorist group Ten Rings kidnap Tony Stark, and he is ordered to build missiles. During his capture, he makes an armor powered suit with a fellow captive named Yinsen in secret. They call the helmet the future, the flamethrower included allows Stark to destroy a stockpile of weapons, he defeats many terrorists, and Yinsen is killed. Stark escapes, his desert crash-landing destroys the suit, and the Air Force retrieves him.

Aided by A.I. J.A.R.V.I.S., Stark develops a more powerful, and updated version of armor with flight capability, and repulsor technology. Maggie soldiers attack the facility while Stark is testing the armor. He discovers the weapons used by the Ten Rings are being provided by the Maggie and goes back to Afghanistan for battle. This results in the destruction of an armored hovercraft, and stockpiles of weapons. The U.S. Air Force confronts him upon his return with two F-22 Raptors, and he saves the pilot of the damaged craft. This places him in contact with Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, who cancels the attack.

Stark learns of a weapon transport in Afghanistan from Rhodes, he follows the carrier, the weapons are destroyed, and he proceeds to the compound of the Maggia to destroy the remaining weapons. A confrontation with Madam Masque ensures after he infiltrates the mansion, then she is killed by a falling wall. Stark finds the last gun of the Maggia, a flying fortress with heavy armor. Ironman destroys the fort, and ends the evil of the Maggie.

Obadiah Stane is Stark’s corrupt business partner and secretly went to Afghanistan to recover the original armor. He is creating a power source by working with Advanced Idea Mechanics. Stark learns of an attack on a nuclear facility in Russia and decides on a confrontation. Iron Man stops the robbery of nuclear energy, an underground radiation signal is detected, and Stark must confront Boris Bullski, who has become the Titanium Man with the armor. Stark wins the battle and learns a military ship has been attacked by AIM. He defeats the controller in the Arctic and prevents another robbery.

Pepper tracks the illicit shipments through shipping records, the A.I.F. forces controlled by Titanium Man attack the facility, and they were sent by Obadiah Stane, who wants the armor. Bullski is again defeated by Stark, Tony is ambushed by Stane, and the arc reactor is stolen. Rhodey is rescued by Stark, Pepper has been kidnapped as bait, Stark saves her with the armor, and the explosion of the reactor is prevented. Stark goes after A.I.M.; their proton cannon is destroyed, he defeats the Melter, and stops the A.I.M. menace with a space tether.

Stark discovers the kidnapping of Pepper Potts and confronts Stane at Stark Industries. Stane flies to the top of the building, Pepper is ordered to overload the arc reactor by Stark, and Stane is defeated. Stark decides to continue as Iron Man to help mankind.

Iron Man 2 - 2010

Packed with adventures and plenty of action, Iron Man 2 is a video game mildly based off of the Marvel movie with carrying the same title. The game was initially designed and developed by Sega Studios in San Francisco and later published by Sega. While European release date was set for April 30, 2010, the United States received it just a few days later on May 4th.

It is available in a multitude of gaming systems including Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation along with versions available for MAC and Playbook devices.
The game has a unique style of gameplay which allows players to choose between the two characters of Ironman or war machine. While the nature of Ironman is a little more reliant on his sly characteristics and use of the games energy weapons, war machine heavily relies on extensive and stringent weaponry and armor suits that give him power. The Characters can choose from some differently available costumes while also receiving upgraded and customized armor. With these new and improved suits come a wide range of weapons and functionalities.

If you're playing the game on the Wii or PlayStation portable, there are a couple of differences that you may notice. The graphics were designed to be a little more straightforward while combat strategies are slightly different as well. Missions in this version have been switched up a bit and you may not you are no longer able to fly through levels. This function was removed. However, you can hover or walk during the levels instead.
While some people enjoyed the game thoroughly, there was a large group of critics who did not give the reviews the game designers would've hoped to receive. In IronMan 2, you can both customize your suit and character and perform exciting missions which include many explosions and the ability to destroy different vehicles and tanks. However many people who reviewed the game stated that it seemed to have a repetitive nature and complained that enemies and bad guys would often appear to repeat themselves. The customizations, weaponry, and armor both upgrades and changes as you continue your gameplay, however, the way the game is played remains moderately similar throughout.

In the first Ironman game, Robert Downey Junior voiced the character of Ironman. This is not the case in this game as the voice is played by well-known voice actor, Eric Loomis. Eric is known for some voice acting characters that he has played, including a few Marvel created films. The Actors who came back to play their role in the game were Don Cheadle and Samuel L Jackson. These actors also featured their characters voices in the video game just as they played them in Ironman 2, to the movie. There's a couple of other famous voice actors who participate in this contest including Steven Blaum and Phil Lemar, who is best known for appearing in some other productions and games as voice actors. Eric Goldberg is mostly known for his animation work but is included as a voice actor in this game. His voice is featured to play for the AIM Soldiers.

Iron Man 3: The Official Game - 2013

Iron Man 3: The Official Game is an endless runner mobile device game produced by Gameloft studios. It was released on April 25th, 2013 and is based on the movie Iron Man 3. The game's plot follows Iron Man as he discovers that A.I.M is not abolished and is back causing a whole lot of issues. Four major characters from the Iron Man universe are revealed throughout the game that is driving forces of A.I.M; which are Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser, and Ezekial Stane with the mastermind behind it all being M.O.D.O.K.

As the game continues on Iron Man recruits Rhodey, and they both build up Rhodey's suits of armor including the Iron Patriot to help get rid of A.I.M and destroy M.O.D.O.K. This actually is an advantageous point as Stane goes on to kidnap pepper and reveal the devastating plan of taking over the Stark Industries' network. Tony eventually defeats Dynamo, Laser, and Stane while Rhodey takes this opportunity while they are all distracted to rescue Pepper from her kidnapping situation and close execution. M.O.D.O.K attacks the team once more while revealing that he is Aldrich Killian's consciousness that was downloaded by A.I.M who is obsessed with downloading his mind into an obscene amount of new bodies and networks throughout.

When Tony defeats M.O.D.O.K, he realizes that he could not stop him on time from downloading his brain into the Stark Industries network. Tony ends up destroying the system forcing M.O.D.O.K to be trapped into the net and forcing him and A.I.M to back down. Tony being as brilliant as he is, creates a new resilient network for Stark Industries that he is sure that A.I.M will not be able to hack into it.

The game genre is an endless runner, similar to games like Sonic Dash and Temple Run where you go through levels that are generated infinitely until the character takes too much damage and dies, effectively ending the level. You played the role Iron Man in this game, going through these levels while blasting through various obstacles and enemies with projectile missiles. The missions in this game had you either blasting through a certain amount of enemies or collecting items, rewarding the player with in-game currency that the player could use to purchase weapon and armor upgrades. The game has about twenty different kinds of armor that are categorized individually by the individual moves the armor grants the character. If the player chooses to, there is an in-app purchase system that used real-world currency to purchase in-game money to buy items in the game.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an action-adventure game which was first released in 2013. The game takes a somewhat unconventional look at the Marvel universe. Anyone who's played with Legos will find themselves delighted by the art design. Seeing Marvel characters in a Lego art style might seem distracting at first. But there's an undeniable charm to Lego which quickly transcends any presumptions about how a role should look. The game does require players to mostly let go of quite a few assumptions. But the rewards for doing so are both numerous and delightful.

The heart of Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the Marvel brand. The Lego property does bring along some essential gameplay mechanics. For example, the fact that many things are made out of Lego bricks will have a direct impact on the system's physics engine. But again, this is relatively minor in comparison to the influence brought from the Marvel side of the license.

The game features a full 180 playable characters from Marvel's extensive archive of superheroes. Anyone familiar with Marvel will instantly recognize one outstanding feature of the game. It's apparently made by people who love the material they're working with. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is filled with the type of what if questions that fans have always wondered about. By pairing up unlikely combinations of characters, the player will finally have a chance to see the Marvel universe come alive. Additionally, this massive cast of characters has the abilities that they're best known for. The amount of replayability offered by such a vast variety of styles is quite impressive.

Of course, there's much more to Lego Marvel Super Heroes than characterization. Both the action and adventure sides of this action-adventure game are well represented. The action usually consists of a series of linear missions. The game offers 15 main tasks in a single player campaign. There's also an additional 12 side missions which are narrated by Deadpool.

At first glance, this might seem like an impressive amount of content. However, one should also remember that the 180 characters are faithful to the source material. As such, many of them have distinct methods of travel. For example, Iron Man and Green Goblin can fly. This will make missions using them quite a bit different than when playing as a landlocked character. The different gameplay styles offered by different aspects brings quite a bit of replayability to the title. Even in the midst of strictly defined missions, it's easy to feel like it all takes place within an open world.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes isn't just a fantastic treatment of two beloved licenses. It's an excellent game in and of itself. Even someone who just likes the idea of superheroes, but who doesn't know much about Marvel, will have a great time with the game. It's respectful of the source material while also having fun with it. And it makes sure gameplay is simple enough for the younger crowd while still being enjoyable for older players.

Lego Marvel: Super Heroes 2

With the worldwide release date of November 14th, 2017, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 fans of the Marvel Universe are excited for the next installation of the Lego Super Heroes video game series. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is publishing this Lego-themed video game and being developed by TT Games; together, they are creating a one of a kind action-adventure game. The game will be available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is the sequel to the first Lego Marvel Super Heroes and the third release for the Lego Marvel franchise.

Following the same style of past Lego title, the game gives the ability to control time and a battling mode good for four-players for a competitive superhero experience. Superheroes from different ears and realities fight against the time-traveling, Kang the Conqueror. From a third-person perspective, the game always players to alternate between various action-adventure based missions and other challenges along with the regular gameplay.

Players will be able to play a host of characters from the Marvel Universe, all with their unique abilities. Star-Lord has the ability of flight, while Spider-Man can swing from his webs and crawl on walls. Other characters include, but are not limited to Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Duck, Carmon, and various other characters.

Taking place four years after the events in the first game, players are introducing to Kang the Conqueror who travels through different timelines and realities, conquering famous cities and superheroes. Heroes must band together to defeat Kang the Conqueror, using his technology.

During the 2016-2017 video game voice actor strike, Warner Bros. had to recast the original voices of some of the most popular characters. This was in response to the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists strike on video game voice acting.

Lego Marvel's Avengers

Developed by Traveller's Tales, "Lego Marvel's Avengers" puts you right in action with all your favorite characters from the Marvel universe. Some fan favorites include Captain American, Hulk, and Iron Man, even down to playable characters such Kamala Khan and Speed! With a lineup of over 200 heroes and villains to choose from, you will never get bored. Like all Lego games before it, the co-op has been utilized to bring the family together. Each two characters has its special team up ability, allowing for hundreds of combinations. A lot of detail and attention has gone into this title, thanks to the detail-oriented team over at Warner Brothers.

As anyone who has played a LEGO title can attest, these aren't just games for the toddlers to stay occupied with. The very talented designers at TT have made sure to incorporate all sorts of puzzles amidst the action. Nothing too particularly complicated, but just enough fun to keep even the most inquisitive of minds entertained. For those who are looking for a lengthier challenge, there are many hidden gems for you to find in every crack and corner, so make sure all you completionists out there get your sleuth skills honed.

For those audiophile's who just can't get enough of the authentic Marvel experience, don't you fret. It pulls its voice acting and musical score straight from the cinema. Incorporating all of your favorite actors, it indeed makes this game feel like the real deal. Get lost in the immersion as you take the role of your favorite Avenger and feel like you are right there in action. Not to spoil anything for those who haven't played this title yet, but even Stan Lee makes a vocal appearance in this game.

No modern game would be complete without the ability to expand beyond the base game. For those on the Playstation, they got a free character pack and level with the notorious Ant-Man. A season pass also was available for consumers to get more bang for their buck, with additional storylines and new faces to the roster becoming available.

Available on all of your favorite consoles and platforms, and with an average rating of 7/10, this is undoubtedly a game you should pick up, suitable for your children all the way to your loved one.

Spider Man 2000 Video Game

Spider-Man for the Play Station was released on August 30th, 2000 and developed by Neversoft. In the game, the player controls Spider-Man in the third person while and complete various tasks depending on the level.

The game begins when Peter Parker witnesses an impostor Spider-Man attack a reformed Dr. Octavius at a Science Expo in New York City during his presentation. Peter's rival, Eddy Brock, begins to take pictures of the incident to sell them to the Daily Bugle. The impostor Spider-Man shatters Brock's camera and then flees. Eddy becomes enraged when re realizes that because of this the head editor, J. Jonah Jameson, would most likely fire him for this. The Venom symbiote takes control of him as he swears vengeance on both Jameson and Spider-Man. Because of this event, the mistaken police begin to track down Spider-Man to bring him to justice.

Peter Parker dons his Spider suit to find some answers. In his travels, he meets up with Back Cat, and together they prevent a robbery planned by the Jade Syndicate. After this, Spider-Man gets news that Scorpion is attacking Jameson at the Daily Bugle. Spider-man defeats the villain and saves Jameson's life, but Jameson alerts the police to Spider-Man's presence. Spider-Man evades the cops and finds Daredevil while he's running away. Fortunately, Daredevil believes him and promises to inform the public of the impostor Spider-man.

A police helicopter chase ensues bringing Black Cat and Spider-Man together again. She tells him that he needs to go right away to Omni-Tech Power Plant because it's under attack by Rhino and Venom currently has Mary Jane hostage. Black Cat offers to take care of Rhino so Spider-man can save Mary Jane, but he refuses and goes to the Power Plant to help her. During the battle, Black Cat is severely injured and is kidnapped by two people disguised as paramedics.

Spider-Man gets advice from the Human Torch to find Venom and Mary Jane. However, it is Venom who finds him and then leads Spider-Man through a hot pursuit in the sewer. Once defeating Venom and freeing Mary Jane, Spider-man explains that he's been framed. Venom believes him, and the two decide to head over to the Daily Bugle to search through the files to find the impostor's identity.

While searching the two are attacked not only by Carnage but also by Mysterio, the true identity of the fake Spider-Man. After his defeat, Mysterio tells Spider-Man of his master's insidious plan: to infest New York with symbiotes. Spider-man enlists the help of Punisher to go to a secret underwater base to foil this plot. It is there that he finds the imprisoned Black Cat and frees her. Soon, Spider-man discovers that the architect of this scheme is none other than Dr. Octavius and Carnage. Spider-man makes short work of Carnage, but Dr. Octavius fuses with a symbiote to create 'Monster Ock.' Spider-Man decides to flee, and once he does so, the base begins to explode. Fortunately, Spider-Man can save Octavius from the fire, and the two are then rescued by none other than Captain America.

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man two is an active venture console game released in 2004 based on Spider-Man two movie. It is also necessary to follow up with spiderman game; the movie and series shadowed by Spiderman 3. Activision published these games 2005 to be used by different systems.

The games are adaptations of spider man2 film. The PlayStation, Gamecube, Xbox version and PlayStation 2 models of the game, were created by Treyarch studio owned by Activision. This allows the players to roam freely around Roosevelt, Manhattan, and Liberty Islands. The home customized consoles models were also created through physics-based algorithms that stimulate spiders man’s web swaying in three different dimensions, developing a new game technique compared to traditional flying or jumping as in previous Spiderman games.
Models of the game in other platforms contain features that are more linear in platform sections and side-scrolling. The PSP model of Spiderman 2 is in comparison to playing the plot on Spiderman.

While street robbers have only machine guns, handguns, crowbars and their arms to protect themselves, the minions and supervillains possess various distinct weapons and power that they can utilize to cause terror, steal or conquer Spiderman. As the game comes to an end, it is apparently easier to unlock a warehouse that again a player can battle out villains and thugs such as Rhino, Shocker, Calypso and the additional boss who is not featured in other scenes in the game.

Players can choose to swing around in the city or play along with the storyline. Also, players can search Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, Liberty Island, Ellis Island and the mysterious site on the map located in the water referred as "Governors Island." However, this was omitted from the release of the final game version because of time constraints. Players have several side quests to complete. Players can carry out random tasks to gain hero points that must be acquired to continue with the plot and are also spent to upgrade spider man’s skills.

The plot of the game is based on two years events that were in the first game. Spiderman tries to balance his superhero character and civilian life. He is frequently absent or late in school, leisure time with colleagues and work. After having supper with Jane Watson, an armed stealing gang is thwarted by peter to loot artifacts from the museum. He goes after a black cat who is one of the escaping robbers.

Immediately after this, he again thwarts a deadly attack in the Manhattan streets by The Rhino. At the same time, Dr. Otto Actavius tries to develop a nuclear fusion like the one in the sun to create energy resource for Manhattan. I order to fully control the fusion; he develops four metal elements that he can control with his mind. His fusion technology develops a stout magnetic field that destroys the lab and eventually his wife Rosie is affected by death. He then grafts his metal elements to his spine that gives the elements control over him. He turns the blame to spider man as the main cause of this incidence and ignoring the fact that Spiderman was not near the lab until the middle of the project. That’s how the game begins.

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro is the sequel to the Spider-man video game released in 2000. The game features Electro, and Spider-man is trying to prevent him from getting a power source known as the Bio-Nexus device. The game bosses are varied and include Shocker, Hammerhead, Sandman, Lizard, and an exclusive version of Hyper-Electro.

The game begins as Spider-man tries to stop a robbery at BioTech and manages to put a tracer on the bike of the leader. This leads Spider-man to an interrogation at a warehouse with a thug who reveals where he needs to go next. He goes to the airfield after battling Shocker, but a bomb scare interrupts him. Once he reaches the airport, he sees the plane of an unconscious pilot starting up, and another tracer is planted on the attacker’s helicopter. Spider-man rescues the pilot before the plane can crash, and ends up in a train yard after following the aircraft. After a battle with Sandman, Spider-man gets on board a fleeing train.

Hammerhead storms the Science and Industry ball, with the intention of taking Dr. Watts as a hostage. After he is defeated by Spider-man, the discovery of Sandman’s escape with Watts is made. Spider-man then goes to BioTech, where he faces Lizard. Lizard goes back to his human form after he is defeated, and tells Spider-man the goal of Electro is the Bio-Nexus device and directs him to the lab of Dr. Watts. A rooftop chase ensues before Spider-man gets to the lab, he finds out what the power source for the device is, and engages in battle with Sandman again.

Sandman is defeated after being flushed into the sewer grate, and Spider-man sees a report on the news concerning the power source. It is a sapphire called the Zeus tear, and in a museum on display. He finds Electro, and Dr. Watts at the museum, and battles Electro. Electro captures Dr. Watts and offers her release if Spider-man provides him with Zeus’s tear. Spider-man obeys with reluctance, and his attempt to reclaim Zeus’s tear fails. Electro takes the gem, supercharges into pure energy, and flies to a conductor so he can use the new powers.

Eventually, Spider-man finds Electro’s weakness when he damages the Bio-Nexus. Electro becomes vulnerable due to Spider-man’s removal of the generator capacitors and is defeated. The following day the Daily Bugle newspaper states Thor defeated Electro and saved Manhattan. This elicits the response from Peter that he needs a new agent.

Shocker, Hammerhead, and Electro are playing poker in jail, and Electro complains about how Spider-man ruined his plan to be a God. Hammerhead tells Electro to shut up, then asks if Shocker is familiar with any additional card games. When Shocker tells him no, he also says those other guys may, and the first games incarcerated villains are all revealed in the jail. Shocker then inquires if they know Go Fish, and the end of the first game repeats as Doctor Octopus bangs his head against the bars of the cell.

Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six

Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six was released in May of 2001 and a sequel to the first game, which was titled Spider-Man. Both games were developed by Torus Games and published by Activision for the game Boy Color gaming system. Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six features a similar gaming format as its predecessor. This is a side-scrolling game type in which the player plays Spider-Man and guides him through six different levels. Each level has its share of lackeys and small-time criminals that Spider-Man has to fight through before coming to the end of each level where he has to defeat the boss villains. The game received average feedback ratings upon its release.

In this sequel game, Spider-Man's methods of maneuvering through each level and fighting bad guys include kicking, punching, jumping, collecting web cartridges for web projectile shooting, climbing walls, and of course swinging from his webs.
The storyline of this game is that Doctor Octopus has a meeting with Sandman, Vulture, Kraven, Scorpio, and Mysterio to plot how to capture Spider-Man once and for all. This conference brings the Sinister Six back together as they decide to find and catch Peter Parker, Spidey's photographer, to be able to reach their real target.

However, upon arrival at the Parker house, Scorpion and Sandman discover Peter isn't home, so instead they kidnap Parker's Aunt May and leave a message for him to let Spider-Man know he is to meet them at the Coney Island Pier. Of course, the bait works, and Spidey goes on the hunt to save his Aunt May and defeat the villains. On their mission, the player maneuvers Spider-Man around a carnival, through a sewer system, and faces Mysterio's look-alike illusions before heading off to the Coney Island Pier where he comes face-to-face with The Sandman. On from there is the World Trade Center where Spidey battles Vulture.

The next boss battle in Madison Square Garden's basketball courts where the player's action is with Scorpion, and upon his defeat, he tells Spider-Man to go through Central Park to find and fight with Kraven. The final battle takes place with Doctor Octopus at Empire State University where he holds Aunt May captive. However, in the midst of the last level and boss battle, a mini-game comes up in which Doctor Octopus and Spidey have to move stretchers around to bounce teddy bears jumping from the windows of a large burning building into ambulances. In the end, Peter seriously considers getting an unknown address for Aunt May to prevent anything like this from easily happening again.

Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man is a third-person action adventure game based off of the story and characters in the Spider-Man universe. Players play as Spider-Man as he comes into his powers and learns what it means to be a hero. Multiple villains appear in the game including Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, the Shocker, as well as a few others. Even though there are a variety of villains and enemies to battle, the main villain of the game is Green Goblin, who Spider-man fights multiple times throughout the game.

Spider-Man fights to save the city of New York from villains and even robot spiders and bats, all while trying to keep his secret identity under wraps. Other classic Spider-Man characters like Mary Jane and Uncle Ben, also make appearances in the main story plot of the game. Voices of the characters may even sound familiar.

Toby Maguire and William Defoe, both who were in the Spider-Man movie, voice characters in the game. Gameplay is level and fighting based. Rooftop levels incorporate Spider-Man's well-known web-shooting abilities where you must use the ability to get around the environment. Inside standards are more focused on pure combat opposed to the mobility of the outside areas. Movie-like cutscenes break up the combat levels and give a nice break just to sit back and watch some plot. New game plus options are available for players that want to continue playing after the main story is over. Different skins are available to play through the game a second or third time to give it a new feel.

A Green Goblin skin, Peter Parker skin, as well as others, are available and each offers a slightly different take on the storyline. Achievement hunters and collector-focused players will enjoy the bonus system for better combat combos and stealth modes as well as unlock all the available skins. The game is available for PC, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation 2.

Spider-Man: Battle for New York

A longtime favorite Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance game that is still popular is Spider-Man: Battle for New York. In the game, that is partially based on the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, Spider-Man and Green Goblin are the main playable characters. Like other Spider-Man games before where the villains are featured as playable characters this time the Green Goblin takes center stage. Spider-Man must once again stop the Green Goblin's evil plot to take over New York City. Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin discovers not only that Peter Parker is Spider-Man's real identity, but he has learned how Peter obtained his super spidey powers.

Osborn uses his primed intellect and creates his own Oz Formula. He recreates what he believed was the process of how Peter was affected by the powers but it doesn't quite work out. Instead of becoming a new and improved Spider-Man, he makes himself into the Green Goblin. Not quickly catching on there are a few side effects that are detrimental, but he quickly dismisses those and starts to build himself a new army of Goblins but using his Oz Formula on innocent people. Spider-Man has to think fast and act even faster now that the Green Goblin has superpowers of his own.

Spider-Man: Battle for New York plays very similarly as to any other Spide-Man and Marvel video games released previously. Spider-Man must swing about New York City and save the unsuspecting civilians from the evil bad guys. The added twist to this game though is that the Green Goblin is his playable character with a unique storyline. He has to defeat his bad guys (security guards) and make his way to his victory. The beautiful cutscenes were drawn by esteemed Marvel Comic artist Ron Lim, and the music was composed by Finn Robertson. The reviews of this game are incredibly mixed with some people loving it and some people hating it. Metacritic gave it a score of 68/100 that matched with GameRankings 66%.

Spiderman: Friend or Foe

In usual Spidey style, Spider-Man is taking on some of his most famous villains with the help of new friend New Goblin, and as much as the attack is on, all of them, the good guys and the bad guys including Doc Oct, the Green Goblin, Sand Man and Venom, suddenly start getting attacked by another enemy altogether! While the villains are initially fighting Spider-Man disappear, it is actual Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. organization that saves Spider-Man. Nick tell Spider-Man that the meteor that brought the symbiote Venom to earth broke into several more pieces and it was up to Spider-Man to get those pieces back before any other villains or bad guys scoop them up and use them to bring evil into the world.

In his trek to get the broken shards back, he is attacked by classic villains (Scorpion is a definite name, and Rhino is another that come and do battle with Spidey.) Also throughout his campaign and search of the planet, he comes to old fan-favorite allies as well including the Blade and Black Cat and a good guy version of Lizard!
Throughout his travels he figures out that Mysterio is the evil master villain behind the disappearances and the PHANTOMS: (Perpetual Holographic Avatar Nano-Tech Offensive Monsters) holographic symbiote combinations, attacking Spider-Man as well as the other villains being mind-controlled by Mysterio as well!

Mysterio is using the shards to make is armies more powerful so he can take over the world and that just will not do so Spider-Man, to get more power, dons the black Spider-Man suit and goes to work. Spider-Man, in an epic battle, beats Mysterio and his minions of evil back and gets control of the shards.

But, as in all Marvel movies, the games have no difference, and a connection is made. Nick Fury takes those stones, starts analyzing the shards and for a fan-favorite name drop, calls it Project Carnage! Lastly, never forget that Spider-Man is always being watched, and Madame Web has an appointment with Nick Fury. To be continued...
For those with a PSP, sadly Carnage will not be seen in that version of the game. Other little things that will not be seen in this game. If the gameplay is on the Microsoft Platform, then Spider-Man will also get to meet Silver Sable! These are just a few differences between platforms but the storyline, gameplay, and everything are still fantastic Spider-Man...or is it Ultimate Spider-Man...but most importantly, is it friend or foe of Spidey? That is what is to be learned through the game.

The teaser said "A new twist on the Legend. A new take on the movies." this is definitely what fans have to look forward too when playing this game on all the platforms. Both old lovers of Spider-Man and new-comers to the Marvel world will get a flavor of what Spider-Man is, his past and his future.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a game that brings exceptional picture quality to the screen and intense action among the characters. The game is set in a comic book world, but it's not based on an actual story line that deals with Spider-Man and his allies or enemies. Spider-Man is seen in the game wearing a black suit for the majority of the time. There are a few scenes and activities at the beginning of the game where Spider-Man is in his classic red and blue suit. He is involved in a battle with Venom, and the potion from the goo sticks results in the black suit. However, there are pods being created by the lawsuit that is taking over the city. It's your job to try to stop these seeds from multiplying and save the city.

When the game begins, you are greeted by Spider-Man before he is involved in the infection that turns his suit black. An interesting and exciting feature of the game is that there are multiple endings depending on how you play the game. You can swing from one building to the next, enjoying your life as Spider-Man. There are also enemies that cross your path that is less than willing to succumb to your defensive strategies. The controls are easy to navigate. All you have to do to throw a web is to press Button 1.

There are options to swing faster from one building to the next or run on the sides of the buildings. The attacks seem mild, but when they are brought against your enemies, they are somewhat intriguing. During the game, you earn points for defeating enemies and winning mini-challenges and missions. The points can be used to purchase special moves for all of the suits that you can change into throughout the game.

Spider-Man: Toxic City

Manhattan has been transformed into a city of opponents for Spider-Man in this action-packed mobile game. Shocker, Rhino, Goblonites, and the Green Goblin himself all make appearances in this game. The endless stream of opponents is looking to unleash chaos upon the city as night falls. Spider-Man has made plans to meet up with Mary Jane for a date, but he can't revert to Peter Parker until these opponents are stopped.

The first battle is against Shocker. He is up to his old ways, messing with the airwaves and causing power surges across the city. This battle is rather short, and Shocker proves to be an unworthy opponent for Spider-Man.

Rhino is up next. His rage has reached levels of high capacity as he takes his shot at the web-spinning superhero. Rhino puts up a worthy effort, but his stamina eventually wears down, and Spider-Man strikes him when he is not looking.

Spider-Man assumes all is well and that he can proceed on to a change of clothes and ego before his date with Mary Jane. He guessed wrong. A new mutated species named "Goblonites" appears to threaten his course of travel. There are swarms of these individuals, each ranging in size and strength. After getting past these waves of individuals, Spidy finds himself face-to-face with his old nemesis, the Green Goblin. The Goblin Taunts Spider-Man and attacks at precise times. It takes Spider-Man a few instances of aggression to develop his counter. Once he finds the right pattern in the course of action, his power becomes too overwhelming for the Goblin. The Goblin fleas but assures Spider-Man that this won't be the last time they meet.
The game allows for many different instances of power-ups, extra health, and other benefit increases. Search for the golden spiders as these will repair your health, bring shields back to their optimal levels, and prepare your stamina for the battles that are to ensue. The golden hearts also represent positive figures, and they restore your health amount to the full extent. Divided up amongst these encounters are 13 separate missions or courses of action. Each holds a little side story that plays out before the mission scene is set. The end goal is to defeat all opponents and make your reservation with Mary Jane before she becomes suspicious. They are many different characters introduced in this storyline action game and it marks a must play for fans of this web-swinging superhero.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

The “Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem” video game a.k.a. “Spider-Man: Total Mayhem” was created and launched by Gameloft. The Marvel Comics superhero action-adventure game is for both Android and IOS.

In this game, players do battle with six of Spider-Man’s arguably most influential villains. They have united their evil powers in hopes of bringing New York City to its knees. The player must deal with their skills, rescue innocents, vanquish your foes, and take whatever actions necessary to be a successful superhero.

As the video game begins, the player, as Spider-Man, must first save a woman from a few muggers. In true early Spider-Man storyline-style, once the player (Spider-Man) saves the day he receives no reward or even a word of thanks. He merely is insulted by the very woman he has rescued who then runs away in fright.

On another level, the player finds himself in a scene from the “Spider-Man 3” movie. He must pursue the Sandman through New York City. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man must fight the Sandman to the finish and then immediately avoid being struck by an automobile thrown at him by the Rhino.

With the Triskelion prison in flames, the Rhino escapes. An unexplained explosion started the fire. The fire not only allows all the wall-crawler's rogues gallery to survive but it also loses symbiotes, born of the OZ formula and pieces of the Venom costume, upon the Big Apple.

The player, as Spider-Man, will battle numerous other comic-culled bad guys throughout the game. The roster of rapscallions also includes Green Goblin, Electro, and the returning Rhino. There are other challenges to incorporating goblins, thugs, and the above-mentioned symbiotes.

Of course, even a well-meaning vigilante will have to deal with the police. Following a battle with Electro, the boys in blue speak to the web-slinger. They warn him that if he continues to take on his arch-antagonists, they will have little choice but to unleash personal Roxxon security robots to capture him.

The player faces off against Venom twice and a veritable army of symbiotes before being told by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that the Green Goblin has kidnapped the mayor and some baseball players. The Goblin has threatened to change his captives into goblins unless the powers that be surrender the city to him. Once Spider-Man battles and defeats Doctor Octopus, he must swing out to the stadium.

There he discovers the Green Goblin who initially escapes. He chases “Gobby” and is victorious following a battle in Manhattan. As S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the Goblin into custody, they thank Spidey and tell him that Dr. Connors, a.k.a. The Lizard has the formula to deal with any remaining symbiotes. The game has the expected epilogue wherein the woman who had earlier called Spider-Man a freak realizes she was wrong and shares a friendly moment with him. In keeping with the times and more importantly lifestyle and attitudes of its market audience she even takes a selfie with him, and he asks her nicely not to share it on social media.

Spider-man Edge of Time

Spider-man: the edge of time is a sequel to its favorable predecessor Spiderman Shattered dimensions. The game was released October 11, 2011, developed by Beenox and published by Activision for 3ds, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Despite being considered a sequel, this game only features Peter Parker, the original Spiderman and Miguel O'Hara from the Spiderman 2099. Gamers who pre-ordered the game were given digital costumes depending on if they bought the game from Best-Buy, Amazon or Gamestop. In the 2099 universe, Walker Sloan travels back in time to create Alphamax in the present which replaces the Daily bugle. In this timeline, the original Spiderman is killed by anti-venom.

Miguel has to travel with Peter Parker to change the events in time Gameplay uses the same combat in Shattered dimensions with the same upgrades and character models, though you can unlock new costumes that will not affect gameplay. Levels in Shattered dimensions are more linear and are shrunken down when compared to the levels in Shattered dimensions. In the standards, the player will continuously switch from Peter Parker to Miguel so that Peter can change things in the past that shouldn't exist in the future. In the game, either Spiderman will usually be fighting enemies to open a door.

At the end of levels, there will be a boss battle that will feature Spiderman's rivals from the comics such as the Black Cat or Venom. In 2099, Miguel has freefall sequences and moments where he can slow down time that differentiate him from Peter. Spider-man can swing and crawl on walls to get himself to higher places. One of the things Spiderman is well known for is his Character, and much of his dialogue breaks the fourth wall. However, Spiderman: Edge of time was not received well by the critics. They stated that the environments were bland, the villains were forgettable, and the gameplay was overly tedious. They had also noted the Edge of Time removed many things that Shattered Dimensions had got right such as differing play styles, POV in boss fights and made villains less interesting.

The Amazing Spider Man 2012

The fantastic Spider-man Video-game was a single player crime fighting free-roaming action game about the Marvel superhero Spider-man(Peter Parker) based on the motion picture of 2012. Released on various platforms such as Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Android and the Nintendo Wii. The HD versions of this title have trophies and achievements on their respective platforms. The 3DS version was a 2D side-scroller and included an exclusive game mode called Vigilante mode that's a text-based strategy role-playing game.

Gerard Lehiany Directed this title and written along with other writers as Benjamin Schirtz, and Seamus Kevin Fahey. The plot is our favorite hero Peter Parker, and his friend Gwen Stacy enter in the Oscorps building restricted area to confirm her intuition about Dr. Connors experimenting on cross-species. They run into the director Alistair Smythe who tells her about the experiments. Peter and Stacy see the tests the creature react to Peter and destroy their containers and escape the laboratory into the city.

Our Friendly neighborhood Spider-man spends the game saving the city from the cross-species monsters with his acrobatic skills and witty quips. The cross-species creatures include Rhino, Scorpion, Vermin, Iguana and other fan favorites. This game has free roaming with plenty of side missions, upgrades, and collectibles. The combat is very similar to the Batman Arkham series. The game had exclusive Pre-order DLC from to play as Stan Lee, and Gamestop offered a bonus challenge which included Rhino. The scores were a mostly positive reception with the audience with the PlayStation 3 version having the highest score and being the preferred platform.Scores from well-known sites such as IGN, Game Informer, and Gamespot ranged from 6.5/10 to 7.5/10. The game was so lucky a sequel Amazing Spider-man 2 released on April 29, 2014.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a superhero based action video game which is based on the 2014 eponymous movie and the various stories and characters from Marvel Comics. Beenox and Activision developed the game published it. The game is a straightforward third-person action adventure game which includes an open world version of Manhattan. The web swinging mechanic was upgraded in this iteration of the game. Instead of being able to swing regardless of the presence of a building, the player is required to successfully make contact with the structure before being able to turn further. The game also has a morality system mechanic which is referred to as the "Hero or Menace" indicator. This indicator responds to how regularly the player stops crime and how much damage the player causes to the city. Additionally, the game has a mission relay mechanic which can be accessed by going to Peter Parker's room.

The plot of the game revolves around Spiderman tracking down the Carnage Killer, the man who killed the man who died Uncle Ben, and a team-up between Wilson Fisk and Harry Osborne to create an Enhanced Crime Taskforce. The story begins with Spiderman teaming up with Kraven, a supervillain hunter who wants to destroy all of Oscorp's chimeric experiments, to track down the Carnage Killer. After a few missions, Peter finds the Carnage Killer who reveals himself to be Cletus Kasady. Kasady fights Spiderman and loses. Spiderman takes him to Ravencroft. Once at Ravenscroft, Kasady is experimented on by Osborn's assistant Donald Menken.

Spiderman then begins to investigate Fisk and visits Kraven to talk with him, but realizes that Kraven was paid by Fisk to hunt Spiderman. Kraven fights Spiderman and loses; Spiderman then forces Kraven to take him to Fisk. Spiderman arrives at Fisk towers and has to fight his way in. He then confronts Fisk and hacks his computer to access incriminating information. Spiderman must then leave to fight Electro. After defeating Electro, Harry injects himself with the spider venom that gave Spiderman his powers. He then transforms into a monster that calls himself "The Goblin." Then Spiderman is forced to fight Harry.

Spiderman then visits Ravenscroft and fights Kasady again; however this time Kasady is in the form of Carnage. Spiderman then plays through the end of the game and gives closure to the player. Finally, the post-credits scene reveals that Fisk is going to continue funding the Enhanced Crime Taskforce. Then Menken visits Fisk and admits he was Chameleon all along.

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions is an action game developed by Beenox and published by Activision on September 7, 2010, in North America. It was released for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Windows. The game's story follows Mysterio when he breaks into a museum to find the Tablet of Order and Chaos. In a fight, Spiderman breaks the Tablet and is split across multiple dimensions. Madam Webb, the Spidermans mentor, tells the Spidermen that each will have to collect four parts of the tablet across the aspects. The Gameplay varies across the four spidermen.

It follows the Original, ultimate, 2099 and Noir universes. Original has a web-shooter and can chain combos, he is seen as the most general balanced of them all. Ultimate uses the symbiote, and he can use attacks that have more range, and the symbiote can chain powerful combos.

With doing enough combos, you can enter a rage that will allow Spiderman to be stronger and attack faster. Miguel O'Hara from 2099 has freefall sections and slow down time to make segments of the game more accessible. Noir has stealth gameplay, that revolves around silent takedowns. Noir Spiderman isn't as high the other Spiderman and will almost always die if he is discovered. He has the most radically different gameplay style from the other spidermen.

In the levels, there are specific challenges that the player can complete to get more points. These can range from defeating enemies in a particular limit of time or finding a hidden spiders to upgrade your abilities. Completing challenges will also allow you to view concept art and use alternate costumes. Boss fights in Shattered dimensions revolve around using the environment and playstyle that the player is given. At the end of each battle, Spiderman goes into a first-person perspective and fights the villain. The use of villains has been critically praised from Electro, Carnage and even Deadpool.

Shattered dimensions have been liked by critics and fans alike for its level design, combat system, and emphasis on replay value. It is considered to be one of the best Spiderman games since its release. The game was delisted from online stores in 2014 for Activision's deal with Marvel expiring. It was later re-released on Steam in 2015 and then taken down again in 2017.

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 begins as the H-Bombers blow up the Carlyle building. Spider-Man defeats the bombers and saves a woman’s life. Spider-Man learns the Dragon Tails, Arsenic Candy, and the Apocalypse gangs have also been creating terror in the city. He stops the attack on the power plant, and subway by the Apocalypse, and the multiple attacks of Arsenic Candy.

Spider-Man goes on a date with Mary Jane, a meteor containing a symbiote crashes, and becomes attached to Peter’s shoe, and Harry finds a way to the Goblin lair and dons his Goblin armor. Dr. Connor’s, Peter’s science teacher in college, studies lizard DNA, discovers when their limbs are destroyed they can grow new ones and injects himself with the DNA to produce his arm back. Connor does regrow his arm but is transformed into a giant lizard. Peter discovers what happened, Spider-Man corners the Lizard in the sewers, discovers numerous people have been turned into lizards, and reaches a dead end.

Peter is attacked by the New Goblin, the Goblin is defeated when Peter’s webbing knocks him out, and Peter takes Harry for treatment at the hospital. Flint Marko is an escaped convict, falls into a cockpit of sand mutated by scientists while running from the police, and becomes sand. Spider-Man stops the H-Bombers again, and they kidnap Jonah Jameson while attacking the Daily Bugle. The Mad Bomber is revealed as New York’s luxurious Luke Carlyle, Spider-Man stops the H-Bombers and rescues Jameson.

Spider-Man learns of MechaBioCon, scientist Dr. Stillwell is taken captive, and Scorpion enters the picture. A battle ensues between Scorpion, and Spiderman, then Peter goes to sleep. Peter is then consumed by the symbiote, and a symbiote suit is revealed. His powers increase, a bank is robbed by Marko the Sandman, Spider-Man gives chase, and Sandman is defeated, and washed down the sewer.

Peter and Brock are assigned by J. Jonah Jameson to catch Spider-Man in a robbery, Brock cheats with a fake Spider-Man, the genuine Spider-Man appears in the new suit, punches Brock, and Brock swears revenge. Peter alienates Mary Jane due to the black suit, and she ends the relationship. Peter goes to church, successfully releases the bond of the symbiote suit, Brock watches Peter unmasked, and becomes Venom by using the suit. Venom and Sandman join forces to defeat Spider-Man because Venom threatens the life of Sandman’s daughter. Spider-Man takes a taxi to the construction site where Sandman is holding MJ, and Venom, fights them, and Harry, as the New Goblin, helps rescue MJ.

MJ falls from the cab, is caught by Harry, and saved. Harry wins a battle with a giant Sandman, tries to help in Spider-Man’s fight against Venom, and is apparently killed in the effort. Peter uses sonic vibrations to weaken, and then defeat Venom; later the pair is dropped from a building. Venom ends up impaled with a steel bar, and Spider-Man survives. Peter restores his relationship with MJ, and the Sandman reunites with Penny who the police rescued.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Released back in September of 2014, Spider-Man Unlimited came out for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Publisher and developer Gameloft designed this endless runner game based off the Marvel Comics, and fans will notice many familiar faces from the Marvel Universe pop up throughout the game.

The basic storyline deals with the Green Goblin—after being defeated by the game's hero—opening up a portal to assemble the multiverse version of the Sinister Six. In turn, S.H.I.E.L.D. decides to use the entrance as well to even out the fight by bringing in different versions of Spider-Man along with other powered superheroes. Spider-Man and friends must battle against multiverse enemies and other soldiers working alongside them.

All in all, there are hundreds of playable characters. One of the reasons millions of fans continue to enjoy the mobile video game is because Gameloft sends out updates to keep adding in additional characters and new events to play. In Spider-Man Unlimited, fans can encounter the likes of Nick Fury and other S.H.I.E.L.D. characters, Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, and much more.

Focusing on the gameplay, Spider-Man Unlimited is described as an endless runner in which players will run through various environments, battling enemies and overcoming obstacles along the way. Beyond merely running, Spider-Man performs his usual actions such as climbing the sides of buildings, web swinging, and even free-falling. Other than fighting, players will also perform different activities such as acquiring power-ups and vials. Vials can be used as currency for players to purchase other Spider-Man versions.

There are three modes players can choose from story, time-limited events, and endless runner-style. In the story mode, there will be specific goals and missions players must accomplish to move ahead. These are broken down into "issues," and each one has multiple purposes and five boss fights a player must fight through to move to the next issue.

Though Spider-Man Unlimited is primarily a single-player game, there is online interaction with other players around the world. There's a leaderboard in endless mode where players compete for daily ranks to earn rewards. Also, players compete against one another in the timed events for other awards. Lastly, it is possible for players to align with one another under alliances and confront other partnerships.

Spider-Man (2018)

With a planned release in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, Insomniac games are back after more than 20 years to develop their first licensed game..., and it will feature comic book favorite Peter Parker as Spider-Man. The game is a standalone entry into the Spider-Man universe and is not tied to any movie, funny book storyline or other game, meaning that throughout this journey, players will be able to choose their adventure without having to “go along with” another predetermined outcome, or reach a known ending. This makes the game and the game play a total surprise, meaning that even those with a great deal of Marvel and Spider-Man knowledge can play this game without knowing what comes next.

An action-adventure game, it’s set in today’s New York City and features Peter Parker, a full eight years after becoming Spider-Man. He’s finished high school and is ready to graduate from college, and gameplay includes a look into the ways that Peter balances his life with Spider Man’s on a daily basis. This game’s early scenes features a battle with Wilson Fisk, better known as The Kingpin, which lands the well-known lousy guy in jail, leaving his territory and empire mostly undefended. With him out of the way, Peter must deal with the emergence of a new group of bad guys called the Inner Demons, who are determined to take over for Fisk by defeating his men and usurping his territory, creating a name for themselves in the NYC underworld.

This storyline entwines with Peter’s personal life, impacts the decisions he makes when it comes to school and family, and requires him to push aside own feelings to do what is best for his home city of New York. Throughout the game, players will be able to use well known Spider-Man abilities like wall crawling, shooting webs and using stealth, and can look forward to trying out new ways to move through the game like parkour, which helps Spider-Man move between and even across buildings as he hurries to save the day. Smooth controls and seamless animations will help to immerse players in the world of Spider Man’s New York City, moving Peter throughout each scenario fluidly.

Like many other recent games on well-designed game engines, Spider-Man will allow real-time environmental changes to impact player experience, making each time an area is visited different from the last. Changes in the weather, changes in the previous choices and even differences in the AI presence within the game concerning other characters can result in differences in player choice, giving this game a different look and feel than other similar games. The open world makes it possible to complete the game in a non-linear fashion, allowing players to explore, learn and adapt to their surroundings rather than be led by them.

Although no official release date has been announced yet, expect Spider-Man to come out in the first half of 2018 barring any developmental setbacks, just in time to become the “it” game of the summer months!

Thor: God of Thunder

Thor: God of Thunder starts with Asgard in medias res and an invasion of the jotun. Thor is training with his brother Loki, and Sif. The jotuns interrupt the training, one of the jotun freezes Sif, and Thor must fight alone. He frees Sif, fends off the jotun, then defends Asgard in Odin’s castle. When Sif receives a fatal wound, the invasion stops. Odin refuses Thor’s retribution, so he disobeys the orders of his father and goes to Nilfheim.

While Thor is in Nilfheim, Odin saves Sif, then enters Odinsleep. Loki tells Thor to find Ymir, the Ruler of Niflheim, and the Lord of the jotun. Thor locates Ymir and is victorious in a battle the Cave of Ages. This is where Thor finds a power source capable of destroying Niflheim. Thor ignores the warning Ymir gave him, and the source is activated. This results in Ymir being vaporized by a metallic, golden, minotaur creature called Mangog.

Instead of sending Thor to Asgard, Loki sends him to Vanaheim. Loki is trying to prove himself Asgard throne’s rightful heir, and already made a deal with Ulik to delay Thor returning to Asgard. Loki would stop Mangog, make repairs to the Vanaheim's Frostgrinder, and Ulik would be able to leave Vanaheim. Thor continues his journey through Vanaheim, and Mangog creates havoc in Asgard. Loki attempts to stop Mangog with the freezing casket he got in Niflheim. His plan fails, and Mangog uses the fire emitted by the ice to break free.

An army of Infernir and Jotun are summoned by Mangog, Loki switches plans, and seeks permission from Ulik for the Frostgrinder to be used by Thor. Loki is betrayed by Ulik, and Thor discovers Vanaheim’s history at the door to Frostgrinder. Thor finds out Mangog was created by Odin after a war on Asgard was declared by Vanir. Although the Vanir couldn’t defeat, or control Mangog, they learned of his weakness of a mineral known as Scabrite. This was what Odin used to forge Mangog’s chains. Thor wins his confrontation with Ulik, learns of Asgard’s state, and reveals Mangog’s weakness. Loki tells Thor Muspelheim is the only place to find Scabrite.

Thor goes to Muspelheim and confronts Surtur, the ruler of Muspelheim, and the Lord of the Infernir. Surtur is defeated by Thor, and Thor claims then destroy his sword called Twilight. This releases the Scabrite energy, and it is absorbed by Mjolnir. Thor goes back to Asgard and learns from Loki he must have Heimdall to fight Mangog. He then enters combat against Mangog with a weakened Odin, and Loki. A long battle ensues, and Mangog is defeated by Thor. Thor offers an apology to Odin and admits he released Mangog out of a combination of pride, and anger. Odin tells Thor he is responsible because he was the creator of Mangog, and apologizes. The souls of the Vanir have been trapped in Mangog, and are released by Odin. These souls supplied power to Mangog. The game ends as the soul’s journey to the afterlife to await their fate.

X-Men: Mutant Academy

X-Men: Mutant Academy is a 2D fighting game in a 3D setting that was released on both the PlayStation and the Game Boy Color in 2000. It features almost every classic character as well as those from the X-Men movie, and each character in the game has their unique fighting moves. With each character comes unique combos and finishing moves as well.

Due to the limiting hardware on the Game Boy Color, the 3D arenas and stages were only capable of being rendered in 2D. The developers, Paradox Development and Crawfish Interactive, were criticized for making a game similar to Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha. The handheld version of the game did not have excellent playability, and it lacked the difficulty levels to challenge players accordingly. However, it allowed players to enter a training mode to practice using different characters. The Game Boy Color also contained a story mode, where the player battles enemy after enemy to reach boss battles. In addition to these patterns, the game included a survival mode, a battle mode, and even a versus mode where players could battle their friends by using the Game Link cable.

On the other hand, X-Men: Mutant Academy received both positive and negative reviews towards its developers and publisher, Activision, on the PlayStation console. The game used state-of-the-art graphics for the background of each fight and was praised for the quality of the artificial intelligence in the enemies. The game uses three special move meters, which after doing well in the course of a battle, can be filled to unleash a powerful and unique attack. These special attacks are specific to each character, and the rest of the game is built around six buttons. Three are for punch attacks, and three are for kick attacks, which can all be used in combos to beat the A.I.

One of the best features of the video game is the ability to choose the outfit for the desired character. Each character comes equipped with a default outfit, while the player can unlock more choices of clothing to put them in through extended gameplay.

X-Men: Mutant Academy 2

Are you looking for a game to play on the PlayStation video game console? X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 is the game for you. X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 is a fighter game with 3D capabilities, which allows the user to choose which character they will fight opponents with. Players are allowed to choose from both heroes and villains from the X-Men series. These figures are also able to make their signature move that is also seen in the comics.

There are four different modes that you can play the game in. Arcade mode allows you to unlock extra characters. For example, you can open Spiderman if you meet up with him in arcade mode, fight against him and win. You can also get Xavier if you use Juggernaut for your fighting. You can also unlock characters by rows. You can achieve unlocking Psylocke by completing the left row with Wolverine. To unlock Juggernaut, you need to finish the game with all the characters including Psylocke. You are also able to open the ending moves for characters.

In Survival mode, you choose a single character and attempt to defeat as many aspects as you can without losing all of your health. When you lose all of your energy, the game is over. You will go through one round at a time against a component. If you win that round the game will show you how many wins you have had and how many perfects you achieved that round. A perfect is when you can defeat your opponent without losing any of your health during the series. Once you have been beaten, your stats will be placed onto a leaderboard. Your leaderboard will start off with Beast being in the last place and Rogue being in first place.

Versus mode lets you compete against a friend. You just need to make sure that you have two controllers. Each player will choose who they want to fight as. There is an arena that you can unlock this mode after defeating the arcade mode; it is a pool party theme.

Academy Training mode lets you unlock alternative costumes for the characters as you play. In this manner all but six aspects can open two costume changes each.

Characters for this game include Forge, Wolverine, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Havok, Cyclops, Spiderman, Toad, Storm, Magneto, Sabretooth, Phoenix, Juggernaut, Psylocke, and Professor X.

X-Men: Next Dimension

X-Men: Next Dimension is for the gaming consoles of PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. It is a fighting game for you to play that came out in 2002. It is the final installment of the X-Men: Mutant Academy series.

In this game, you are attempting to stop Bastion from trying to wipe out mutants for good. A significant player in the game is the Prime Sentinels, who start the game off by disguising themselves as students from Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to help get Bastion from imprisonment. It then moves to Xavier's school in the Danger Room simulation, where Toad, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, and Mystique attempt to assault the school.

Professor X wonders what this attack was about and thinks something seems off about it. Upon further investigation by Forge, it turns out that the school ground is being patrolled by the Prime Sentinels and the attack on the school was ultimately a distraction. While battling with the Prime Sentinels Forge is abducted. Bastion tells Forge that he is going to use his mutation to end all mutants.

How Bastion does this is by stealing weapon ideas from Forge's mind, one of them is capable of stripping mutants of their power. At this time both the X-Men and the Brotherhood (which consists of Toad, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, and Mystique) are searching for Forge. They decide to team up to make their efforts stronger. While exploring the Brotherhood searches out Magneto, and fins that he no longer has control of his fortress thanks to the Sentinels. Magneto joins up with the forces to help try and stop the Sentinels. The final battle plays out with Magneto, Wolverine, Phoenix and Juggernaut battling it out with Bastion.

During the battle, Bastion uses Magneto's trans-mat system to transport Juggernaut away. Bastion then goes onto Asteroid M, which Wolverine has also gone onto. Wolverine then battles Bastion and defeats him. Phoenix and Magneto suddenly arrive to help, and Magneto prevents Bastion from escaping again. These two battle and Magneto is defeated. Bastion leaves and goes back to the Central Room. Where he is faced with Phoenix. It is Phoenix who defeats him after challenging him. It is at this point Forge is freed, and his weapon reversed, Bastion returned to S.H.I.E.L.D, and the X-Men being able to train again. The X-Men and the Brotherhood agreed to a cease-fire until all wounded are healed still.

In the fighting mode, you can be knocked to a different part of the stage when being fought. While in story mode there are a limited amount of characters you can compete with. In Arcade mode you have the chance to unlock characters.

X2: Wolverine’s Revenge

X2: Wolverine’s Revenge is more favorably known as X-Men 2: Wolverine’s Revenge. This video game was released in 2003 and falls into the category of action rated video games. This game came out for multiple consoles, computer, and even Game Boy Advance. You can purchase it for GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and also Windows-based computers.

About the Game

The game was created and released to match up with the action film X2, and in turn, it made a huge splash in the gaming industry. An advantage to purchasing it for Game Boy Advance was that it came dual packaged with Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace for a short period in 2005, and if you were able to get your hands on that package you were considered extremely lucky.

X2: Wolverine’s Revenge was the first game released to homes by Marvel Comic’s character Wolverine since 1994, which made it a very sought-after game. The game was intended to be a promotional extra to the release of X2, but it came with its story line which made it a real treat for everyone since it seemed to be more related to the Marvel Universe series instead.

While you may not initially recognize it, Wolverine’s voice is played by Mark Hamill, and Professor X voices the role of Patrick Stewart.

Your Job in X2: Wolverine's Revenge

Your job in X2: Wolverine’s Revenge is to help Wolverine fight his way through heavily guarded areas of a facility referred to as Weapon X and piece together the murky past that Wolverine lived.

Your game adventure will not only teach you about Wolverine; it will save his life. He just has 48 hours to live unless you find the antidote to the Shiva Virus that is racing through his bloodstream. All of the clues you see will point to the Weapon X that is more like a Canadian fortress. This is the terrible place where he had his skeletal system fused with adamantium and was tortured through the entire process.

The Gameplay Experience

The action portion of the game takes place from a third-person point of view and players fight armored soldiers, mutated creatures, and well-known evildoers. Even though Professor X can help some with his telepathic abilities, you must fulfill game requirements on your own using the unique talents that Wolverine possesses, like his heightened sense of smell and his ability to detect body heat in various circumstances.

It is entertaining to extend and retract Wolverine’s claws as you battle your way through the facility. You will love the different combos and strike moves that wolverine is capable of. Learn the higher strength of Wolverine as you experience significant injury and see how his feral rage is triggered.

You can witness as Wolverine’s healing ability allows him to overcome physical punishment that would kill an ordinary person and all it does is make him stronger.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is an action role-playing game first released in 2005. The game is notable for the fact that it ran on almost every primary, as well as many minor, platforms of the time. It's also noteworthy for the fact that it takes a winning formula into a far more immersive direction.

The first thing to understand about X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is that the game expects a lot from the player. Anyone can quickly jump into the game and plan to do reasonably well for a while. But to excel one will have to master the often quite complex gameplay. Likewise, most people who know a little bit about the X-Men will be able to understand most character motivation. But to get the most out of the characters, a player will need to pay attention really. The reason is that the characters in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse defy expectations.

Characters will usually be quite similar to what one would find in the X-Men films, comics or TV shows. But it's important to remember that the game takes place in a universe all its own. To understand the characters one should allow himself to be informed by other materials, but not dependent on them. The games own mythology and characterization are distinct from other media. But at the same time, it's complicated and well written to the point of quickly standing on its own. In fact, one of the game's high points comes from exploring just how many variations on character design it offers up.

But the real highlight of the game comes from how well it melds this storytelling element in with the action. The game delivers a wide selection of characters to choose from at the start. And as the game progresses, additional characters will be able to join the party. However, it's important to note that only four characters can be in active play at any given moment.

The need to choose four characters from within the massive rooster is one of the game's most significant selling points. It provides players with a great deal of freedom in how they will approach any given level. Every character has a unique balance of stats and powers. By creating four-character teams, it's possible to emphasize different methods of gameplay. This, in turn, can alter the difficulty presented by a level.

Between levels, the player will return the central game hub. This is often the best place for a player to sit down and examine the options really. It also features a lot of the overall flavor text and characterization present in the game. Additionally, this area will change as the game moves forward. The hub area designation is all about the change of gameplay rather than a reference to a specific game area.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse earns a strong recommendation for anyone who likes action role-playing games. But if someone also possesses even the mildest interest in the X-Men than it should be considered an essential item. The gameplay is immensely entertaining. But the most fun is had when someone gets to enjoy the gameplay while also rediscovering how much fun the X-Men can be.

X-Men: The Official Game

X-Men: The Official Game covers X2, and X-Men, and follows Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Wolverine. The game begins with Professor X requesting the X-Men back to Alkali Lake to retrieve Cerebro’s valuable parts. Nightcrawler uses his teleportation ability to infiltrate the remains of William Stryker’s base. A group of agents referred to as HYDRA are discovered looting the bottom by the X-Men. Colossus and Nightcrawler go to retrieve the parts, while Storm, and Wolverine investigate the presence of HYDRA. The existence of giant robots built by Stryker called Sentinels, and meant to eradicate mutantkind, are discovered by Storm, and Wolverine.

Lady Deathstrike abducts Storm and is pursued by Wolverine. The storm is rescued, while visions of Jason Stryker plague Nightcrawler. The Cerebro parts are retrieved by Nightcrawler, after a battle with a Sentinel. The Master Mold, which is a massive sentinel, rises from Alkali Lake after it is activated. Lady Deathstrike, and the X-Men escape, and Wolverine follows her by attaching himself to the helicopter.

Pyro is prevented from causing a nuclear power plant meltdown by Iceman, and Multiple Man is stopped from blowing up a bridge by Nightcrawler, and Storm. Deathstrike and the HYDRA agents are followed by Wolverine to Tokyo, where Wolverine finds out the HYDRA, and Deathstrike works for the Silver Samurai. Wolverine battles massive legions of HYDRA kills Deathstrike again and engages the Silver Samurai. Wolverine learns Stryker built the Sentinels with the HYDRA’s help, not knowing they would be used against mutants.

The Silver Samurai turns out to be a mutant, the activation of the Master Mold is revealed as a mistake, and Wolverine defeats the Silver Samurai. Wolverine finds out Hong Kong contains a HYDRA device capable of stopping the Master Mold. Wolverine tells Professor Xavier, who enlists Magneto to help fight the Sentinels. Sabretooth and Magneto go to Hong Kong and find out through Xavier Jason Stryker still lives. His psyche exists in two fractured halves, the evil controlling Master Mold, and the excellent appearing for Nightcrawler.

Sentinels shoot down the X-Jet when it arrives in Hong Kong, and the HYDRA device is recovered by Iceman, after a battle with the Sentinels. The Master Mold is incapacitated by Magneto, but his helmet gets knocked off, and Jason uses his telepathic powers to subdue him. Jason’s right half guides Nightcrawler, and the control center for the Master Mold is disabled. The neural net is disabled by Nightcrawler and the core by the Iceman. An attempted rescue of Jason by Nightcrawler takes place due to the collapse of the Master Mold. This is interrupted as Sabretooth abducts Jason, and tries to escape.

Sabretooth’s scent is tracked by Wolverine, and during their confrontation, Kurt grabs Jason and escapes. A vicious battle ensues, Sabretooth is thrown from high up by Logan and impaled far below. After thanking Nightcrawler for rescuing him, Jason dies. Magneto exits and makes a vow he is now an enemy of the X-Men. At Xavier’s mansion, Nightcrawler confesses to Xavier he is peaceful, the life of an X-Man is violent, and he no longer wants to be one of the X-Men.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a hack and slashes themed game released in 2009. It was released for all major consoles and portable systems at the time. The vast majority of these ports were necessarily the same regarding gameplay, with only minor variation in graphics. The main point of difference comes from whether one is playing the Uncaged Edition or the standard release. Even here the differences are mostly limited to the amount of blood and violence that are directly shown rather than merely implied. With the Uncaged Edition containing more of these adult themes.

While the game is massive on hack and slash action, it also displays an impressive amount of world building. There's no need for players to be overly familiar with the X-Men franchise. Even the most glancing familiarity with the character of Wolverine will be enough to understand what's happening as the game's story progresses.

The game quickly tosses new players right into a potent combination of story and action. Wolverine and his team are sent out to track down deposits of a rare and valuable mineral. But their CIA contact takes issue with how they've chosen to go about this mission. Wolverine quickly agrees that actions taken against civilian targets are just unacceptable. He's knocked out by his team, and this immediately transitions to the future.

The narrative continues as Wolverine, now known as Logan, enjoys a rare moment of peace. He's settled down with his girlfriend in a rural area of Canada. But as is often the case for the character, he's quickly reminded that the past always catches up with people. In this case, it comes in the form of his estranged brother Creed, also known as Sabretooth. This sets in motion a series of events that provides an impressive amount of storytelling.

Of course a hack and slash game demands a lot of actual hacking and slashing. The story is often impressively immersive. But the game is remarkably adept at blending this storytelling with action. The action scenes are so well done that they're commonly used to convey story elements as well. They can be seen almost as a "show don't tell" narrative device. The player comes to understand some of Logan's feelings as the gameplay elements make certain things easier or harder.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine has apparently had a great deal of work put into it. This is sometimes highlighted by carefully hidden easter eggs. Some of the more notable examples include nods to World of Warcraft and Portal. Easter eggs alone won't make or break a game. But they're an example of the sheer level of polish provided by X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Licenced games are often rushed to market before the developers can properly flesh them out. But X-Men Origins: Wolverine is by no means hampered by the license. It's a rare example of licensing done right.

Players are fully immersed in Wolverine's adventures. Many elements such as music design or easter eggs wouldn't be all that important in isolation from each other. But when one takes all of these carefully honed aspects into consideration they create something greater than the sum of the parts. X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't just a great X-Men game. It's a significant game period, which has even more to offer fans of the franchise.

X-men Destiny

X-Men Destiny was initially released and published by video game company Activision. The game was first made available for some systems, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consuls. It is designed as a role-playing video game which is primarily based on the well-known X-Men comic books, which many people enjoyed growing up. The development of the game was completed by silicon knights. Like many other video games which were released by the company Activision using a Marvel license, x-Men destiny was also entirely removed from digital marketplaces on January 1, 2014, due to licensing in legality issues that were occurring between silicone nights and epic games. The legal problems between the two companies were primarily related to an "unreal engine 3" code that was used in the production of the video game.

Like many role-playing games, X-Men destiny allows the player to make important decisions regarding the results of their character. Players get to choose from a variety of different outcomes through choices they are required to make all throughout the game playing experience.As you go through the game, your characters will pick up ex-genes, which enhance your abilities and powers.

When the game was first released, there were some online retail companies which offered a variety of bonuses and unique features to people who pre-ordered X-Men destiny.

Although many enjoyed X-Men destiny, it did receive some reviews which were not positive. Many critics pointed out the lack of consequences associated with the decisions made in the game and also commented on the overall quality of its production. Many also were known to cause harsh statements regarding the noticeably short storyline present in the Game. They were even explicit in acknowledging that they saw many flaws and holes in the overall design and plot of the video games story. Unfortunately for its producers, the graphics and overall development quality did not meet the standards or preferences of a vast number of game critics. However, not all reviews were negative, as one critic called as game informer rated the game a respectable and outstanding rating of seven out of 10 stars.

They overlooked the lower end graphics and made various statements on the enjoyable aspects of the game and its unique mutant fantasy environment. Mini reviews criticized X-Men destiny of not only having unacceptable graphics but also overall provided an unfinished look. While entities responsible for the reports were rather harsh on the game, its fan base did not decline and continued to enjoy the games unique functionalities and fantasy experience.

At the end of chapter 7, the character is responsible for choosing between the two separate teams of the Xmen or the Mutants. This decision will largely determine and solidify the outcome of the game of your particular character. You can later replay the game and choose the other team to experience both available outcomes.

Hulk the Video Game

Hulk is a video game based off the movie Hulk. It takes place eight years after the events of the movie. The game was released in May of 2003 for all game consoles. Additionally, it was released for the Game Boy Advance.

The game begins in a flashback as Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk and fights off waves of military personnel. Bruce Banner wakes up from his flashback and is contacted by an old mentor, Dr. Crawford. Crawford informs Banner that he has found a cure for Bruce's mutation that turns him into Hulk. Unfortunately, his lab was raided by military personnel. If Bruce can obtain the Gamma Orb, he can be cured.

Banner finds this orb and brings it back to Dr. Crawford. Crawford then betrays Bruce; he used the Orb to steal power from Hulk. With this ball, Dr. Crawford takes some skill and becomes a Hulk-like beast called Ravage. Banner transforms into the Hulk and chases Ravage over the rooftops. Eventually, Hulk loses sight of Ravage and finds himself in a dead end.

Hulk meets a vampire named Half-Life, who, after a fight, tells him that Ravage has taken the orb to Alcatraz. He also finds out that Ravage will kill a hostage if Hulk is detected anywhere nearby. Bruce's only option left was to sneak into Alcatraz and attempt to steal the Orb.

When Bruce infiltrates Alcatraz, he finds out that it is secretly inhabited by the Leader. Bruce sees the Leader's brother Madman taking Betty Ross hostage, and quickly becomes enraged, transforming into Hulk. In his rage, Hulk destroys the facilities and saves Betty Ross. Unfortunately, Betty says she has been exposed to gamma radiation and needs to be sent to the military gamma base.

While taking Betty to the gamma base, Hulk is stopped by a forcefield and sedated. He was moved to a room where he was to be dissected. Luckily, disguised as a soldier, Betty showed up and saved him.

Eventually, Hulk and Betty figured out how to disable the forcefield, and Hulk headed back into Alcatraz. Once inside, Hulk finally confronts Ravage. After a massive fight, Hulk ends up with the upper hand. When Ravage is defeated, he turns back into Dr. Crawford and tells Bruce where the Orb is.

After a few more fights, Hulk eventually confronts the Leader. The Leader, prepared for this confrontation, only uses the orb to cure Hulk. Bruce, however, realized that to save humankind from the Leader, he'd have to take the ball and turn back into Hulk. Hulk then beats the Leader in a fight, despite the fact that the Leader is a powerful foe. The Leader, seeing his defeat, teleports away.

After this, Hulk tries to reach the teleport station and is once again confronted by the Leaders brother, Madman. Hulk once again defeats Madman and teleports himself away. In the end, Bruce Banner is lucky in saving humanity and is comically seen trying to catch a ride home.

The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction

The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction begins with Bruce Banner trying to cure himself in an isolated area by building a machine. A missile from a particular branch of the NSA destroys his cabin. The mission is led by General Thunderbolt Ross, and Emil Blonsky, causing Banner’s transformation into the Hulk. Banner wins the battle and escapes to a secluded church. After grabbing a vial from the cabin’s remains, Blonsky is blasted with gamma rays.

The Hulk is controlled by a post-hypnotic suggestion device used by Samson, and Banner’s mind is gripped with a dark personality. Blonsky and Ross become hostile towards each other, as they attempt to secure a prisoner at a secret research facility called the Vault. Blonsky transforms into a reptilian creature and calls himself the Abomination. The Hulk wins a battle against the Abomination and is then blamed for the rampage.

The Hulk battles Blonsky’s bodyguard at a nuclear power plant wins the battle and discovers Mercy has a tracking device in her skull placed by Blonsky. Her moves are monitored, she tries to reveal the identity of the Hulk, and is killed when Blonsky orders an air strike. Banner escapes, and an alter ego called the Devil Hulk starts to emerge. The Hulk believes he has been ordered by Samson to destroy division locations, is ambushed, Samson’s conspiracy with Ross is revealed, and Samson is forced to use his device to put the Hulk to sleep.

Banner is brought to the vault, the power of the Devil Hulk comes out, corners Blonsky and the entire division becomes aware he is the Abomination. The Hulk, and the Abomination both flee the Vault. Before Banner can finish his machine, Ross has the church destroyed. Banner defeats his inner demon, Blonsky mutates into a stronger Abomination, then goes to the badlands. The Hulk goes to the vault and finds a mutilated, and dead woman in Blonsky’s arms. The Mission Directive is revealed by Blonsky as Nadia, his pregnant wife. He exposed her to gamma radiation to cure her ovarian cancer, and instead, she was turned into the aquatic mutant. Blonsky blames Banner, transforms into the mutated Abomination, and decides to destroy the city with the destruction of the damn.

A battle between the Abomination and the Hulk occurs on the top of the damn, and the Hulk is victorious. The morning edition of the paper reads that there were no survivors in the battle, there is a whisper of Nadia, the damn is smashed by the Abomination, and he is believed to have drowned beneath the water. The Hulk saves the city by stopping the water with a landslide, and Ross ensures the Hulk is blamed for the destruction of the damn. Samson offers to help Banner with his machine, but Banner refused the offer. Since he knows the Hulk will never gain the world’s trust, he embarks on his own again. The game ends the same way it began, with the Hulk rampaging mindlessly throughout the badlands.

The Incredible Hulk: Video Game (2008)

After the popularity of the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk, a video game based on the Marvel Superhero was released for console systems on June 5th, 2008 and June 10th, 2008 for PC. Two different developers worked on the two versions of the 2008 game; Edge of Reality worked on the console versions, (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows) while Amaze Entertainment worked on the hand-held version (Nintendo DS) of the game. Although the game had two developers to produce the several different versions of the game across the multiple platforms, it only had one publisher to take the game to new heights: the infamous Sega.

With a free-roam gaming style (open-world) and control settings, comparison is usually made between The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and The Incredible Hulk (2008). Being a single-player, action game, naturally, there are enemies that one must battle during the game: Abomination, U-Foes, The Enclave, Bi-Beast, and the United States Army led by General "Thunderbolt" Ross and Major Glenn Talbot.

Players will take on the primary role of Bruce Banner, voiced by Edward Norton from The Incredible Hulk Movie (2008). Bruce Banner was a scientist that was exposed to gamma radiation that altered his DNA; and, after a failed suicide attempt, Banner transforms into The Incredible Hulk (voiced by Fred Tatasciore). Players can expect to be placed into various battles with formidable foes such as Bi-Bast, The Enclave, Abomination, and more.

The game received mixed reviews after its release. IGN gave the Wii, PlayStation, and PlayStation 3 versions of the game a 6 out of 10; but, the PC and Nintendo DS versions received lower scores, 5.5 out of 10 and 5.2 out of ten respectfully. However, not all critics were disappointed with the game; destruction is recorded as giving the game a 7 out of 10.

Ghost Rider

"Ghost Rider" for the PlayStation 2 is a hack-and-slasher that can trace its parentage to "God of War," "Devil May Cry," and "Full Throttle." Players take on the role of the skull-headed biker from hell, and exact vengeance... and along the way, they just might save the world, as well.

The Plot

Johnny Blaze was just another motorcycle stuntman until his dad got cancer. Johnny loved his father, and he made a deal with the devil to cure the disease. Of course, his dad died in a motorcycle crash, and Johnny was left with hell to pay. Bonded to the demon Zarathos, he becomes the Ghost Rider. A spirit of vengeance, whenever innocent blood is spilled, Johnny becomes the Rider, and must seek revenge for what happened. Chained to a demon, and riding upon a hellcycle, Johnny struggles to find a way out of this infernal bargain.

That's when Mephisto, the lord of hell, summons him. He tells the Rider that Blackheart, Deathwatch, and other demons are running loose on Earth, and that if they are not brought to heel that they will usher in the apocalypse. Johnny needs some extra motivation, though, which is why Mephisto makes it clear that if Johnny refuses to do his job, it will lead to his lover Roxanne's death.

When the Rider agrees to the task he's been set, he systematically goes from location to location, slaying demons and stopping their plans dead in their tracks. Once all the demons have been handled, though, Mephisto reveals his real intention. The hellfire of the Rider's cycle has drawn a large glyph across the city, and he has made it possible to indeed begin Armageddon. Enraged at being tricked, the Rider manages to undo what he was tricked into doing and to soundly defeat hell's vanguard, restoring balance to the world.


"Ghost Rider" takes the spectacle of "Devil May Cry," and combines it with the bone-jarring, tooth-cracking impact of "God of War." There are all kinds of combination attacks that involve the Rider's signature chain, flaming fists, and even draining foes of their life essence to provide the Rider with more power. Light attack, massive attack, and combo finish quickly become the norm, but it never ceases to be an entertaining norm to watch play out on the screen.

The new element being put into play here is the Rider's signature cell cycle. This vehicle makes you mobile, allows you to assault enemies at high speeds, and it unlocks your ability to blast hellfire at your foes for a drive-by burning they'll never forget.

Unlockable Characters

For fans of Marvel's supernatural heroes, the unlockable characters in Ghost Rider can add serious replay value to the game. Ghost Rider has two additional skins (classic and 2099, which is a futuristic, cyberpunk version of the character), and players can also unlock the character Vengeance, as well as the vampire hunter Blade. The blade is the only character with a truly different set of challenges, though, and his moves are far more limited.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is an exciting video game available on the GameCube, PSP, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and the Xbox. The game was developed by well known Nihilistic Software in association with EA Canada. The game's publisher is also EA, known more formally as Electronic Arts. The game is just over a decade old, having an original release date of late September 2005 in the US and mid-October 2015 for European markets.

The entire premise of the game is centered around a 6-issue Marvel comic book based miniseries. The miniseries has the same name as its video game counterpart, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects falls within the fighting genre. The primary gameplay centers around various Marvel Comics characters fighting extremely powerful supervillains referred to as The Imperfects. For example, within the gameplay, you can select the characters Iron Man, Wolverine, Venom, or Spiderman and then use them to fight against various aspects that were created exclusively by the Electronic Arts team. Each of the characters has a health bar, which if taken down to zero means that that particular style loses the fight. What is especially cool about this game are the finishing moves known as fatalities. Fatalities can be used against any opponent who's health bar drops down below the 25 percent marker.

As you start the game, you'll notice that it begins with the character known as The Thing. The Thing discovers that aliens have come to earth and destroyed a prominent landmark. He fights these immigrants to protect mankind. It is later found that the aliens are adamant opponents, having already routed The Hulk, Captain America, and The Punisher. From this point forward players are left to fight their way through the city, protecting earth from these tough aliens.

At the default level, the game has 18 different playable characters, giving players many options to choose from. Venom, Spiderman, Storm, Daredevil, Iron Man, Wolverine, The Thing, Human Torch, Magneto, and Elektra can all be played as part of the Marvel cast of characters. About the playable Imperfects, you can choose between Solara, Brigade, Johnny Ohm, Paragon, The Wink, Hazmat, Niles Van Roekel, and Fault Zone. The game also includes three non-playable characters, which are The Hulk, Captain America, and The Punisher.

Beyond visually stunning fights that take place within the game, players can attempt to unlock loads of content that is only accessible when individual accomplishments have been achieved. The playable characters also possess many super powers that are true to the abilities owned by their Marvel comic book based counterparts. Beyond standard gameplay, there are too many online-based features that are exciting to try out if you have access to the internet.

The AI within the game is considered to be moderate in difficulty. This makes the game suitable for younger players, while not being overly easy to master for average to advanced gamers. All ages will find the game very challenging and engaging.

Marvel Pinball Game

Marvel Pinball is a virtual pinball game based on the stories from the Marvel universe. The game was released in December 2010 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Later on, the game was released on several other platforms. Critics were impressed by the games use of color and its exciting animations.

Marvel Pinball comes with four pinball tables, and also features 17 tables available as downloadable content. The four default tables are based on Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Blade.

The game plays much like a traditional pinball machine and follows all the same rules that real ones do. The player influences the game by controlling the flippers and nudging the table. As the game progresses, more paths open up, increasing the difficulty.

Marvel Pinball was announced on Nov. 15, 2010. However, it was leaked by the Australian Classification Board a bit earlier on October 20. Shortly after release, Zen Studios, the creators, held polls to ask fans what additional tables they would like as downloadable content. The first downloadable schedule released was based on the Fantastic Four, followed by Captain America, and several more.

In July 2011, Zen and Marvel announced they would be releasing four table expansion packs. The first was called Vengeance and Virtue. This bag contained tables for Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, and the X-Men. Around the same time, Zen began bringing Marvel Pinball to other platforms, such as smartphones and the Nintendo 3DS.

In April 2012 Zen used the Game Informer magazine to announce their second expansion pack. The expansion, named Avengers Chronicles, contained a table for, The Infinity Gauntlet, World War Hulk, Fear Itself, and The Avengers. The expansion pack was finally released on June 19, 2012.

Zen Studios have continued to release additional tables from the Marvel universe since the game came out. The most recent addition was the Women of Power two-pack, which contained the A-Force table and the Champions table. This expansion pack was based on the female superheroes and villains of the Marvel universe.

Overall, the game was well received by both critics and fans. The game's score on Metacritic is 83 for PlayStation 3, and 86 for Xbox 360. Most major gaming publications scored it over eight out of ten. Team Xbox gave Marvel Pinball a 9.5 out of ten. GamesRadar's Matthew Keast was the lowest scorer giving seven out of ten. He argued that the Blade table was too hard to see, but complimented the game's visuals otherwise. He also added that the game is not ideal for owners of small TVs.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest features the villains and heroes associated with Marvel. You can choose from characters that include Iron Man, Black Widow, Storm or Captain America. When you begin playing the game, you will select three characters to make your team. You will control your team against other groups of up to three characters. Take turns completing matches and plays that will do damage to the opponent without any damage done to your characters in the process. You can create action points in the game that can be used to get unique skills that can do more harm to your opponent.

There are gems on the screen that need to be cleared. When gems of the same color are matched, they disappear. More gems will fall. You can earn more points by making longer chains of colored gemstones. If you see a glowing jewel, then try to make a match with that one because you'll earn more points or unique skills that can be used against the opponent. You'll hit back and forth until one player is down and out of the game. After all of the enemies are down, the game is over. The winner will receive a special reward.

Each level of the game features more colors and a shorter time to make matches to clear the board of the gems and to earn points. You can unlock new attacks once you reach a certain number of points. If you choose the multiplayer game, then you're going to work against other teams of the computer. Story mode allows you to view a story of the characters while you're playing. You can collect covers for comic books to unlock new characters. The real abilities of the Marvel characters are seen in the game, and you can improve these skills with points earned.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes begins when the Cosmic Cube is obtained by Doctor Doom and used to incinerate the Watcher. This leads to the Raft, where a breakout has been instigated by HYDRA, and Madame Hydra to free the superpower inmates. The security system is reactivated, the cell blocks locked down, and Living Laser and Green Goblin recaptured. Madame Hydra receives a chip from Doctor Doom to exploit a flaw in the security system used by Tony Stark. Rhino is recaptured by Daredevil and Shocker in a subway. Doctor Octopus is prevented from stealing the Tablet of Life and Time, but Hood takes it. Hood is defeated and reveals the Hand has already purchased the Tablet.

The heroes journey to Madripoor, discover the HYDRA is also after the Tablet, Madame Viper is subdued, the HYDRA invasion is culled, Gorgon and Elektra are defeated, and the tablet is reclaimed. The proper connections of Kingpin force the heroes to return the tablet, the heroes expose and beat the Kingpin, the tablet is secured, then stolen again by Ghost for Doctor Doom. Charles Xavier then explains the Purifiers are attacking Mutant Town with a genocidal attack, the heroes fight the Reavers, led by Lady Deathstrike, and the Purifiers. The heroes discover Juggernaut is behind the attack, subdue Juggernaut, and save Mutant Town.

Nick Fury contacts the heroes, informing them of the creation of an anti-mutant superweapon developed in a collision between AIM, and Reverend William Stryker. They head to Fort Stryker and find it under attack by Magneto, and the Evil Mutants. The heroes win the battle, find out genomes have been sold, and are led to Savage Land. They interrupt an attack by hostile tribesmen, and Sinister’s Mutate army, win the battle, Sinister escapes, and Doctor Doom receives a clone of Lucas Bishop.

The heroes defeat Mandarin, and MODOK, one of the Mandarin’s rings are stolen by Doctor Doom, and the master plan is revealed. Doctor Doom has kept the heroes busy so he can take control of the Cosmic Cube. Doctor Doom is thwarted, and defeat Loki’s monsters, Frost Giants, Loki, and Dark Elves to save Asgard’s throne. Surtur is frustrated when he tries to invade Asgard, Odin reawakens and traps Loki in a time loop. Professor X disappears, the heroes discover Red Skulls merger with Onslaught, help is enlisted with the Thunderbolts program, Green Goblin, and Magneto makes an appearance, Onslaught is destroyed, and Red Skull is sent to prison. Doctor Doom tells the heroes of an invasion planned by the Skrulls, and they are defeated. The heroes are escorted to Nick Fury’s base in Madripoor, fight the activities of Skrull all over the world, and find the primary support of the leader Kl’rt in the Hightown of Madripoor. Super Skrull is confronted and defeated by the heroes. He escapes in his ship just as he is placed in custody, and the truth about his ship is revealed. The cargo includes an Infinity Gem, and this catches the attention of Thanos.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Of all the mobile games on the market these days, no one ever thought a fighting game would work for the genre in any way at all. This was disproved in 2014 when the mobile game developer and publisher Kabam acquired a license from Marvel and produced such a game. Marvel: Contest of Champions is a free to play the mobile fighting game making use of the many heroes, and sometimes villains, of the Marvel universe. Kabam has ensured that the game will keep gaining new characters with each major update to help get the roster of the game as full as it can be. As it stands right now, the list is filled dominantly by characters who have been featured in the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as well as those who are the most popular while some lesser known characters have managed to get into the roster as well. There are also some characters that are made exclusively for the game, these characters being fusions of two other characters such as Electro Luke, a combination of the villain Electro and hero Luke Cage, but characters such as these are currently unplayable.

In Marvel: Contest of Champions each character, regardless of if they're playable or not, is assigned a class that they're tied to. The classes are Science, Tech, Cosmic, Mutant, Skill, and Mystic. These classes control how a character plays, what their abilities are, and so forth. However, the classes also have a Rock, Paper, Scissors function to them wherein one class will do more damage against another class, but take more damage from a different level. Typically the chain goes: Skill beats Science, Science beats Mystic, Mystic beats Cosmic, Cosmic beats Tech, Tech beats Mutant, and Mutant beats Skill. Characters of classes that go against each other not in a relationship listed above (In example; a Skill character versus a Cosmic character) no bonus damage will be done to either character.

To gain more heroes, players must acquire specific crystals through playing the game. These crystals can be obtained through events, through story mode progression, as rewards for participating in enough fights, and through making purchases using the specific in-game currency that's acquired by playing the game as well as buying it. Depending on the type of Crystal used for summoning a hero, a player can receive a hero of a Star Ranking between one and five, and those rankings play a role in the game. One and Two Star ranked characters are much weaker than the higher rated characters but can be more easily duplicated, a mechanic where if you roll the same role at the same Star rank the newly acquired copy is discarded and the player's current copy has its abilities boosted and gained several items from it. Three Stars are the average power and acquisition rate while Four and Five Stars are the most powerful and rarest characters to acquire in the game.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is considered the 4th game in the series and contains characters from Marvel and Capcom. The game is very versatile and can be purchased for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360 and iOS.

If you like fighting games, you will love the goal of this game. The overall goal is to knock your opponents out in combat, and tag team and three on three gameplay are available. If you have played other Capcom games, you will quickly recognize the mechanics of this game. This game takes a more significant leap than its predecessors by using the traditional 2D sprites with characters and gameplay graphics being in 3D, making this game the first in the series to use 2.5D graphics.

Each character you choose has three different assist types which can range from the ability to heal to launching projectiles. Characters in the assisted class will receive additional damage if your opponent strikes them, but their health will slowly regenerate after the attack is rerouted or ceases. The best part is, your match will only end when one team loses all their vitality for all three fighters. If both teams maintain their life, the player with the most health when the timer reaches zero is declared the winner.

You are probably wondering about options for dealing extra damage. Don’t worry; you still have the colored “Hyper Combo” meter at the bottom of the screen. The hyper combos now deal more damage, and you can sell even more damage by using delayed hyper combos.

There are two different modes of play available, including arcade and versus mode. Arcade allows you to play against the computer, while verses allow you to play against a live opponent.

A great addition to the game is the character specific endings. This creates a more excellent appearance and a more personalized feeling game play. Even though other games have used character particular endings, previous versions of Capcom Vs. Did not use them, which disappointed many players.

Playable Characters

You will be relieved to find that the playable character roster was taken from favorite Marvel Comics, like the Avengers, X-Men, and the Capcom video game series. With 32 players you are familiar with, you are sure to find one that you like, and you will easily be able to master the button combinations. Each character has its button combinations, so make sure to learn them rather than play in a button smashing manner. Mastering the button combinations will increase your score, your ability to defeat opponents, and become a Marvel and Capcom master.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 opened terrific three-dimensional character models when it was released in 2011 – an innovation then. The cross-over fight game is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game received excellent review rating from various independent review sites, and it could sell at least two million copies within a month of its release. While coming to the gameplay of the Capcom game, gamers can fight each other by choosing characters of their choice, using various fighting styles, and unique attacking powers. It follows a tag team style of gameplay similar to previous game installments of the series.

The gameplay offers an option for the gamers to choose three characters per team and make one-on-one fights with other groups. Interestingly, they can also switch the characters in between the game. Additionally, the organizations can utilize off-screen characters for performing a single special attack – the publisher calls it as “assist.” Also, the gamers can charge their characters with Hyper Combo Gauge if they receive any damage during the fights. The feature helps the players to strategize their game better with efficient and on time use of Gauge. The gameplay also offers additional options such as snapbacks, hyper combos, and crossover combinations to make the gaming more engaging.

The gaming focuses on retaining the own gauges and making the opponent's life gauge gets exhausted. It comes with three-dimensional character models while the gameplay comes in two dimensions. It introduces X-Factor, a game mechanic that ensures increased damage, health regeneration, and speed within a short period. The gamers can use it once per match. However, they should note that based on the total number of active characters in the team, the intensity and duration of X-Factor change. It can increasingly help the fighters to last longer and ensure winning the matches with enhanced damage boosts.

The game offers multiple offline modes, including Arcade Mode, Training Mode, Versus Mode, and Mission Mode. The methods provide options from combating with AI-controlled opponents to character specific challenges. While coming to the online version of the game, it solely offers multiplayer mode and provides opportunities to increase the rankings through various fights. The online version of the game gives Shadow Battle, a DLC that helps the gamers to fight with opponents who are controlled by AI programs. Also, the players have options to see the License Cards of candidates before every battle, including their style of attacks and the response they received for those attacks.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 features 36 characters in the gaming roaster. Interestingly, some of them are new while other are returning characters from the previous franchisees. With the DLC, players can get two more characters named Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine. During the character developing process, Marvel closely worked with Capcom to fully equip the characters of the company. People can also see many Marvel characters including Ghost Rider, Nemesis, Daredevil, MegaMan Volnutt, Fantastic Four, and more as non-playable characters in the game, and they make cameo appearances in the gameplay.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an update to Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds. It was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. Its additions added new stages, new modes, and balance updates to the game. It had new characters which included, Firebrand, Frank West, Nemesis, Strider Hiryu, Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nova, Hawkeye and Ghost Rider. Characters Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath as downloadable content. All of those characters bring Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster from 36 to 50.

Much of the game's roster like Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon and Doctor Strange and other inclusions might be obscure to casual fans. But Marvel requested this since their movie studios would make a movie based on those characters in the upcoming years. In arcade mode, you fight some fights until you defeat Galactus and your character is given a two-panel ending. Many of the endings are doing what the character is already known for, crossing over with a character from the different company. Gameplay functions on a three-on-three format which Marvel vs. Capcom 2 used.

Players can have up to five bars of super meter and level one or level three super combo. Also, players have access to a new mechanic called "X-factor" which for a limited time will make your character faster and stronger. The more damage takes, the better your X factor you'll have. The three characters you have assists that you can use in battle to defend you or set up combos. Umvc3 has tags which means when you do an air combo, you can reset your opponent to do more damage.

Almost every character has this, and you can use it to kill every character in one full combo. The game has a feature of when one of your characters takes damage you can swap them out, and they can heal a portion of their health. Though the game introduced a lot it has been criticized for being too flashy, not having as big of a roster as Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and not requiring that much skill to be effective.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite(2017)

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite released in September 2017 is a crossover fighting game from Marvel and Capcom. The various platforms this title is on our Windows PC, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4. Which features two character tag team battles. No longer has three on three fighting as it had in the previous title or character assist moves. The new gameplay mechanics in this title are the infinity stones, auto combo, and active switching. Each player selects 1 of 6 infinity stones after they choose their characters. The rocks are Reality, Mind, Soul, Time, Power, and Space. The stones have unique powers(Infinity Surge) such as shooting out projectiles to moving opponents characters closer to your characters.

Each stone has a meter which when fully charged unleashes Infinity Storm which makes the screen flashy and allows the players to activate effects as allowing a player to bring back knocked out characters to putting a box around the character of the opponent that they cant tag out characters and have their movement limited. The auto combo mechanic allows new players to be able to do more natural combos that look visually impressive. Which has caused some debates whether this latest entry is fair or not?

The other new mechanic was Active Switching which allows characters to switch on the fly. Which increases variety with the various aspects for each player to have their unique strategy for victory. The playable characters on the Marvel side are Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Ghost Rider Gamora, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Nova, Rocket-Raccoon, Spider-Man, Thor, and Ultron. On the Capcom side, there is Arthur, Chun Li, Chris Redfield, Firebrand, Dante, Frank West Jeddah, Haggar, Morrigan, Spencer, Nemesis, Ryu, Strider Hiryu, Spencer, Mega-man X and Zero. DLC characters that are confirmed so far are Black Panther, Monster Hunter, and Sigma. Doesn't feature favorite X-men characters which were featured in the previous titles which got fans upset. The game has several modes Story, Arcade, Training, Versus, and Online Multiplayer.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

The action role-playing game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was released in 2006 by Raven Software.

The first act of the game begins with Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Realizing that they are in need of assistance, Nick Fury sends out a distress call for all available super heroes. None other than Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, and Wolverine arrive to save the Helicarrier. Once defeating the evil forces, Nick Fury begins a task force dedicated to ending the threat caused by the Masters of Evil. The first mission of this new task force is to investigate a cryptic message from Dum Dum Dugan at the Omega Base. When the team arrives, they find Crimson, Dynamo, Mysterio, and MODOK trying to crash the mobile base into a dam and launching gamma bombs in the process. The team can stop their efforts and then travel to Atlantis.

When the gang arrives, they find that the citizens of Atlantis are being mind-controlled by Attuma, who has started a coup and has taken the throne of Atlantis from Namor. The team once again works together to defeat the villain and his team so they can reinstate peace to Atlantis. Before they can leave, Mandarin arrives and unleashes the Kraken which the team can defeat by knocking over pillars on top of it.

Next, the group then goes to the Valley of Spirits to confront Mandarin and storm his fortress. Once defeated, Mandarin explains that he tried to take command of the Masters of Evil but failed, so he left the group. Clearly, the Mandarin they saw was not him, but likely Loki the God of Mischief and known shapeshifter.

The task force regroups at their base and finds that Nightcrawler and Jean Grey have been kidnapped by unknown forces. Fortunately, Professor X can locate them at Castle Doom by using the Sanctum Sanctorum. Professor X tries to transport the team there, but because of a spell cast by Baron Mordo, they are sent to Murderworld instead. Once there the heroes must defeat a mind-controlled Jean Grey, Shocker, and Rhino. After they win the battle, the team reveals that Dr. Doom used Nightcrawler and his powers to access Mephisto's Realm, so the heroes give chase.

Once they enter Murderworld, the henchmen of Mephisto capture Jean Grey and Nightcrawler and place them above the Infinity Vortex. The team then has to pick which one they want to save and which they want to sacrifice. Which ever sacrificed hero is chosen is later resurrected under the control of Mephisto in the next battle. In a moment of clarity, the sacrificed hero uses the last of their strength to defeat Mephisto and give the team time to escape.

After having to go to Azgaurd to fight off Loki, the team learns they must get a piece of the M'Kraan Crystal to defeat Doctor Doom. The heroes do so by stealing the crystal from Galactus and defeating Doctor Doom. Ominously, Galactus vows vengeance on the heroes and earth.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is an action role-playing game first released in 2009. The initial release targeted the vast majority of popular consoles and portable systems of the time. And since then it's been repeatedly ported to new consoles. In general, most versions of the game are feature compatible with each other. The main exception is that there are some minor variations in character availability on a platform by platform basis.

While the game is a direct sequel to the first Ultimate Alliance game, it should be easy for new players to jump right in. The title's storyline is mostly self-contained. As one might assume, some familiarity with the Marvel characters will vastly add to the game's overall entertainment factor. But even there a little knowledge can go a long way. The game is usually quite good about making sure players can find out details of the characters backstory, personality, and powerset.

This shouldn't be taken to mean that it skimps on story and character development though. In fact, one of the biggest draws of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 involves world building. The game presents the Marvel universe in a fullness that's sure to impress anyone. It brings together multiple franchises to create stories which one could have only imagined before. The X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and a whole host of other franchises can be mixed and matched when creating a party.

This also highlights one of the best parts of the game's design. Every character within the huge roster has unique talents and abilities. One might almost think of party creation as a chance to set up a chess board with different sets of pieces. How one chooses to create a party will directly influence how various stages are tackled.

What's, even more, fun is the fact that the game respects the source material. Anyone who comes in using in-depth knowledge of the Marvel universe should be ready for some in-game rewards. The games designers anticipated the kind of amusing combinations fans might attempt. The result is that characters sometimes interact in a way that adequately rewards the players for their knowledge.

The gameplay itself is equally impressive. The overall pace of the game will typically go from action to hub world and right back to work again. When in the hub a player can go about a variety of different activities at a leisurely pace. This is often a great chance to familiarize oneself with character abilities and backstories. From there a party of four characters can tackle a new stage. While there's a pattern to the game, it's not one that ever grows tiring. It's a framing device which provides elegant simplicity.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 apparently will have some unique appeal to fans of Marvel franchises. Even people who only know a few of the characters will be able to create parties which complement their background. But interest in Marvel is by no means a necessity for people who want to give the game a try. Even someone coming in blind will find an amazingly fun game.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet is a highly reviewed video game and sequel to an earlier gaming release known more simply as Marvel Super Hero Squad. The game was developed by Griptonite Games, a well-known developer based out of Kirkland, Washington. The game was published by THQ in association with Vivendi Games. You can play the game on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. The original release date for the title was mid-November 2010, with the Nintendo 3DS version coming out in early October 2011.

The genre of Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet is referred to as beat them up or fighting. It has both single-player and multiplayer modes. Similar to its earlier gaming counterpart, Marvel Super Hero Squad, the graphics within the game feature extremely deformed cartoon-like characters that are used in the Marvel Comics cartoon.

About gameplay, there are three separate modes that a player can choose between. The first method is called Story Mode, which is based on selecting a limited number of heroes and using them to complete the entire game storyline. The second game mode is known as Challenge Mode. This method gives players the chance to utilize up to four heroes at a time in multiplayer style and offers a massive selection of up to 30 different playable Marvel Comics-based characters. The third game mode is known as Freeplay Mode, allowing a game player to enter any level of their choosing and conquer it with any character that they desire.

The game features numerous different playable levels that are also loosely based on specific locations that were featured within the actual animated comic book series. Within these standards, there are multiple different collectible objects to gather, all of which possess the ability to unlock hidden game features. Some of these dark features are unique character costumes, weapons, and special super powers.

Some of the playable characters included within the game can be divided into two groups, the Super Hero Squad, and the Villains. Playable Super Hero Squad characters include Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, The She-Hulk, Reptil, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, The Hulk, Nova, Iron Man, The Invisible Woman, Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, and Bucky Barnes. Playable characters within the Villains group include Doctor Doom, Annihilus, Abomination, Dark Surfer, Loki, Nebula, Magneto, MODOK, Galactus, Hercules, Grandmaster, Enchantress, Red Skull, Thanos, Nightmare, and Super-Skrull. Every player possesses unique fighting moves and unique superpowers.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet is known to be far more visually stunning than even its well-received predecessor, Marvel Super Hero Squad. The graphics are extremely well polished, giving players visually stunning fighting scenes and beautifully choreographed fight moves. The controls for the game are thought to be very smooth and easy to master, catering towards gamers of all age groups. Outside of graphics, the plot writing within the game will have you howling with laughter, as the game's writers went above and beyond in making sure the plot stays extraordinarily entertaining and accurate to its Marvel Comics-based counterpart.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat is a very well-received video game, following its two famous predecessors, Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, and the much earlier Marvel Super Hero Squad. The game was initially released in mid-November 2011 in the US market and late November 2011 for European markets. It can be played on three different video game consoles, the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3. The lead developer that produced the game is the renowned Griptonite Games, based out of Washinton State in the US. The game's publisher is THQ in association with the favorite Vivendi Games.

What's unique about Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat is that it utilizes the uDraw GameTablet, a video game based graphics tablet that was produced by THQ. It was specially designed for the Nintendo Wii in mid-2010 and then later for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in mid-2011.

The main plot of Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat centers around the fictional supervillain character, Doctor Doom. The crazy doctor and his evil minions design a sinister scheme so that they can enter the real world. Once there, they plan to figure out a way to steal the uDraw GameTablet so that they can conquer and dominate the entire comic book universe with its particular drawing technology.

About the gameplay of Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat, it is specially designed to be used with the uDraw GameTablet only. While using the tablet players can build huge barricades, draw unique weapons, and launch different types of powerful attacks. While playing the game, you can use the tablet's stylus pen to illustrate a custom attack. All attacks are meant to stop Doctor Doom and all of his evil minion followers before it is too late.

There are ten different playable characters within the game. Each character is Marvel Comics-based, including The Hulk, Squirrel Girl, Reptile, Falcon, The Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man. It should be noted that Squirrel Girl's appearance is the first time she has been featured in a Marvel Comics-based video game. Each of these ten unique players is referred to within the game module as "Squaddies." Using any of these characters, game players need to solve complicated puzzles with their uDraw GameTablet to defeat the evil Doctor Doom. Other supervillains featured in the game are Red Skull, Abomination, and MODOK. These characters along with Doctor Doom can be seen in the Comic Combat mode.

Some of the unique locations featured in the game are true to the Marvel Comics series as well. They include Baxter Building, Helicarrier, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Sanctum Sanctorum, and The Vault. If you quickly shake the gaming tablet at any time, you can cause a massive earthquake within any of the game's unique locations. There are a total of six different location-based stages, where game players can discover "hero points" that can later be used to upgrade the strengths and abilities of any of the ten playable characters.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

The hugely popular internet based game, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, was initially released in beta mode in late April 2011 in US markets and early November 2011 in European markets. The beta versions of the game were both server-merged into an officially released non-beta version in early November 2012. The game was created by the Unity engine, a specialized and multi-platform gaming engine that was initially published in 2005 by Unity Technologies, a company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game was pc-based and used macOS and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems as the primary gaming consoles.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is strictly a multiplayer internet-based game only. It cannot be played by a single player offline at all. It was created to cater towards a reasonably young gaming audience, not offering gameplay advanced enough for older or more experienced gamers. Initially, the game was completely free to play; it also allowed microtransactions with its in-game currency and even a subscription-based membership paid monthly.

The first aspect of the gameplay involves creating a multiplayer based Squad. To build such a group, each player must select a playable hero that they wish to be. Once a hero was selected it could then be used in a wide variety of gaming activities. As the game progressed, the player's chosen hero would accumulate new abilities and increased powers, all of which made them much more robust in any combat situation. The game also allowed players to unlock animated emotes so that they could later be used within specific social locations scattered throughout the different worlds and gaming zones.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is no longer online. Its servers were officially shut down on January 11, 2017. As the game aged it lost some of its popularity, giving way to newer and more advanced games within the same massively multiplayer online role-playing genre.

With regards to the actual gameplay, the game had many different alternate controls. For example, you could click your mouse to move your player from place to place, or you could opt to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around. The commonly used W, A, S, and D keys also ran a player around the digital worlds. If you decided to make your character fly rather than walk, you just clicked on a small blue circle that appeared on the ground below the figure. If your character did not possess the ability to fly, then you could make them double jump or execute what was called a long hike. Moving around the worlds, your character set out to amass points by collecting gold or fractals. The color was used in gameplay to buy things, while fractals were used for the same purpose.

The game featured 196 playable Marvel-based characters. Some of these characters included Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Tigra, Destroyer, Black Cat, Nick Fury, Thor, Human Torch, Superman, Captain American, Spiderman, Silver Surfer, and many others. Each unique character possessed unique powers and abilities that could be used to grow your character's experience and strength.

Marvel vs Capcom Origins

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is a crossover fighting game that was initially developed by Capcom and re-released by Iron Galaxy Studios, the same group that released Streetfighter III: Third Strike. It features the Original Marvel vs. Capcom as well as Marvel Superheroes. It was scheduled for release on the PlayStation Network on September 25, 2012, and for Xbox live Arcade September 26, 2012. A delay caused its release to be pushed back until October 10, 2012.The games main selling point was an online mode, which allowed players to compete against each other across PSN or XBLA. Like Third Strike, Origins rewards the players with challenges which involve the player with using new play styles.

The rewards from the Challenges could be used to show bonuses that fans may enjoy such as concept art, secret characters, and films. Unfortunately, due to expiring contracts that featured X-men characters such as Wolverine and Magneto Origins was for to desist on online stores like PSN and XBLA. Regarding roster, fans of both Marvel and Capcom will find characters that they are familiar with. On the Capcom side, there are characters such as Morrigan, Ryu, and Megaman, all from established video game franchises. From Marvel, there are characters such as Hulk, Spiderman, and Captain America. Both sides have characters that are a bit obscure such as Jin Satome, from Capcom and War machine from Marvel.

Regarding gameplay, the game uses a two-on-two format where you can select two characters from multiple franchises and use an assist from Marvel or Capcom franchises. The game has a super meter that allows you have super bars of super meter where you can use a level one or level three super combo. In the Dreamcast version, there was a four-player mode that that an option where you use all of your meters for a period when both players onscreen are not limited to how many meters they can use.

In Marvel vs. Capcom, there is an extreme emphasis on air combos. The majority of combat is in the air. Players can air block and do a super jump to combo in the air. In the arcade mode, the two characters go through a certain amount of fights to compete against Onslaught, the final games boss. After defeating Onslaught, your character is given an ending. Marvel vs. Capcom is one of the most revolutionary fighting games of all time. It has influenced the design of many fighting games from the King of Fighters to Skullgirls.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Created for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes developed by Avalanche software is a sequel to Disney Infinity released in 2013. The story contains multiple plots in an action-adventure sandbox format where the primary story campaign has been separated into different story adventures. The game features more than 20 interactive figures brought in from across the Marvel story universe where players can create and play in multiplayer formats with their family and friends.

But, Marvel character heroes aren’t the only characters on offer due to the player potential to decorate their world with Easter eggs plus cool marvel paraphernalia like the Infinity Gauntlet. Other exciting features also include the ability to personalize characters as well as sharing customized creations with the infinity community.

Once gameplay is set up, players can choose three from the three different playsets which include:

Avengers: Players get to experience a storyline centered on Loki’s and Modok’s attempts to freeze New York City with the aid of the Frost Giants.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinity players can focus on a battle between Ronan the accuser and the Guardians for the possession of an Infinity stone on a planet called, Knowhere.

Spider-man: The marvel web-slinger shines in his own story in a battle against the Green Goblin, and Mysterio whose plan to create a new Venom symbiote just might destroy the world.

Gameplay for the Disney Infinity: Marvel superheroes is similar gameplay to the original Disney Infinity because a character can still be equipped with a ‘Pack’ or ‘Tool’ to use during play. For those not in the know, packs are items that can be worn and carried on a character’s back while tools are items that can be carried in a character’s hand. Infinity’s toybox worlds have been expanded due to the inclusion of flying within the world. Marvel hero characters play differently from each other with character fight abilities being divided into two categories: Ranged and Melee. Ranged characters fight from a far distance while Melee characters battle in close combat situations. Additional character abilities unlock when a player tallies up enough skill points.

Gameplay has been branched into two separate game modes: Playset and Toolbox. With playset mode activated, players can play an open world multiple story mode based on a single franchise which is accessed by placing the playset crystal shard piece into the Disney infinity base. Characters such as Ironman and Hulk are playable in more than one playset.

With Toolbox mode activated, players can create their game world and games from items unlocked from activity in during Playset gameplay. Toolbox play supports local plus multiplayer gameplay. Toybox adventures have been limited during the game with plenty of rewards, power discs and enough cross-platform compatibility to make up for it.

The art style and figures for Disney Infinity: Marvel superheroes was designed to look like a toy and was co-designed by artists and developer from Pixar. The platform is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii U.

A Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a beloved interactive adventure video game which was developed by Telltale Games and was released for many systems worldwide including Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, OS X, PlayStation Vita, OS, and later on released for the PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

This fantasy, mystery story was heavily based on the workings of Bill Willingham's comic book series called Fables. The game itself was created in the Fable universe and meant to be a prequel to the comic book as the play happened almost 20 years before the funny storyline.

The Wolf Among Us is a game that allows the player to explore in third-person perspective as the leading role, Bigby Wolf, who can travel in numerous three-dimensional surroundings.

As the player discovers different places within the world of the game, they can find interactive objects that can be selected and examined. Valuable items can also be found and kept in the inventory for a later purpose.

Another vital aspect of the game is the player's ability to speak with non-playable characters, by presenting the player with dialogue trees with every conversation. The dialogue the player decides while talking with the characters can either give a positive or an adverse effect on how they see Wolf Bigby and that view will significantly influence events that will happen further in the story.

Some choices, however, are more based on action which requires the player to respond swiftly to a sequence of quick time events. Although it not always significant to complete the quick time events, if the player misses specific QTE that is prompted, it can very well affect the outcome of the story.

The game consists of five episodes with each one enriches the story as the player progresses.

In the game, the year was set in 1986, and many of the magical worlds that are depicted in the myths, legends, and folklore have been inhabited by an unfathomable tyrant called the Adversary. Many fled from their magical Homelands because of the Adversary's oppressive rule and made an enclave which they called Fabletown in Manhattan, New York. To hide their existence from the human world, all non-humans are required to buy an enchantment which they refer to as glamour that allows them to disguise themselves as humans otherwise, they must be transferred to a rural community which they have named, The Farm.

The protagonist, Bigby Wolf, once formally known as Big Bad Wolf, is the sheriff of Fabletown while working at the Business Office under the leadership of the mayor, Ichabod Crane. He receives help from Snow White with the investigations and the winged monkey named Bufkin who manages Fabletown's records.

The story begins when Wolf managed to save a prostitute from an enraged and drunk Woodsman but later discovered a mysterious murder involving a woman's head being left on the doorsteps of Woodlands. It was then identified to be the prostitute, Faith. Ichabod ordered Wolf to investigate Faith's death with the assistance of Snow White.

The series was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Story and Adventure Game of the Year.

The game has been well received and considered to have a cult following since its release in July 2014.

The developers have talked about making a sequel, but they were already engaged in other games at the time such as Tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Game of Thrones.

However, in July 2017, Telltale announced that they would be releasing a second season of The Wolf Among Us that is estimated to be coming in 2018.

MIB Alien Crisis

MIB Alien Crisis begins with Peter Delacour planning to steal the Book of Khnemu, an Egyptian artifact. He is working for Emilio Chauncey, gives him the book, Chauncey plots world domination, and his bodyguards are instructed to eliminate Delacour. Peter escapes, Chauncey gets away, and the MIB appear. Delacour is taken into custody by Frank the Pug, and Agent C, a desk clerk for MIB. Delacour is interrogated, tires to escape, and is caught. Peter is deputized to retrieve the book since Chauncey is working with an alien race called the Adorians.

Peter steals the book from Chauncey’s study, confirms the partnership with the Adorians, and J, and K is turned into statues. Peter brings the book to Professor Thurgood, is told by C Thurgood is an alien, and becomes angry when Thurgood denies knowledge of the book. The book is stolen by the Adorians, a downed Andorian ship is discovered by Chauncey’s mansion in New Mexico, and the connection between Chauncy and the aliens are established.

The war started when Netheera and Khnemu were supposed to marry, and the ships were trapped in nullspace after being sabotaged. The only thing that can free the boat is the book, the Adorian coding embedded in Chauncey’s network is revealed, and the MIA realizes if the Adorians are the victors in the war, Chauncey can control the minds of all the Earth’s people. Peter is forced to read one of the passages of the book, the Khnemu gain the ability to possess Chauncey, and the ship is programmed to self-destruct. Peter and C escape from the blast, Khnemu follows, is killed, and the Nakkadan ship is freed from the explosion.

Peter and C go back to the museum, discover Nakkadans, and find Thurgood frozen in the residue. Thurgood admits he is an emissary of the Catala initiative and was sent to Earth to protect the book. Thurgood reveals the hiding place of the Orb, and C prepares to neutralize Peter to before the book was stolen. She is possessed by the spirit of Netheera, Nakkadan soldiers swarm Thurgood’s office, and Peter fights to reach a fountain in Central Park. He finds two Nakkadan generals, and Netheera heading to their ship through a nullspace portal, and follows. He corners Netheera is told she plans to destroy the Earth due to the death of Khnemu, and she turns into a giant scorpion. Peter defeats her and escapes with C.

Peter admits to C he cares for her but explains as agents of MIB, they can’t fraternize. J and K kick up a ruckus at headquarters, and things begin returning to normal. The pair is congratulated for their victory by O, and Peter is informed she is considering making him full-time. She wants him to lead the division responsible for finding the location of alien artifacts. This would begin with a downed UFO seen in Central America. The exotic pictured has a lot of tentacles, and Peter asks if they have more than usual. C assures him; it is a job for MIB.

Men in Black 3 (2012 video game)

Men in Black 3 is a freemium simulation game developed by Gameloft S.A. based on the 2012 Men in Black 3 film. It was released for iOS and Android devices in May 2012 and is optimized for both smartphone and tablet devices. The game tasks players with creating and managing their own MIB agency using familiar characters and buildings from the movie.


An alien disguised as a human in a red-suit causes a fire to break out at a hair salon in Brooklyn to steal a “Time Dial” from a Euclidean alien disguised as a hairdresser. Agent K accompanies the player, a new Agent in the Agency, and together defeats the man in the red-suit who escapes with the “Time Dial”, a time travel device that can be used to change history. After the player sends an Agent to interrogate the Euclidean hairdresser, they find out that the red-suited alien traveled back to 1969 to change events in the past.

With the help of favorite characters from the movie, the player seeks to apprehend the red-suited alien and retrieve the “Time Dial.” The player then proceeds to track him through different time periods to catch the criminal alien.


In Men in Black 3 players start out as Agents and are additionally given control of managing a MIB agency. The game is similar to city-building games but instead of developing the floor plan of the agency by adding different areas. A variety of rooms (Facilities, Structures, Shops, and Décor) is available for the players to purchase with “MIB credits” in-game currency. Rooms take time to build but can be sped up using Temporal Pulse (T-Pulse) another in-game currency.

Rooms built in the agency grant different benefits to the player. Most rooms generate in-game currency to collect. The Locker room allows players to recruit additional agents to be sent on missions or right in combat. The Armory will enable players to build progressively better weapons which have to be bought and are restricted depending on the player’s level. Premium items, in-game currencies MIB credits and T-Pulse can also be purchased with real-world currency.

The game also incorporates a story mode, which follows the player-controlled agent as well as other protagonists consistent with the movie. The player may take progressively tricky agent missions which consist of dialogue and a turn-based combat where the objective is to deplete the enemy’s health bar with a variety of attacks, some of which use T-Pulse to activate.


On May 17, 2012, Men in Black 3 was released for both the iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play.


The game is enjoyed with an Amazon customer rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with 60% of those who downloaded the game there for the sovereign score it five stars.

The game has received some criticism for its micro-transaction revenue structure perceived as exploitative, partly due to the trending wave of similar resource management games.

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