Bitcoins? Comics? Together? A Few Spots to Buy with Bitcoin

Holly Hickman Holly Hickman
November 24th, 2017

Bitcoins? Comics? Together? A Few Spots to Buy with Bitcoin

Bitcoins? You probably know what they are or you might not have a clue what they are.

Whether you know what they are or not I’m sure you’ve at least heard about them. The value of the Bitcoin has been on a study rise, and many people are talking about wishing they had invested in these Bitcoins sooner. For those of you who don’t know what they are, I’ll explain what they are for you.

Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. Bitcoins were first introduced to the world January 3rd, 2009 as the world’s first digital currency to function without an overseeing bank or administrator by an unknown person or group only known as Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency was only heard of in the underground market when first introduced, being mostly used by nefarious traders to keep the government from seeing their transactions.

Bitcoin Comics


Now, Bitcoin has been around a bit and can be used to purchase anything including comic books. With a few brick and mortar comic shops across America opening their doors to the new currency and with Internet companies like Overstock and Amazon accepting Bitcoins, you can now get comics and memorabilia delivered to your door for Bitcoins.

Nattosoup in Nashville is a private site created by Becca Hillburn for her webcomic series 7” Kara. Becca Hillburn opened her site accepting the cryptocurrency. Overstock has a lot of comic memorabilia up for grabs with Bitcoins, and Amazon will have you covered on the comic book side of things, but not til sometime in 2018. At least that’s the buzz with Amazon buying three of the crypto domains. Knowing Amazon they’ll be getting their feet wet in cryptocurrency pretty soon, and you’ll be able to have some comics shipped right to your door, but at the loss of selection and experience of a brick and mortar comic shop.

Los Angeles’ Meltdown was the first to accept the Bitcoins currency as a brick and mortar business. The Meltdown started accepting Bitcoins as currency on January 30, 2014 and made history as the first brick and mortar store ever to accept this form of currency. The manager Francisco was quoted as saying “ We’ll be the only comic book shop accepting Bitcoins.”

It didn’t take long for others to catch wind of this idea and before we knew it, there were two brick and mortar stores in America accepting Bitcoins to buy comics. One other shop had opened their store to Bitcoins shortly after Meltdown had started to accept the cryptocurrency as well as a comic museum.

Toonseum in Pittsburgh is a great place for people who love the history, as well as the work that goes into comics. Death Ray Comics in Logan, UT jumped on the Bitcoin wagon behind Meltdown. Unfortunately, Death Ray Comics is now permanently closed.

So it seems for now at least if you want to buy comics with some of those Bitcoins you have sitting collecting dust waiting to be sold or used, you’ll just have to turn to Nattosoup or take a trip to Los Angeles and visit the fine folks of Meltdown Comics.

Maybe take to trip Pittsburgh and get some comic history at the Toonseum. Either way, there’s not much offered when it comes to buying our beloved comics with Bitcoins, not at the moment anyway. Hopefully, this will change as the cryptocurrency gains popularity and value.

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