8 Marvel Movies No One Remembers

Dan Goad Dan Goad
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April 11th, 2017

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8 Marvel Movies No One Remembers
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Dr. Strange (1978)

Dr Strange

Credit: Universal

2016's Doctor Strange movie surprised a lot of non-comic fans when it was announced, but it surprises even more people to learn that it wasn't the first Doctor Strange adaptation to be seen on screen. Riding on the popularity of The Incredible Hulk TV series, in 1978 Marvel released a TV movie based on the Sorcerer Supreme. It was meant to usher in new series, but was never taken up.

In contrast to The Incredible Hulk - as well as The Amazing Spider-Man, which aired around the same time - Dr. Strange is actually quite faithful to the comics. Wong and Clea are in the film, as well as a stand-in of sorts for the Ancient One. It even included a costumed villain, in the form of Morgan le Fay. TV Hulk and Spider-Man spent their time foiling bank robberies and recovering stolen trucks. There are a few departures from the comics though, such as Stephen Strange being a psychiatrist and the Ancient One living in New York.

It hasn't aged well. Peter Wooten as Strange has what can only be described as a "pornstar" moustache and the costumes don't really help. This is 70's high camp at its campest. But at least he does what comic Doctor Strange does, and battle super villains with his magic powers - 70's special effect magic powers at least.


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