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The Many Loves Of Peter Parker

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December 29th, 2015

The Many Loves Of Peter Parker

Peter Parker is one of the most loved heroes in all of comics… and fans seem to like him as well.

Over the course of his superhero career, stretching all the way back to his original Marvel Comics appearance in 1962, our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has gotten friendly in quite a few neighbourhoods. With the help of the ComiConverse infographics team, we’re here to break down the plethora of passionate partners Peter Parker has possessed.

Prepare to be positively impressed.


Gwen Stacy:

Gwen was Peter’s first love, but it didn’t happen quickly. While they were both science nerds, Peter had his Aunt May to look after and so it took some time for these two to get together. Sadly, Gwen was killed when the Green Goblin through her off a bridge – shattering our hero’s heart… until.

Mary Jane Watson:

Following the death of Gwen Stacy, Peter fell for Mary Jane Watson who had been friends previously with Gwen. The two found true happiness together before Mephisto altered reality forever… Isn’t that always the way.

Felicia Hardy:

Superhero dating is exceedingly common across the comics community, so it seems only logical that Peter would eventually connect with another member of New York’s large hero population. Felicia Hardy, AKA Black Cat, competed vigorously against Mary Jane for Peter’s attentions.

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Debra Whitman:

Debra was a fellow student at Peter’s university who suffered from a mild form of schizophrenia, which only served to feed her “crazy” idea that Peter was Spider-Man. The two dated for a time, before Debra eventually left town with Bif Ripkin.

Lia Allan:

Liz Allan was all Peter wanted when he was in high school. Liz and Peter would never become more than friends, but she eventually did start – and end – a relationship with Peter’s close friend, Harry Osborn.

Carlie Cooper:

If you don’t want people to learn your secret identity, don’t date a police investigator. Carlie Cooper was a crime scene officer with the NYPD who Peter dated for a period of time. She uncovered his secret and would later leave town for her own safety.

Anna Maria Marconi:

Dating a superhero can be complicated, especially when he’s possessed by an evil villain. Anna Maria was Peter’s significant other while he was possessed by Doctor Octopus. When things got sorted out, the two became good friends.

Betty Brant: 

Betty’s life was punctuated by loss and those losses came to define the way she would feel towards both Peter and Spider-Man. Having taken over her mother’s job at the Daily Bugle, following her mom’s passing, Betty dated Peter for a while until her brother’s death and her anger towards Spider-Man divided them. Betty’s life has never been a smooth one, yet Peter remains her friend to this day.

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Crissy Ironwood:

Crissy represented, perhaps, one of the briefest of Peter’s many relationships. She appears in only 14 issues of Marvel Comics and was with Peter for only a short time.

Enjoy the latest addition to the ComiConverse infographics section!



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