Superheroes Who Needed A Reboot

July 15th, 2015 | by James Morgan
Superheroes Who Needed A Reboot
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The superheroes and comics genre over the last 10 years has gained a hugely successful following of comic books fans and all ages wanting to see a bit of nerdy escapism. Since the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic universe, which started with Iron Man (2008) and featured great storytelling in films like The Dark Knight (2008), it’s no wonder audiences are setting their expectations high for the next generation of superhero movies.

Unfortunately, when the characters and films under-perform at the box office, they get the reboot treatment.

These are the top five characters that need to be rebooted in order to redeem themselves from a poor movie showing.


(Spoilers Ahead)


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  1. Chris Barnes says:

    I totally agree with the call on Batman. the Dark Knight Rises was cool, but it was not a good Batman movie. What really wrecks those three films for more (or the second and third though) is Bale`s Batman voice. When you have Kevin Conroy on one hand and Bale on the other, ugh, just awful!!

    While is generally agree with GL needing a reboot, I think it has more to do with the script than the actor. Hal is supposed to be a little flippant, reckless and smartass-y and I think Ryan did that well. I think it all fell apart with the scope they tried to do in one movie with Hector Hammond being a tool of Parallax and all that. It just didn`t work that well. Will the possible casting of Chris Pine make for a better Green Lantern movie? Not if the script is similar.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No I completely agree that the script was probably the worst part of the green lantern movie, and the fact the director had never handled that level of GCI before. Hopefully they have learned from this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Completely agree with this list

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