Star Wars The Force Awakens: Echoes of Luke Skywalker

October 28th, 2015 | by Tatiana Hullender
Star Wars The Force Awakens: Echoes of Luke Skywalker
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Two teasers and a full trailer have now dropped for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, yet everyone is still asking one question. Where in the world is Luke Skywalker? ComiConverse’s Tatiana Hullander has a theory.

The protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy has been conspicuously absent from most marketing for the latest film, aside from a few behind-the-scenes photos. This has led to mass speculation regarding his whereabouts and role in the story. Is the robotic hand reaching out to R2-D2 his? Will he have fallen to the dark side since Return of the Jedi? It’s possible we won’t know the answer until our Christmas presents arrive in the form of a midnight Star Wars screening, but I would like to propose a theory. Luke is nowhere to be found in the movie’s publicity, but his presence can be felt everywhere – especially when you look at the trajectories of our new heroes and villain.


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  • Jenna C.

    Love this idea!!!!

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