Did DC Comics Win Comic-Con?

July 20th, 2015 | by Ryan Mayer
Did DC Comics Win Comic-Con?

One week after Comic-Con 2015 came to a close, our Ryan Mayer looks at whether or not DC Comics met fan expectations with their releases.

Comic-Con 2015 was due or die for DC Comics, did they come out of it with a win?

In my previous article Five Ways DC Comics Can Win Comic-Con I talked about the different ways DC could walk into Comic-Con and shock fans and critics.

Comic-Con 2015 was a very important thing for DC to get right. This was due to DC launching their brand new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) which has all their movies intertwined around each other. This universe kicks off with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in March of 2016; only few months before the 2016 Comic Con.



This was also important for them because in recent history DC has been unable to truly produce a jaw dropping superhero movie that has had fans looking forward to the next one. This year’s Comic-Con was their chance to come out swinging and truly try to gain the fans excitement not only at the convention but around the world too. It didn’t hurt that Marvel had decided to skip their Hall H panel and instead opted to go to their parent companies convention D23.

The question was were DC going to be able to come out and truly shock the audience with footage and news that impacted fantoms around the globe?

It seems the DC has overwhelmingly succeeded with the presentation they showed on July 11th.

One of the biggest things that DC showed off was the first full trailer for the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. This trailer knocked people off their feet and caused social media to explode with excitement from the trailer they had just witnessed.

The trailer focused on largely on Batman; mostly giving a glance as to why Batman has such anger towards Superman.

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This was done by showing fans that Bruce Wayne was in fact in Metropolis when Superman was fighting Zod. The moment was shown in an amazing shot where you can see Zod’s heat vision cutting through the building as Bruce watches helplessly. The amazing thing about this footage is that if you take the Man of Steel footage of Zod’s and Superman’s fight and match with the footage from the trailer it works flawlessly with one another.


Fans also got to see some new side characters that will play a part in the first movie for the DCEU.

One of the characters that has not been talked about a lot until recently is Alfred Pennysworth. Jeremy Irons is taking the reins for this iconic character and seems like he is going to be a very different Alfred compared to that of Michael Caine’s Alfred in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.

Fans also got to see a glimpse of Robin’s costume. This quick glimpse sent the internet buzzing. Not just because it was Robin, but because it was a Robin costume with “HAHAHA! jokes on you Batman!” spray-painted on it. This seemingly confirms that Robin has been killed by the Joker and that the narrative from “A Death in the Family” has occurred in this universe.

This also fuelled speculation about the possibility of Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns making a solo Batman film based on Batman: A Death in the Family or Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Finally the trailer showed off a character that finally got her first time on the big screen. In the middle of the trailer fans got a glimpse of Wonder Woman – both as Diana Prince and in costume. We also get a great shot that pays homage to The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller; the work Zach Snyder says inspired him to make this film.

The Batman v Superman trailer really showed off how well this film plays to fans and how close to the comics it will be. This alone could have won DC Comic-Con and the love of fans everywhere, but it wasn’t the only thing they showed off during their panels.

In what seemed like a very quick announcement, they confirmed that there will be a new Green Lantern franchise in the DCEU. They confirmed that The Green Lantern Corp. will be one of the movies released between 2018 and 2020 and will focus on not just one lantern but multiple human lanterns. This news will make many breathe a sigh of relief, due to the horrendous Green Lantern movie released a couple years ago starring Ryan Reynolds.

There still has not been a casting for the Green Lanterns, but fans can expect that to happen by December the latest.

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The final thing that they showed off at their Hall H panel that had fans freaking out was the three minute trailer of the still filming Suicide Squad movie. This movie was one of the most anticipated for fans, not only because its a movie showcasing some of DC’s most amazing villains, but also has the likes of Harley Quinn and The Joker in it.

The trailer showed off Amanda Waller and each member of the Suicide Squad. It also showed us some of the dark humor it will be implementing, when we see a gunman dressed as a panda as well as one who has a Batman animated mask on their face.

The Suicide Squad trailer DC also showcased how this project fits in to rest of the DCEU with mentions of Superman as well as Batman being in the trailer. The final part of the trailer that fans were waiting for was the introduction of Jared Leto’s Joker. In one fowl swoop Leto has seemed to change most critic’s minds with the way he was portrayed in the trailer. He creepily stares into the camera and states “I’m not going to kill you….I’m just going to hurt you…really…really…bad!”

These three releases were so well put together and were so surprising to fans that DC easily became the most talked about thing on the floor of Comic-Con and all of the internet.

DC has truly put themselves in a good spot to lift themselves into the same stratosphere as Marvel, who has had far more time to set up their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). We will have to wait untill 2016 before we get more trailers for this movie, but we can expect DC to begin to market their films by late 2015.

Only time will tell if they are able to kick off their DCEU, but one thing’s for sure.

After these two amazing trailers it looks like they know what they’re doing.


Ryan Mayer is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @RMayer94

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