5 Ways DC Comics Can Win Comic Con

July 7th, 2015 | by Ryan Mayer
5 Ways DC Comics Can Win Comic Con
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Comic Con is on it’s way and fans everywhere are preparing themselves for what can be a very revealing weekend. This is the time of year that all the movie studios begin to create photos, videos, and news that they can share with the thousands of fans that flood into San Diego from all over the world. Each studio tries to one up the other with releasing anything they can that will allow them to garner the spotlight and “win” Comic Con in the eyes of the fans.

Marvel studios over the past couple years has taken home that honor due to their shared cinematic universe, but this could be the year DC Comics comes from behind and steals the show.

On June 18th Variety reported that Marvel will not be attending Comic Con and will instead opt to showcase in their parent companies convention D23. Due to Marvel not attending Comic Con, DC has a real chance to steal major media spotlight and pump up fans for their future DC Cinematic Universe.


Here are 5 ways DC Comics can steal that spotlight!

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