Review: Weavers Issue #1

May 8th, 2016 | by Sammy Rendon
Review: Weavers Issue #1
Review of: Weavers #1

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On May 8, 2016
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A promising first issue for a series with good storytelling. It's a mafia, horror story with a lot of style.

Weavers is a six issue mini-series by Boom Studios that bends the genre of organized crime with the supernatural. Weavers invites comic book fans to the family! Exposing readers to the brutal side of the mafia and the grotesque end of supernatural abilities. This is our Weavers Issue #1 review!



Sid, a young man who is just getting by living a normal life has become an unlikely addition to the Weavers.  A crime family who are bound by loyalty and gifted with abilities granted by a supernatural spider that has made a home inside of each member. With Sid still learning his ability’s and new to the crime lifestyle, will he last long in this way of life?


Credit: Boom Studios



Credit: Boom Studios


Weavers is a crime drama with a twist. It isn’t really bringing any new and original ideas, but the amount of characteristics per character make for a interesting read. Every “Weaver” in our story isn’t the same either, as we will see.

Through this first issue we are introduced to a lot of characters with plenty of mystery around their actions. The author does a great job to keep you reading and guessing. If you’re wondering whether or not to pick this title up, I’m gonna go ahead and suggest that you do!

Spoilers Ahead

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This book asks for a lot of the reader right off the bat, but after you connect the dots and carry the two, you get rewarded with a stylized, horror version of a gritty crime drama. Now, asking for the audience to look deeper is not a bad plan at all. In fact, I feel this approach should be encouraged, as we need more comics that give you something to chew on. A lot of books lay it all out for you; plot, why the character is driven, with foreshadowing as to what’s going to happen. Weavers request a small amount of some crowd participation and I really enjoyed that with this issue.

Sid is a great character for us to follow, because he is us if we were in a similar situation. Sid has joined the Weavers by default, really. A spider that grants abilities has transferred “homes” from within a women who died in an explosion to the next mouth that it could find, that mouth ended up being Sid’s. This spider then created a new host, as well as the newest member of the Weavers.

Now living amongst these fellow Weavers, Sid is having a crash course in running the business the way his predecessor did. Which just so happens to be the sister of the boss, Don Harvest.


Credit: Boom Studios

This spider allows a monstrous tentacle-like creature to protrude out and slay anything it encounters. Sid follows his trainee in a ride-along, along with a seasoned weaver for security. Sid is given orders and attempts to hone his ability. I do hope they explain how a “normal guy” decides that one day after being gifted with abilities that he has decided to just up and kill with the rest of these people.

Based on the synopsis I read, the longer the spider is inside of you, the more you become loyal to the Weavers. This does explain an awaking eagerness to abide by their rules.


Credit: Boom Studios

Upon reading the first few pages, audiences are brought into a world that is already established. We are exposed to, for the most part, the same amount of information as Sid; figuring out the way things work as the story moves along.

One thing I did have to figure out was something I’ve never come across before; the specific way they’ve depicted the thoughts of the character inside the word bubbles. The thoughts of the character are dim while the words spoken out loud are the darker letters.

This begins to make more sense when we are introduced to Frankie Harvest, the boss’s daughter. Unlike Sid, who has the ability to project a creature from his hand at will, Frankie has a different ability; one that has her assigned to other projects better suited to her ability.

Frankie’s power is that she can “nudge” a thought into your brain. She has the power to read your mind and suggest anything she wishes. With this ability she goes to question a man about her aunt’s death.


Credit: Boom Studios

Sid is then put to the test by the boss through his daughter, Frankie. Sid is asked to kill the man in questioning, the boss is very paranoid of Sid and wants him to cross the line you can never return from.

Story continues below

Does he pass with flying colors or are the Boss’s suspicions correct?

Go pick up your copy today!

Weavers is written by Simon Spurrier and art by Dylan Burnett


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Weavers #1
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A promising first issue for a series with good storytelling. It's a mafia, horror story with a lot of style.

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  • JCDoyle

    The ‘thoughts within the speech’ technique is something that Si Spurrier has been using for a while now. If you like fantasy/crime mash ups and Spurrier’s writting style, try out The Spire. The final issue is out this month so the collected edition can’t be far off

  • Sammy Rendon

    Hmm, I’m gonna have to check that out then. Iv’e seen that book on the shelves but couldn’t find the first issue. Waiting for that TBP then. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  • Big Daddy Duce

    Really liked this first issue, Looking forward to reading the rest.

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