Review: Planet Hulk #4

August 26th, 2015 | by Scotty Cook
Review: Planet Hulk #4
Review of: Planet Hulk #4

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On August 26, 2015
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Planet Hulk #4 is an epic tale of hulk-smashing and dino-damage!

Planet Hulk is a action-packed part of Battleworld, and we are hear to break down the blow-by-blow for you on ComiConverse!

Steve Rogers, viking axes and Devil Dinosaur. Oh my!



Planet Hulk #4 opens with gladiator Steve Rogers as the prisoner of the Tribal Hulks, in the savage domain of Battleworld called Greenland. Having fought his way through the gamma-ray-saturated land in search of his war brother, Bucky, Steve finds himself in the Mud Kingdom with no hope of escape. Believing his warbound, Devil Dinosaur, had fallen to a school of water Hulks and his inside-man, Doc Green, nowhere to be found, Steve’s chances of finding Bucky are all but lost. As the sound of metal crashing against vibranium fills the air, Doc Green appears amongst the savages to save Steve from slavery and certain death. Several heads butts and an a double-bladed-axe blow later, Doc Green and Steve Rogers find themselves staring at the keep of the Red King. Steve is exhausted and beaten, but with a star boldly drawn on his chest with his own blood, he pushes forward against the advice of Doc Green.

Will Steve Rogers face the might of the of the Red King’s Tribal Hulks alone?

Not when your blood brother and warbound is Devil Dinosaur!


Exploding from the tattered cityscape, Devil Dinosaur appears like a red battering ram, spewing the landscape with the green blood of his foes. With shield clutched in one hand and his double bladed axe in the other, Steve rides his war mount into a melee of spears, dust, and anguish. Once inside the keep, Steve comes face-to-face with the battle scarred monarch – the Red King. Steve wastes no time in telling the Red King that he has been sent by Doom to kill him but will spare his life if he turns over Bucky. The Red King faces Rogers unfazed and informs him that Bucky’s head was sent to Doom long ago. While Rogers looks on in horror, the Red King lifts Bucky’s arm triumphantly in the air and laughs.

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This issue of Planet Hulk is a roller coaster ride of pure action and adrenaline. Reading it is like watching an episode of the History Channel’s Vikings, mixed with a little Mad Max, with just a dash of Jurassic Park thrown in. Marc Laming’s art makes this very good story arc absolutely amazing. The Tribal Hulks that rule the Mud Kingdom are drawn perfectly. A far cry from the Hulk we see in mainstream media, these Hulks are gritty, tattooed, and jump out at you with each and every turn of the page. He also nails the gladiator version of Steve Rogers. The detail that Laming uses to create Rogers’ costume is incredible. America’s beloved hero is reborn through Laming’s art as a pony-tail sporting, chain mail wearing, survivor of the Killiseum.

What’s most appealing about this issue is that it could be a stand-alone. Writer Sam Humphries weaves together this story in a way that a newcomer to Battleworld, or comic books as a whole, could jump into and know exactly what’s going on. Humphries does an amazing job of using flashback scenes and dialogue to tie in past issues, while giving you a huge gold nugget at the end to keep you reading.

If a good old action comic is what you like, or what you need, this is the comic to pick up. It’s fast moving and has all the elements of a sci-fi western where revenge is the only solution. For all the Captain America fans out there, this is a dose of Steve Rogers on Viking steroids… and a dinosaur… Devil Dinosaur.


Go pick this issue up and let me know what you think!


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Planet Hulk #4
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Planet Hulk #4 is an epic tale of hulk-smashing and dino-damage!

Story continues below

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