A Review Of Nightwing: The Series

September 11th, 2016 | by Anthony Angiolillo

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On September 11, 2016
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A pretty good story with appropriate twists and turns along the way.

Nightwing: The Series is short, but insanely sweet.

When I hear people criticizing the creation of a fan-made television, that’s when I say take a look at Nightwing: The Series. Not only is the quality superb, but the story is fantastic as well. A great plot is paired with great acting, effects and amazing fight sequences to put on quite the entertaining show. The series seems to draw from the tone of CW’s Arrow – grounded and gritty.


A Review Of Nightwing: The Series

Credit: Nightwing: The Series

Credit: Nightwing: The Series

Nightwing: The Series pulls from a few different popular stories throughout Batman lore to give a compelling story about Nightwing establishing himself in Blüdhaven; along with his first big threat – Deathstroke.  

While attempting to handle this threat, Nightwing also has to handle a few other “dilemmas”. Before you ask, no this Deathstroke (played by Bob Lee Dysinger) is not Australian; although he is very convincing in his role from the first minute he’s on screen. Speaking of acting we can’t forget Danny Shepard, who plays Nightwing himself. Danny is a perfect fit for the role.

If I were to picture a live-action Nightwing it would absolutely look something like him.

Oracle also makes a debut in this series – and no I don’t mean Babs – although she is there too and has a corny line about how she “ kinda likes” the name Oracle. In this series the name refers to Nightwing’s computer which he calls Oracle.

Nightwing: The Series is runs for five episodes. The complete run-time goes for roughly 50 minutes, with each episode ranging from 7- 15 minutes. As short as it is, it still manages to effectively capture this brief adventure and lay down the groundwork for any potential follow-up to the series. Not only does it do that, but it manages to drive a really intriguing cliffhanger in at the last episode that leaves you pondering at what could happen next.

The series hits the ground running giving you a fight scene within the first two minutes, followed by the back story on how things got to how they are currently. The fight choreography in the series is excellent and while I love fight scenes, at times I felt there were too many expendable guys getting pummelled.

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In the first fight scene, either all the guys that get knocked down just keep getting back up or there are way too many employees in that place. Although, the good side to this is that you get to see Deathstroke destroy a bunch of expendable dudes.

The back story that’s introduced puts a new spin on why Robin became Nightwing, so while it feels familiar it’s also different. That aspect is introduced as Batman putting too much stress and pressure on Robin/Nightwing; with the the last straw being Batman blatantly ignoring a death that had recently occurred – or so it seemed.

Robin/Nightwing then abandons the Dynamic Duo to pursue his own his own path.

To sum it up, Nightwing: The Series is a self contained Nightwing story that grabs from everywhere in the Batman comic universe and pieces together a pretty good story with appropriate twists and turns along the way. The Series keeps you in for relatively the entire showing, although this may only be accomplished because of the short length of it. The acting is also great, aside from the cheesy lines at times, but this is easily compensated by the fight choreography and majority of the acting throughout the entire show.

Basically if you’ve got an hour and a half to kill, you liked Arrow and Nightwing, yet you still haven’t watched this series what are you doing.

Go watch it.


Anthony Angiolillo is a Contributor to ComiConverse.

Nightwing: The Series
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A pretty good story with appropriate twists and turns along the way.

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