Review: Baby Badass #1

November 6th, 2015 | by Jonathan Thompson
Review: Baby Badass #1
Review of: Baby Badass #1

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On November 6, 2015
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I myself am torn between my curiosity and a dislike for the all of the violence.

Our own Jonathan Thompson takes a look at a new and violent comic about a rather bloodthirsty baby.

Hybrau comics is bringing its first tale to the masses, of a crazed baby who is hungry for blood. Surrounded by crazed bikers, a mysterious agency hunting him and the stripper that is helping him, Baby Badass strikes out in the United States of America Under God (U.S.A.U.G.) to find answers.





At a strip bar in the middle of nowhere, blonde and ambitious Joey is waiting to for her shift to start when she hears something out in the desert. After investigating the sound, she finds a naked baby hidden in the brush. Joey takes her shirt off and wraps the baby up and takes him to the kitchen area of the club. When Joey’s boss, Shiver, sees her with a baby, he gets enraged and backhands Joey to the ground then picks her up by the throat and begins to choke the life out of the naïve blonde.

Then all hell breaks loose.

The baby throws Shiver through the wooden door and begins to tear apart the bikers inside the bar. Using only a knife, he begins slicing through the men, reveling in the shower of blood that is pouring over him from torn off limbs and the spine he rips straight up out of a man’s body, like Scorpion’s finishing move from the original Mortal Kombat. Blood and intestines are flying as the bar is covered in blood. There’s even a good panel where he rips off the arm of one of the bikers then proceeds to stick the severed arm where it shouldn’t go.

The bikers that are left alive run out just as the military agency known only as M.O.T.H.E.R. shows up. Baby Badass begins dismembering the soldiers. As he’s killing these armored soldiers, he overhears one of them mention Killjoy. He doesn’t wait to find out what any of them want and as he can get away, he grabs Joey and runs. They steal a motorcycle, switch it into glider mode, and get away before any more carnage can occur.

As they fly away into the sunrise, Joey tells Baby that it is the year 2043, who is surprised by that revelation.

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Tim Larsen’s artwork is definitely unique and gives the book a gritty feel to it. The dismemberment and heart eating looks almost too real and that’s impressive. The story by David Schrader and Kristian Horn is an intriguing one. A baby waking up in the future and being able to do what this child does without realizing what year it is a story I haven’t read yet. There is so much potential for that kind of story, especially in a world that seems to be run by crazed bikers. Add in the military agency, M.O.T.H.E.R., and it just raises quite a few questions. Even the flags on the cover that look almost like a cross between a swastika and a number 4 in the blue square of Old Glory raises questions that this first book didn’t answer.

I enjoyed the book but had some trouble getting over the fact a baby was ripping someone’s arm off or eating a man’s heart. There is a warning on the cover that says “NOT FOR KIDS!” and it means what it says. It is a violent book that has the potential to interest a lot of people.

I myself am torn between my curiosity and a dislike for the all of the violence.

If you’re curious about the sweet bundle of slaughter and carnage, head over to and read up on “the anti-hero the future needs”.

Leave a comment, let’s start some healthy debate about the book.


Jonathan Thompson is a contributor for ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter at @Jon_Toast

I myself am torn between my curiosity and a dislike for the all of the violence.

Story continues below

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