Preacher Review: ‘Sundowner’

July 10th, 2016 | by James Morgan
Preacher Review: ‘Sundowner’
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On July 10, 2016
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After a very slow first half, Preacher redeems itself with its most action packed episode to date.

Since the pilot episode first aired, Preacher began to slow down very quickly. This week’s episode ‘Sundowner’ gave us some insight then went absolutely nuts. 

When AMC’s Preacher series was first announced, my first thought was – not another series centred on Angels and God. We’ve already had 11 years of Supernatural, Lucifer, the cancelled Constantine and Damien series which both tackled the same subject matter which has since got very boring and unappealing.

How wrong I was, Preacher is a show you need to watch.


Credit: AMC

In this week’s Sundowner Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is briefed by Angels Fiore (Tom Brooke) and DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) on exactly what it is that is inside Jesse – the offspring of a Demon and Angel called Genesis. The Angels then follow a blonde haired woman outside and shoot her. Turns out she is a Seraphim – a bounty hunter Angel from heaven sent to track down the two Angels for leaving heaven without permission. A flash of light appears as the Seraphim is ressurected as the trio narrowly escape stupidly leaving a bible as a clue for her.

Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc are then tracked to the motel room which is followed by an amazing choreographed fight scene with included, blood splatter, hotel trashing and stunt double mayhem. The camera then pans back through a fish eye hole in the wall for us to hear the conflict and then the titles role. Possibly the only opening sequence to combine dark humour, fighting scene and death so successfully. Finally the three have nearly restrained the Seraphim when Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) shows up, shoots her in the head and jokes “you boys throw a party and don’t invite me?”

When the Seraphim is finally apprehended, Jesse tells the Fiore and DeBlanc to stay away from him using Genesis’ powers and leaves with Cassidy.

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Credit: AMC

In the next scene Tulip (Ruth Negga) shows up at Emily’s (Lucy Griffiths) house to threaten her, but they end up bonding. We see two sides to tulip and how easily she can change. Next we get to know more about Eugine (Ian Colletti), the kids at school are being extra nice to him following the Preacher’s guidance which makes the final scene even harder to bear when the Preacher accidentally sends him to hell. There is some comic relief added in between while Jesse and Cassidy wait for there bloody clothes to get clean. Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun are in the roles they were born to play, there chemistry together would make Magneto and Charles Xavier jealous. Cooper makes a very convincing preacher with a history  while Gilgun as Cassidy is perfect as a drunk, drug addict vampire and sidekick.

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Credit: AMC

The best thing about this episode was that beautiful opening scene, shot and edited so fluidly that it will be difficult to top, but sadly the rest of the episode didn’t live up to it. Preacher also found its direction, we saw that angels get hunted for leaving heaven and that they can fight very well, which could cause a lot of trouble for the Preacher – eventually other forces are going to try and hunt down the abomination Genesis. It also adds more depth into the story, fans have been wondering what exactly is Jesse capable of with his new powers (poor Eugene).

Finally, there was as much action and comedy as there was in the successful pilot. For weeks now Preacher has been dragging its feet. The series finally has more of a purpose, Jesse knows there is a god, he knows there are powerful forces coming for him and now he has got to save Eugene from hell. The only things that  Preacher needs now is a kickass villain to rival Jesse’s power, enter the cowboy.

AMC is responsible for hit series Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Preacher manages to not make religion boring mixing humour and violence, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg steering this ship Preacher is also going to be another hit for AMC.

Preacher only gets better and better, tune in Sunday 10th for the next explosive episode.


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After a very slow first half, Preacher redeems itself with its most action packed episode to date.

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