Review: Old Man Logan #3

March 1st, 2016 | by Sammy Rendon
Review: Old Man Logan #3
Review of: Old Man Logan

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On March 1, 2016
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With only one issue a month, Lemire needs to find a way to make the plot move faster. He has to stay away from the cliche endings and exercise the imagination Old Man Logan followers deserve.

Old Man Logan #3 adds new elements to the aged Wolverine’s story, and ComiConverse Contributor Sammy Rendon has a full review.

Old Man Logan has some how traveled back in time to right the wrong that eventually becomes his family’s demise. In issue #2, Logan barely survives a battle with The Totally Awesome Hulk. After Logan is beaten all the way to Brooklyn, he begins to look for his good friend Hawkeye (Clint Barton) but instead comes across someone else entirely. Old Man Logan meets All New Hawkeye in Old Man Logan Issue #3.



Old Man Logan wakes up in Clint Barton’s apartment in Brooklyn, injured from a fight he had with The Hulk. The first thing Logan sees when he wakes is an arrowhead pointed at his face. The bow is being held by Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) the greatest sharpshooter after Clint Barton. Logan has come to Clint for answers as to why Banner is no longer The Hulk, but he now is confronted by a Hawkeye who is not Clint.

Old Man Logan

Credit: Marvel Comics


I have noticed a pattern with the last three issues of Old Man Logan that gnaws at me as a Wolverine fan. Jeff Lemire has been using the same story format in each issue. They go like this: Logan wakes up, Logan has a flashback, Logan fights, the story moves one small step closer towards its end goal, Logan meets someone new and then the issue ends. Old Man Logan fans have been waiting for this title run for a long time, but not to have the story to be this repetitive and to move this slowly. Only three issues in, it is not too late for the series to change this pattern, but the fact that I can already guess what is going to happen in issue #4 does not sit well with me.

Old Man Logan

Credit: Marvel Comics


Logan comes across Kate Bishop,another character Jeff Lemire writes for in All New Hawkeye. In Old Man Logan, Kate is penciled by Andrea Sorrentino  and she looks amazing in Sorrentino’s renderings. It is a big difference from how she has been portrayed by Ramon Perez in his pop, pulp fiction style of penciling.

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In the next panel, the story transitions into yet another flashback. This time with Logan and his family swimming in the ocean until his daughter accidentally comes across the remaining skeletons of Spider-Women and Quicksilver. Logan embraces his daughter and assures her that nothing will happen to her, he wont let it. Logan’s family is always on his mind, but its unclear as to why.

It is obvious Logan loves his family, but it is almost like he uses these moments of memory to punish himself for not doing something sooner. These flashbacks make his intention clearer. He brings revenge with him to the present day. As much as he wants to say that he is trying to save the future, really, his quest is personal.

Kate Bishop is her usual self in this issue, nothing out of character. She nags her way into getting Logan to take her to where Mysterio was last seen. The panels of Old Man Logan trying to keep up with the young Kate Bishop are fun to watch but we all know Wolverine always catches his prey, no matter how old he gets. Logan is fueled by his anger which makes his character intriguing. Normally you see heroes composing themselves so they can focus. With Wolverine, his anger is part of his super power and it sharpens his abilities.

When Logan and Kate arrive, Logan’s wastes no time interrogating two men they come across. Logan cuts off on of the men’s hands. That is when Kate realizes that Logan’s intention are to kill. Jeff Lemire and Co. take full advantage of the fact this comic book is rated M, for mature readers. I don’t think they will get as graphic as the original run did, but they are definitely testing the bounds of what they can get away with. I cannot wait to see the later issues when they spend more time on the story that is going on now rather than what has happened before with the flashbacks.

Old Man Logan

Credit: Marvel Comics

So, what timeline is this Old Man Logan from? Is he in the right place?

What becomes obvious, although they do not acknowledge this out loud, is that Logan’s timeline and the timeline he is in now, doesn’t match.

Logan does not share the same future as those in this timeline, too much does not add up. Evidence: Logan does not know The Almighty Thor becomes a women. The villain Avalanche, who is in the Old Man Logan timeline, blinds Clint Burton, but is already dead in the timeline where Logan has been sent. So what is really going on?


Whoever sent Logan to this timeline knew he would capitalize on the opportunity and hunt the villains who directly wronged him. So, who would benefit from Logan killing Banner, Red Skull, and Mysterio? And who has the kind of power and access needed to enact this type of plan?

If these questions end up being the main plot, then it is likely a huge curve ball as to who is behind all of this. Do you have any theories about who might have sent Logan back?

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Sammy Rendon is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @Hip_HopNerd

With only one issue a month, Lemire needs to find a way to make the plot move faster. He has to stay away from the cliche endings and exercise the imagination Old Man Logan followers deserve.

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