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July 31st, 2016 | by Crystal Kendrick
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On July 31, 2016
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Although it does have its limitations, the game is great overall. The artwork and the story are some of the strongest I’ve seen from a game in a while.

Blues and Bullets is a noir history game developed by A Crowd of Monsters for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here, our Crystal Kendrick breaks down everything you need to know if our ComiConverse review.

Blues and Bullets is an alternate history game that focuses on the story of Elliot Ness, a former member of The Untouchables who was made famous when he managed to catch the infamous American gangster, Al Capone. This game takes place after Elliot has retired from the force and opened up his own diner called, Blues and Bullets. With it’s visually stunning artwork and story driven gameplay, Blues and Bullets is definitely one of the must-play games to come out in the last year!


Blues and Bullets: Pros

blues and bullets

Credit: Blues and Bullets:

Blues and Bullets is an episodic game, meaning it’s released in parts or episodes, not unlike many other games that have come out in the last few years. The development team behind Blues and Bullets, A Crowd of Monsters, released episode 1 in July 2015 and episode 2 in March 2016. While the long wait may turn off potential players, it is definitely worth the wait. A Crowd of Monsters takes much time in between releases to ensure the quality of the game and Blue and Bullets definitely does not disappoint!

The End of Peace is one of the most intriguing things I have ever played. Upon first look, I was absolutely amazed by the artwork. The game has settings that allow the player to turn it all the way up to 4K resolution, but even on lower resolutions it still has that breathtaking beauty that it is universally praised for. The occasional tinge of color, usually in red, adds a nice little aesthetic to keep the artwork from becoming boring. The noir, detective mystery style is something that makes this game that much better.

blues and bullets

Credit: Blues and Bullets

The actual storyline of the game is solid as well. Without giving everything away, an old nemesis of Eliot’s needs a favor from him which has him come out of retirement to help. From this point on it’s references abound and anybody who’s knowledgeable about 1930s pop culture will definitely enjoy them. One thing about games based on historical occurrences is they tend to only be fun for people who already know the history but at the same time they become boring because a knowledgeable player already knows exactly what is going to happen at every turn. The best thing is that A Crowd of Monsters is able to take liberties with the story since it is alternate history and change the episode into something no-so-predictable.

The episode has been accused by other reviewers of having too much crammed into one episode. I have to disagree with that. So much is going on with the story that the player doesn’t get bored with it. It never becomes repetitive and everything that happens is actually important in some way or another. After I played it I found that I wanted to see more. The episode didn’t reveal too much but also never revealed too little. The small $4.99 price tag came with more satisfaction that some full games for $60. In regards to video games, I consider that a success. Especially coming from a small developer that most people have never even heard of.

Blues and Bullets: Cons

As stated earlier, Blues and Bullets comes out on an episodic basis. A Crowd of Monsters hasn’t stated exactly how often each episode will come out which leave players waiting for months on end for the next episode. If a player is anything like me, they are used to buying a full game up front not episodes of a game, especially one that hasn’t even been fully completed yet. So even though a player may love the game, it could get a little frustrating waiting for a new episode to come out with no announcement of a release date in sight.

blues bullets

Credit: Blues and Bullets

The game has real time action events but they don’t really change the story depending on what you player chooses. Unlike The Walking Dead, where the real time events can change your story drastically, this game has choices that get the player involved but not by much. The point of a video game is that people want to in control of the action, so when the choices added in don’t have much of an effect, the addition of them starts to feel a little cheap. This affects the replayability factor of the game a little bit since even if you play again with different choices, nothing much about the game will change. Perhaps, in future episodes the choices will have a bigger impact.

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Blues and Bullets: In Closing

blues and bullets

Credit: Blues and Bullets

I think that Blues and Bullets: The End of Peace was a good start to this game series. Although it does have its limitations, the game is great overall. The artwork and the story are some of the strongest I’ve seen from a game in a while and I look forward to playing the rest of the episodes.



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Although it does have its limitations, the game is great overall. The artwork and the story are some of the strongest I’ve seen from a game in a while.

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