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The Flash: First Look At Jay Garrick

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
August 11th, 2015

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The Flash: First Look At Jay Garrick

The Flash Season Two is approaching fast and with each passing day fans are yearning for some kind of news about what we are going to see for their next new season. The Flash caught everyone by surprise when it captivated audiences in its first season last year and has grown with each passing episode. The announcement that Jay Garrick and Wally West will be in the show has left many fans clamouring to get their first looks at these iconic characters together and separate.


Recently a new promo image was released by The Flash show’s Twitter revealing none other than Jay Garrick in full costume. This was not all fans got to see in this brand new promo! The promo is a direct copy of the iconic moment where Barry Allen and Jay Garrick first meet in issue #123 Flash Of Two Worlds cover. This one image should have fans freaking out because it shows off the iconic past these two heroes have as well as giving us the first preview of Jay Garrick in full costume.


IMG_4723 (2)

Jay Garrick is the first Flash to ever be written about in a comic. He first debuted in 1940 in Flash Comics #1. Unlike Barry Allen who received his powers from a laboratory accident that resulted from a bolt of lightning striking the chemicals that had landed on him, Jay got his from inhaling “heavy water vapors”. Like the Flash’s to follow him Jay joined the Justice Society of America which is the equivalent to more modern Justice League. Also like Barry he was very close friends with then Green Lantern Alan Scott.


As stated above the first time both Barry Allen and Jay Garrick met was in the pages of issue #123. This issue redefined comics by introducing the ability for both past and present versions of the same character to meet and interact with one another. This first meeting would not be the last one for the ‘Flash Family” as all the Flashes will meet countless times to fight enemies and to help one another out.

 In season 2 of the Flash Jay Garrick will be coming to Barry Allen’s universe to prepare him for the enemy that is to come that season. At the The Flash San Diego Comic-Con panel it was announced by the showrunners the Zoom will be the main enemy for Flash this season and that is exactly who Jay has come to prepare Barry for. In the same panel they discuss how Jay will be a mentor for Barry and will help him learn his powers and how to better use them. This dynamic will be very interesting to see play out for the countless number of fans of the comics and the new show. This is because in season 1 fans only got to see Barry begin to realize how strong he really is. With the introduction of Jay it will likely enter a new dynamic to the show where we get to see Barry interact with another speedster who is not trying to kill him.

All in all, this one promo will have fans freaking out and will have them restless waiting for the day season 2 premieres in October.

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Hopefully, we’ll  soon get to see the whole “Flash Family” in one promo.


Are you excited for the season two of The Flash?  Let us know in the comments below!


Ryan Mayer is a Contributor to ComiConverse. He can be followed on Twitter: @RMayer94

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