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The Flash: The Arrival Of Killer Frost

Jamie Udinson Fanny Pack
October 9th, 2015

I'm a secret agent by day, but by night I'm a great pontificator of all things nerd on television. I write for and might be lurking in your Twitch stream. Sometimes I play Hearthstone while I wait for my lattes. Enjoy!

The Flash: The Arrival Of Killer Frost

Season Two of The Flash is racing forward and our Fanny Pack is here to talk about the origins of Killer Frost and her presence this season in Central City.

Central City is going to get cold this season on The Flash.

Season One of The Flash introduced a number of DC characters, including some powerful villains like the Pied Piper, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Blackout, and Gorilla Grodd. Just as we know that Season Two is bringing on a few more Speedsters, we also know that


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  1. straightedgechap says:

    If Caitlin goes into a “woman scorned” storyline,it will be because of Barry.Unless there are people who are living in denial,Caitlin has feelings for Barry which will mean she’ll confess only to be rejected and cause her to later on take it out on other people

  2. Fanny DoubleWinTwins says:

    I have felt the same way watching Season 1! Caitlin and Barry had those moments when they were trying to cope with their love problems. I felt a spark there. I definitely wouldn’t discount it, but I do think if it happened, then Ronnie must be dead. That could push something like that off for awhile, like potentially far into the future and lending to the future reality Killer Frost type of idea as well.

  3. Adam Solis says:

    mabye ronnie isnt dead i was made to beleive that during the blast of central city when ronnie saved everyone that he didnt die,alright so you know how in season 1 where general eiling tried to kill martin stein and ronnie sent a message to stein well mabye if eiling had killed stein then ronnie would have died to because they are both linked to each other so if they are linked to each other then if ronnie did die then so would have stein because they are connected together.

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