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May 27th, 2016 | by Elodie Cure
Review of: The Nice Guys

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On May 27, 2016
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A comedy that rings true.

The Nice Guys is the buddy cop hit of the summer, and our Elodie Cure has the official ComiConverse review. 

We dive into the retro and wacky universe of The Nice Guys starring Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer and Angourie Rice.


Parading on the much coveted red carpet last week-end, the dashing-looking actors seemed pretty confident regarding their new film, The Nice Guys. Premiered amidst the picky selection of the Cannes Festival this year, the first fallouts from the black comedy were rather promising. Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3), the director, is back in the spotlight with one of those action and detective films he skilfully masters.

The story is quite simple. It’s Los Angeles, back in the 70s, two slapstick detectives, Jackson Healy and Holland March who are brought together by sheer coincidence (and a broken arm for Holland) are on the trail of a famous porn star. Despite some, at the very least, original methods, their investigations uncover up a conspiracy involving sex, pollution and the motor industry.

Credit : The Nice Guys

Credit : The Nice Guys

The construction of the narrative is, without a doubt, one of the best positive points of The Nice Guys. The film surprises with its crazy, sexy and very masculine imagery supported by a rather good music composition from David Buckley and John Ottman. The plot keeps the audience spellbound until an outstanding final action scene, impressive both by its expertise and its absurdity. Suspense and redemption are the key words of this comedy, masterfully carried by two superstars.

In The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling (Drive, The Big Short) and Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Noah) play two sometimes bumbling, sometimes drunk but sometimes also capable private investigators who find themselves in the middle of a grand sedition. The duo is surprising and cunning in its writing. Only one look at them suffices to see the strength of the heroes on screen. This uncommon team is joined by a third pillar, the young and lovable Angourie Rice character, whose cleverness and precociousness undo the knots of the plot.

Credit : The Nice Guys

Credit : The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys marks a drastic change of repertoire for Ryan Gosling who delivers a remarkable, hilarious and different performance. The actor makes clear that he is gifted with physical comedy and can be effortlessly funny. As for Russell Crowe, it is appreciable to see him on a lighter role. If his character is less eccentric than Ryan’s one, Russell reaffirms however his talent after some mediocre films these last few years. The complementarity and alchemy of the two actors are eye-catching and pleasantly enjoyable.

When watching this film, it is impossible not to think of the buddy-movies, dear to Shane Black. The offbeat and absurd introductory scene is notably a brilliant tribute to his well-known film of the genre, Lethal Weapon. In The Nice Guys, a subversive film par excellence, Shane deconstructs some of the most iconic allegories from the detective and actions movies.Between comical situations, acerbic dialogues and a hint of black humour, Shane takes again the recipe of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but this time with better ingredients. He offers a genre blending that film-lovers like to see.

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Credit : The Nice Guys

Credit : The Nice Guys

The immaturity of the role played by the actor of “Drive” and the punch of Mister Russell assured the audience some catchy scenes. While the thriller is perfectly mastered and captivating, the dark and scathing comedy is successful. The Nice Guys has every element to please. With some multiple well-thought intrigues and an unblemished scenario, the film strings together incredible situations with committed actors. The Nice Guys is a one of those rare cinematic pearls we would like to see more often. Needless to say that a sequel will be more than welcome.


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A comedy that rings true.

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