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July 28th, 2016 | by Jordan Samuel
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Jason Bourne is a decent revival of the beloved trilogy; it may feel unwanted for some but fans of the series will be happy at least that Bourne is back

Jason Bourne will soon be trashing the Vegas strip at a theatre near you, and our Film Critic Jordan Samuel is here to break down all the action for you in our ComiConverse review.

Jason Bourne is one of the greatest spy series out there, it pushed boundaries on so many levels with the complex storytelling and themes. The books were outstanding. The franchise is a great one, and in my opinion is the best spy franchises of this generation; surpassing James Bond in many ways.


It vaulted Matt Damon into superstar fame, as his performance was the best element of those films. The surrounding casting was also well done, and make the audience feel like they were actually to provide something. Director Paul Greengrass provided a unique take on the spy genre, with realistic action choreography and a flashy style of direction.

Bringing the dated concept into the modern age, updating aspects for a current audience, the trilogy was outstanding and to this date has not been topped in my opinion. I even studied the series at school, due to its perfect take on action.

Since The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) the series has not had the greatest of luck in cinemas with The Bourne Legacy (2012) failing at delivering the slick style of the originals.

In 2014 it was announced that Damon and Greengrass would return for a forth film, and my eyes lit up with the idea of my favourite spy series returning. Could this be a great swansong for this character or be the final nail in the coffin for the series?

Find out as we review the latest Bourne outing.

Jason Bourne: Synopsis


Credit: Universal Pictures

Several years after his disappearance at the conclusion of The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne unexpectedly resurfaces at a time when the world is faced with unprecedented instability. At the same time, a new program, Ironhand, has been created to hunt him down while he is still trying to find all the answers to his past and family.

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Jason Bourne: Analysis

Jason Bourne is a functional sequel, that sets a new tone for the franchise, but lacks the intrigue found in its former trilogy. It does try and update the franchise’s themes for 2016, but they hardly come together in the end and the story fails to connect.

Paul Greengrass is back in the hot seat, which was needed after the horrible reception of The Bourne Legacy. He doesn’t change up in terms of direction but the sleek action scenes return. In a year full of CGI based action, it was nice to see Greengrass return to his signature realism. Jason Bourne is the most down to earth thriller in years, which is always a welcome change.

Greengrass brings back Matt Damon as the assassin turned rogue, who commands in this role, now aged and knowing more about his character.

Damon is great, as always, and does well with the action scenes, but he sadly doesn’t get a chance to provide many emotional moments. His dialogue is also not as good in this soft-reboot, I would’ve rather witnessed more scenes with him sparring with the CIA (as only Bourne can do).

Matt Damon gives a fine farewell to the character, its just annoying there wasn’t an emotional push towards the climax.

Tommy Lee Jones plays the CIA Director this time around and is quite good, even though he lacks the necessary menace, it would have been nicer for the film to change up his personality. Greengrass tries to make an interesting character here but instead fails at producing a worthy villain for Bourne.

It all ended up feeling very generic and boring which is quite disappointing for an actor of his stature.


Credit: Universal Pictures

Newcomer, and my favourite element of the film, Alica Vikander, as CIA agent Heather Lee is something to behold. She’s an interesting character who is able to challenge Bourne mentally, her fierce persona is what helps her stand out from the crowd. Heather Lee is a well written character who Greengrass takes time to develop during the film. Something I liked better than the main villain’s story progression; Lee Jones felt sidelined when compared to Heather.  Vikander is a great action heroine, and I would love to see her in more of these adventures. I cannot wait to see her as the Tomb Raider in 2018, because this movie proves she has got the skills for world domination!

Jason Bourne is set several years after The Bourne Ultimatum with the character still on the run. Jason is trying to live a normal life when he is brought back to his old ways due to a unfortunate event that will push him to his limit.

Greengrass does well at filling in gaps left in-between the last movie, but sadly doesn’t make any effort in explaining it to his new audience. This isn’s that bad a sin, but does feel a bit silly in a big budget soft-reboot. Hopefully future movies (if more are to be made) will explain these years in more of a complete way.

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Jason Bourne

Credit: Universal Pictures

The pacing is decent, even though the final act drags on a bit it never messed up my time with the film. Jason Bourne also has some bad editing choices that are manly in the transitional scenes, something that has been a trending films all year.

Shaky cam returns in the sequel and it actually made me feel sick at times, Greengrass love for this effect is baffling in 2016. It felt unnecessary at times especially when the cinematography was so perfect in the picture, maybe the studio need to have a word with him for the sequels.

Jason Bourne is a decent revival of the beloved trilogy; it may feel unwanted for some but fans of the series will be happy at least that Bourne is back!

Matt Damon is back in his element and that is a great thing!


Have you seen Jason Bourne?  What are your thoughts on Matt Damon’s newest flick?

Let us know in the comments section below.


Jordan Samuel is a Film Critic for ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @JordanESamuel

Jason Bourne
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Jason Bourne is a decent revival of the beloved trilogy; it may feel unwanted for some but fans of the series will be happy at least that Bourne is back

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