Review: Descender Vol 1

August 23rd, 2016 | by Anthony Angiolillo
Review: Descender Vol 1
Review of: Descender Vol.1

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On August 23, 2016
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Descender has a compelling story, with vibrant art and great story telling. It is a must read for any sci-fi fan.

In Early March of 2015, Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen teamed up with Image Comics to bring readers to the world of Descender. Descender is a Sci-Fi comic that follows the story of an android named, TIM-21. Here, our Anthony Angiolillo looks back at the comic and provides the official ComiConverse review.

Review: Descender Vol. 1

Descender Volume 1 Comics

Credit: Image Comics



Ten years after The Harvesters attacked the far-flung future worlds of the UGC (United Galactic Council) a young android boy awakes to find everything he knew had perished. This android was named TIM-21.

While searching for help on the abandoned mining planet he had called home, TIM-21 finds his robot dog, Bandit. As TIM-21 and bandit continue to search the planet, they are found by Scrappers, who seek to turn-in the android and his dog because – as TIM-21 will come to find out – all robots have been outlawed.

As the situation between the Scrappers and TIM-21 continues to escalate, the android receives aid from a left-behind mining robot. Seemingly, the mining robot had come too late as TIM-21 had been fatally wounded. The mining robot tries to help TIM-21, but simply does not have the ability to. While the mining robot is trying to aid TIM-21; Captain Telsa, of the UGC and Doctor Qoun, the “Father of Robotics” arrive seeking the young android. After reviving TIM-21, Captain Telsa and Doctor Qoun explain that TIM-21 may be the key to saving the entire UGC.


Jeff Lemire’s Descender is a brand new world that wastes no time sucking the reader in. Immediately after meeting the android boy TIM-21, you are invested in discovering more about his story. The book is fast-paced, yet it feels gradual at the same time. As you uncover TIM-21’s story, you can feel yourself getting attached to the young android who is simply trying to just exist, even though his existence has been outlawed. The writer does an amazing job setting up all the different plot points, while divulging very little information to the reader about what the rest of the story could possibly be.

Not only is Lemire great at storytelling,but his characterization is fantastic. He has the ability to briefly introduce a character in and make them immediately important. He gracefully weaves their story into the main line and continues to emphasize why the main character is important. Lemire makes TIM-21 feel like so much more than just an android, by seamlessly attaching human traits to him so that you never view him as just a robot. Although, he always keeps TIM-21 connected to his robot side by pairing him with his robot dog bandit, his creator Doctor Qoun and the mining robot. With all the cool gadgets and clever loading screens, you are always reminded that he is an android.

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descender volume 1 comics

Credit: Image Comics

The book’s tone is clearly more mature from the start, with dead bodies being strewn all over the place in the first couple pages, or later on with the, not so subtle F-Bombs being dropped. The tone is clearly aided by  Nguyen’s vibrant colors clashing with the dark of space puts an emphasis on any blood spilled in the world, or the futuristic vibe that the book gives off. The magnificent watercolor paired with the extreme lights and darks, breathes life into the story.  Nguyen does an excellent job giving the reader smooth,vibrant and spectacular visuals; to help Lemire tell the stimulating story of Descender.

Needless to say, Lemire and Nguyen have done a great job crafting the start to this series and, i’m on my toes waiting to read the next volume.I can not wait to see what they are going to cook up next.

If you haven’t checked out Descender by Image Comics yet, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.


Anthony Angiolillo is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @AnthonycommaA 

Source: Image Comics

Descender Vol.1
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Descender has a compelling story, with vibrant art and great story telling. It is a must read for any sci-fi fan.

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