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Deadpool: Everything You Need To Know

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December 27th, 2015

Deadpool‘s newest trailer dropped over the holidays and Marvel fans around the world were fortunate enough to catch an additional three minutes with “The Merc With The Mouth”.

The trailer gave us a few more hints about the pieces of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe that will appear alongside Deadpool in 2016, as we were able to spend more time with well-known characters like Colossus this time around.

Ryan Renolds is getting set to give Wade Wilson the silver screen time he was due, but didn’t receive, in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine franchise. However, for fans whose comics curiosity can’t possibly be quenched by a few hours of theatre time with Deadpool, we have your perfect solution.


Ever wondered how a character this crazy could possible maintain a collection of friends and allies?

Curious as to just what kind of skills it takes to be one of the world’s deadliest mercenaries?

No problem.

Here, in cooperation with our friends at, we present a complete rundown on all things Deadpool, in this newest addition to our ComiConverse infographics section.



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Facts About Deadpool Infographic
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