DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Traveling to the Multiverse?

February 20th, 2016 | by William Owens
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Traveling to the Multiverse?

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On February 20, 2016
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A brief look at Legends of Tomorrow from shocking beginnings to future dystopias. Giving info on some lesser known characters from the comics.

Legends are made here. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have time-hopped their way into the hearts of fans and cemented their future alongside sister shows, Arrow and Flash. With the sixth episode approaching, ComiConverse’s William Owens takes a look at the Legends.

I wanted to touch base on a few ups and downs for the team, as well as some observations made after viewing a few snippets of the latest preview. I do have to warn you however, we are treading into spoiler territory. DVR users and internet TV subscribers, I’m speaking to you. If you are caught up and anxiously awaiting the next episode, then tally-ho!



Credit: DC Comics

First Things First

I feel we need to address the first truly shocking moment of Legends of Tomorrow: Hawkman’s death. I don’t know about you but I did not see that coming! Who kills off a cast member of a new show in the second episode?! Maybe the producers were hoping for an Agent Coulson scenario. A team member dies, only to rally the remaining troops, leading them to victory. Still, I felt we would at the least make it to the end of the season before we saw a significant death. IMDB has changed its original information that stated Falk Hentschel would appear in all 16 episodes. As of recent, it now shows only three. We may see Carter Hall again, but only time will tell.

Getting the Facts

Since we started off with Hawkman, I thought we could chat a bit about the origins of our ill-fated love triangle. Although most of the story is right out of the comics, some names have been changed to better tie the story together. Prince Khufu does in fact fall in love with Chay-Ara, who is not a priestess at all, and both are slain by the priest Hath-Set, who uses a specific knife to do the deed. Sound familiar? Vandal’s origin has been merged with Hath-Set, which is fine by me, but it would have been neat to see Casper Crump play a prehistoric caveman.

What the Future Holds

The latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, episode five, shows our heroes crash-landing in time, to a place that seems familiar. Rip informs the group that they are in fact in Star City, but thirty years in the future. Star City was never perfect but now it lies in shambles. The team runs into the Green Arrow, but soon find that he is not the Ollie they know. Personally, I’m pretty positive that this is our first glimpse at Connor Hawke. Many fans may remember that Oliver does have a son, but the show introduced him as William Clayton instead of his comic counterpart.


Credit: DC Comics

The next image is Ollie himself and as of right now, I am a little let down truthfully. Stephen Amell posted a video on social media, teasing a very particular look that had comicbook nerds dancing in their Deadpool pyjamas.

When Stephen uploaded this teaser talk, instantly my thoughts went to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, and I was very excited for the chance to see this version of the Green Arrow come to life. But sadly, after I saw the previews for next week’s episode and did some research for my article, I spoiled it for myself, sort of.


Credit: The CW/DC Comics.

The Green Arrow of Earth-31 (Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns) is missing an arm and sporting a new do as well as an attitude and slight hatred of Superman. This is what I thought that I would see Amell portray. Let me explain away some things, so it is a little easier to swallow. As you can see in the picture, Ollie has a two arms; however it could be explained that his wife, Felicity Smoak, and her best buddy Mr. Terrific, designed a cybernetic replacement for Ollie so still having an arm isn’t totally out of the question. As for Connor, who was the result of a one night stand, it is plausible that Ollie had more than one child, which is not out of the ordinary, but what does that mean for Olicity? It is going to be very interesting to see how all of this plays out in the next episode.

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The future of Legends of Tomorrow is looking bright (although dark to them). There are plenty of things I’d love to touch on, including a cowboy from the past and “where is The Flash through all of this?”, but that will have to wait for another time. See what I did there?

Make sure to tune in every Thursday, and drop me a line on Twitter, as I’d love to talk nerd and touch base on all your fan theories!

Legends of Tomorrow airs on the CW on Thursdays at 8pm (7pm Central). William Owens is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter @TheNerdstir.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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A brief look at Legends of Tomorrow from shocking beginnings to future dystopias. Giving info on some lesser known characters from the comics.

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