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Comic Book And Film Review Service

Are you a talented creator who would like us to review your comic book or short film?

Here at ComiConverse we love shining a light on creatives just like you, and we have prepared this guide to help you through the process.

Guidance For Unsolicited Book And Film Submissions

  1. All creators are welcome to submit unsolicited work for review to us at
  2. Be aware that, due to a high volume of unsolicited submissions, only one such project in 100 is likely to receive a free review and write-up.
  3. Those most likely to have their work reviewed by ComiConverse are artists with an established background in their field or those with a highly relevant and engaging story to tell.Examples of submissions we’ve reviewed in the past include:
  4. ComiConverse reserves the right to make determinations as to which unsolicited materials receive attention and which do not. Not all submissions will be read or viewed and we make no promises as to the pace at which submissions will be examined.
  5. We thank all creators in advance for their submissions, however, we can only promise to reply to those unsolicited projects that we feel represent a good fit for our publication and our audience.
  6. Please allow 7 – 10 days for your submission to make its way through our intake process. If, after that time, you feel compelled to inquire as to the status of your submission, please contact us at

ComiConverse Comic Book And Film Review Service

Because of the high demand within the creative community for critique and review services, we have opened a pathway for a paid review option that will guarantee your work receives the full attention of our reviewers and editors. Here is what you need to know:
  1. The processing fee for our review services is $50 (U.S.), regardless of a project’s length or its format. At the moment, our review services are limited to comic books, graphic novels or short films.
  2. Upon receipt of your processing fee our editorial staff will assign a reviewer to assess your submission. That staff member will compose a review article of 1000 words or more, including your project’s art and a critical analysis of your submission. The process will culminate with a ComiConverse rating of between 1 – 5 stars.
  3. ComiConverse is an authority in the comics and pop-culture space, and all reviews will be conducted with a critical eye. If we like your project, you can be sure we’ll say so. If not…
  4. Your project’s review will feature permanently on ComiConverse and will come with a link to the creator’s homepage or another designated site (ie. Kickstarter page, etc).
  5. Your review article will be sent out over ComConverse’s powerful social media networks, in order to reach tens of thousands of passionate comics and film fans who will have the opportunity to check out your project.
Submissions to our paid review service are also made to: All submissions are treated confidentially.

We are in the midst of setting up an online payment option, in the meantime, please make clear in your e-mail submission that you are taking advantage of the paid review option. Our editors will then connect with you shortly.

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