Review: A Look At Captain America White

October 21st, 2015 | by Scotty Cook
Review: A Look At Captain America White

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On October 21, 2015
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Captain America White is a great place for new fans to jump on board and an authentic take on Cap for his existing fans.

There are few fans of Captain America as passionate as our Scotty Cook. Here, he is back to take a look Captain America White issues one through three – only on ComiConverse.

I have to apologize for being away for a few weeks but, like Steve Rogers, I broke out the ice and am now back in the fight.


(Spoiler Alert)

To say that Captain America is back in the world of Marvel is an understatement. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are exploding off the page once again and Sam Wilson is taking Cap to all new heights. The new title by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Captain America White, breathes new life into a very familiar tale. Right from the first page we enter the battlefields of WWII. Sergeant Nick Fury and his howling commandoes are pinned down by enemy fire. With no escape in sight, things aren’t looking good for Fury, Dum Dum and the rest of the gang. Through the flames burst Steve Rogers and his teenage sidekick, Bucky Barnes.

That’s right, I said it, Bucky Barnes is a teenager. Not a crazy, bionic armed, winter soldier but the way Bucky was originally written. Oh yeah, and Nick Fury doesn’t have an eye patch.

After saving the day, you realize instantly that Fury and Captain America have no love lost between each other and present a very different picture in their relationship than what we have seen in recent years. Loeb does an excellent job in showing us the backstory of how Bucky and Steve met and became partners. It humanizes them as superhuman and makes each of their stories relatable to us as the readers. The way Loeb presents both Rogers and Barnes to us as the reader is genius. Both wrestle with wanting to prove themselves as two rejects from Brooklyn, New York who just want to fight for their country.

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Not to give away too much, but the end of the first issue and issues two and three do an amazing job of flowing together seamlessly. Steve and Bucky team up with Fury and the Howling Commandoes on a secret mission behind enemy lines in France. Their plane is hit over the Atlantic and the team find themselves in one perilous situation after another. After swimming to the shores of France and climbing the French version of the Cliffs of Insanity, they are taken prisoner by a squad of snarling Nazis riding a tank. Don’t think for a second that Cap and the commandoes are finished. Cap and Bucky make quick work of the Nazis, stealing their clothes and tank, and after several angry exchanges between Steve and Fury, they make a plan to move behind enemy lines. En route, they link up with a group of French Freedom Fighters who lead them into occupied France through the sewers. In a classic cliffhanger, the last panel of issue three is Cap climbing a ladder and lifting a manhole cover in the middle of a Nazi rally led by none other than… The Red Skull.

The first three issues are a fun filled throwback to the classic origin story of Steve Rogers, without being a rehash of what we have seen in the movies and comics a million times. It’s fresh and a very well told story. Not only is the writing excellent but the artwork is superb. With crisp lines and vibrant colors, each panel jumps out at you. It pays tribute to the king, Jack Kirby, and really opens up a new world for a comic that has been around long before me. Kuddos to Tim Sale for his illustrations and bringing these characters back to life.

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Go to your local comic shop, buy these three comics and continue to read the series. For those that have been a Cap fan forever, it will not disappoint. For all the new comic readers out there, this is a great jump off point to get started with the greatest superhero of all time.


Scotty Cook is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @WriterSNY

Captain America White is a great place for new fans to jump on board and an authentic take on Cap for his existing fans.

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