Book Review: Ley Lines: The Greatest Landscape of Mystery

July 6th, 2016 | by Seth Frederiksen
Book Review: Ley Lines: The Greatest Landscape of Mystery

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On July 6, 2016
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If you are trying to better understand the theory of Lei Lines, than you may want to search for another book.

The theory of Ley Lines is not entirely new to the field of paranormal research, and is still one of heated debate between supporters and skeptics. Many who study the metaphysical phenomenons see Ley Lines as the means to explain why certain locations are haunted in a manner unlike their peers.

Ley Lines are, in short, a magical electric grid, connecting several locations across the globe to utilize what are still unknown energies. Places such as Stonehenge, the Ancient Ram Inn, the Goldfield Hotel, are all purportedly linked into this grid. These are also places known for unnatural and even disturbing stories of spectral events.


Despite this unique connection between these places, as well as others, not much is known about Ley Lines. Furthermore, there is not a lot of books out to help illuminate the subject to those interested. So finding a book with Ley Lines in the title was a welcoming sight to see in the search for such a thing.

The book is Ley Lines: The Greatest Landscape Mystery, and from what the description of the book is on Amazon, it was perceived to be focusing on the theory and finer details of Ley Lines.

However, it was until reading the first chapter that expectations were sadly dropped. Terribly.

Despite the title, the focus of the book is not on Ley Lines, themselves, but on the history of the theory. While it is interesting to see how the concept developed from the initial stage to its current stance, there is no real information educating a newcomer to the theory itself. It would be not dissimilar to someone purchasing a book to learn astrophysics, only to find the book discussing the history of the subject.

Aside from the initial understanding, the reader gains no new information to better illuminate the situation.

This is far from ideal to bringing in new minds to experiment and potentially find evidence to solidify the Ley Lines theory, and it serves as a mean for opponents to belittle the idea entirely. Though the theory has much ground to cover before it can be accepted as valid science (and this is if the idea can hold water) then there needs to be some material to provide reliable information on what constitutes the idea.

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Despite the faults in the book, there are some benefits to reading this book. One facet a student of Ley Lines can take is avoiding many of the mistakes made in the pursuit of this field as a valid scientific endeavor. As with any field that challenges the norms, Ley Lines are met with heavy skepticism, and as such they need proof well beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Furthermore, this particular field of research has had many difficulties gathering evidence that has not been refuted outright before having their day in court, per se.

So knowing what methods of researching have and have not worked is essential to better understand how to best improve the chances of successful research in this pursuit. If professionals and amateurs can avoid the mistakes of the past, they may find the Holy Grail to prove their theory completely.

Of course, given the difficulty of finding concrete evidence in this pursuit, and with the evident lack of books focusing on the theory itself. This could be a field that may not find that cornerstone evidence to prove itself to be a valid idea.

If you are interested in learning the history of Ley Lines and how came into being, this is not a bad book to read. If you are trying to better understand the theory itself, than you may want to search for another book.


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If you are trying to better understand the theory of Lei Lines, than you may want to search for another book.

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