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Blair Witch: More POV Horror Than Found Footage Film

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September 12th, 2016

Blair Witch 2016 is edging closer to its September 16 release date. The film’s Writer, Simon Barrett, recently gave an interview to Bloody Disgusting in which he described his new approach to the franchise and how he’s attempted to strike a balancing act between rebooting the original movie and expanding the Blair Witch mythology.

Blair Witch: More POV Horror Than Found Footage Film

Blair Witch Movie 2016

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Earlier this month, ComiConverse got you ready for the 2016 Blair Witch Movie with our complete franchise guide.

In his interview with Bloody Disgusting, Barrett was clear that, even with an expanded budget, he was intent on bringing the audience into a different cinematic experience than the “found footage” genre that the original film pioneered.


That’s the thing about ‘The Blair Witch Project’, it was so influential that anything remotely similar feels like it’s ripping it off. That’s why we got lucky, we got to actually make another ‘Blair Witch’ movie.

Adam and I both knew from the start that we wanted ‘Blair Witch’ to feel more like a POV horror movie than a found footage movie, but you need some kind of story logic to sell that filmmaking style. Many horror video games have an incredible visual style to them, but how do you make that perspective work in a feature film without it just being a distracting gimmick? It’s a difficult thing to do. I’d love it if the visual and narrative style of our ‘Blair Witch’ movie influenced other horror films, obviously, but I don’t know exactly what that would entail. I’m not at all sure that I’ll personally ever make another film like this again.

The idea that POV style story-telling is being infused into a franchise whose sights and sounds are so familiar to so many will be an interesting experiment.  As we already know, the limited reviews available, so far, paint a jarring and horrifying picture. The early impressions are that Barrett and his team may have succeeded in bringing the POV horror style – which is found in so many popular video games – to the big screen.

Whatever the critics may say about the cinematic artistry, the Blair Witch team closed their Bloody Disgusting interview by making sure everyone knew the reaction they were most looking forward to.

That people who watch it are saying it’s scary. That was all we wanted to do, create something that would scare modern audiences and expand upon the mythology of the original film. If people are saying we succeeded at that, even a little, then I’m happy.

The Blair Witch franchise returns to the big screen on September 16.

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