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5 Reasons Batman Fans Shouldn’t Panic

Chris Barnes Chris Barnes
June 15th, 2015

I'm a 35 year old Canadian living in Ontario. I read comics, I love to draw and I collect comic art. I also teach karate, play hockey, and am a dad to 3 girls! My comic book passion lies with Batman and his pals with Nightwing taking a very close #2 favourite position. I began collecting comic art in 2013 and I have several commissions done by Ken Lashley and an amazing Francis Manapul Batman. As well I have sold a few of my own creations!

5 Reasons Batman Fans Shouldn’t Panic

Batman's presence in a post-convergence DC Comics world is crucial. Fortunately, we're here to break down all of the angles for you, right here on ComiConverse.

Weeks ago an image was released showing what Batman would look like in our new post-convergence world. From what I saw on twitter and forums, everyone and their dog was opposed to the new look of Batman - immediately dubbed 'Bat-Bunny'.


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