Standoff – All New All Different Avengers #7

April 22nd, 2016 | by Seth Frederiksen
Standoff – All New All Different Avengers #7

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On April 22, 2016
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This chapter of the Standoff arc serves as a perfect set up of the second act of the main event.

The All New, All Different Avengers throw their hats into the ring in the fourth installment of the Standoff Event. ComiConverse Contributor, Seth Frederiksen, has the official ComiConverse review.



The issue begins with Sam Wilson and Jane Foster, the newest Captain America and Thor, respectively, having a chat abut the kiss they shared during their last adventure. A little insight is given into why Jane puts herself through the trouble of chemotherapy if the transformation into Thor has wiped out the chemicals from her body. Sam gets a call regarding the Green Skull, and takes off to deal with the villain.

Elsewhere Kamala Khan, the newest Ms. Marvel, is in class working on a math equation in front of her class. Her instructor is giving her unusual support, not-so-subtlety revealing himself to be Vision in disguise. Deciding to meet on the roof of the school building, Vision makes amends for his actions against her while under the control of Kang the Conqueror by giving her a specially designed visor.

The instrument allows Khan to witness all of the missions the Avengers undertook, as if she was fighting with them from the very beginning. Kamala accepts the gift gladly, though the moment is quickly ended by Thor and Iron Man, who tell them to suit up and help Spider-Man (Miles Morales), who is having trouble taking Night Phantom into custody.


Credit: Marvel Comics

Iron Man notes the criminal has been missing in action for an unusual amount of time. This opinion is reinforced by Night Phantom demanding to know what year it is.

As the Avengers try to figure out what Night Phantom is saying, Maria Hill arrives to tell them that this is not their business to get involved with. A call from Captain America ends the argument as Iron Man calls Hill’s bluff and they all fly off to Pleasant Hill.

Quickly told of the whole operation, the Avengers are less than thrilled with the idea, but before a plan is conceived, the Avengers find their sister unit, the Avengers Unity Squad (aka The Uncanny Avengers) with another Maria Hill.

Story continues below

The Maria with the All New Avengers fires upon the Unity Squad, leading to a fight between the two groups. Without warning, the two realize there is an invisible wall forming around them, unbreakable even with their combined might.

As the scene pulls back, we see Kobik watching events unfold within a small snow globe, before a flash of light changes the setting to a mechanic’s shop, where Tony Stark and Miles Morales are working. On the edge of town, the sign for Pleasant Hill changes to include its newest neighbors.


Credit: Marvel Comics

This fourth chapter in the Standoff event  was the best one I have read so far. It filled in a lot of information regarding what happened with some of the Avengers during the first chapter, and it set up the second act of the story very well.

Seeing the project literally turn against the heroes adds a new element and further, the eventual split that will come to fruition in the Civil War event this summer. It was nice to see some quieter moments between members as they are enjoying some peace and smoothing out problems that arose in other issues and occurred during the previous story arcs.

Seeing Jane Foster’s growth as Thor, both here and in her solo series, has been a real treat given her original role as the damsel in distress during the earliest adventures of Thor.

There is also the growing distrust of many heroes with what Maria Hill has been doing with S.H.I.E.L.D. Though there have been disagreements between the heroes and the agency, this is entering a new level of discord given the scope of potential damage. Seeing how the story has turned in this issue, the resolution should be interesting.

Seth Frederiksen is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on twitter:  @senseiseth

This chapter of the Standoff arc serves as a perfect set up of the second act of the main event.

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