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5 Ways Independence Day: Resurgence Disappoints

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December 14th, 2015

5 Ways Independence Day: Resurgence Disappoints
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The Independence Day: Resurgence trailer is out, and our ComiConverse Editorial page has some strong words about the glimpse we’ve been given into this remake of a treasured sci-fi classic.

Spoiler Warning: The following contains detailed research and analysis about the plot and casting for Independence Day: Resurgence.

A long time time ago, 1993 to be exact, Jeff Goldblum made a movie. It was called Jurassic Park. It was good. Yes, the 90’s were heady days for Mr. Goldblum. Finally, the man who had begun his career by playing “Freak #1” in Death Wish (1974) had made it big, with one of the largest smash hits ever to grace the silver screen.


When the franchise’s producers came calling on Goldblum again, four years later, he was already a Hollywood main attraction. An A-Lister. The actor, now in his 40’s, had a glowing resume and now he had a tough decision to make.

Surely, the man who helped give us The Fly II (1989), would be wary of tarnishing his invaluable lustre in a foolhardy attempt to top the un-toppable.

Or would he?

Goldblum’s performance in Jurassic Park: Lost World may have, indeed, been strong enough to merit a Blockbuster Movies Award (cough) for Best Actor, but to most fans he had simply started the slow downhill slide that would eventually see the Jurassic Park trilogy join Blockbuster in the dust bin of entertainment history.

Perhaps, the franchise’s resurgence in 2015 should have been a sign the movie universe was finally ready to forgive those transgressions. People were ready to look back at the original Jurassic Park with fondness. We delighted in all of the nostalgic easter eggs in this year’s Jurassic World. The sequels had seemingly disappeared.

And then came today.

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Credit: Independence Day: Resurgence

Credit: Independence Day: Resurgence

Twentieth Century Fox, with the release of the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, has confronted us with yet another Jeff Goldblum attempt to bring the magic back. Whether we want it or not, we are presented with an attempt to top Independence Day, one of the greatest sci-fi hits of all-time.

What could possibly go wrong?

In this ComiConverse editorial, we take a look at five worrying signs concerning Independence Day: Resurgence.

Strap your yourselves in.

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